October 13th, 2009 | 455 Entries

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455 Entries for “pregnant”

  1. Oh my god, I’m pregnant. I never wanted babies, and I feel like this is going to absolutely ruin my life. How do I finish nursing school, keep my job, ride horses, and enjoy sex if I’ve got a huge belly? I don’t want stretch marks, and there are too many unwanted babies in this world. I could never get an abortion. What do I do?

    By Kay on 10.14.2009

  2. Oh no, i thought as i saw the tset, i’m pregnant.
    i’m only 14 you have to know and i don’t have any money. i also have no parents any more.

    By p on 10.14.2009

  3. Pregnant with an idea. It kicks and prods, begging to be let out, but it’s not ready for the world. It’s still forming, twisting and growing. Not the same at the end as was it the beginning. You cry and welcome it to the world.

    By Caitlin on 10.14.2009

  4. That was what, eighteen, nineteen years ago? Or was it even more that that? That moment when I dreamed so intensely that I didn’t feel the intensity of the car crashing and my first thought only went to that dream, that dreamed of child.

    By taddy on 10.14.2009

  5. oh god what am i going tell my dad. or mom. or anyone else. i can’t have a kid. fuck.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  6. public patting pushing power powerless perplexed pitiful pendulum ponderous prolific peccaminous predictable past

    By taddy on 10.14.2009

  7. pregnant with wisdom, the voice of our age. it is imbued inside of me like a fiery passion. or a baby. it is something i need to expel from myself so that i may interact with it and enjoy its company and benefit. but as it is inside me, it is a nuisance.

    By DustinWasTaken on 10.14.2009

  8. if you are pregnant your stomach gets big and round and your belly button pops out. you may have morning sickness which causes you to throw up in the morning. birth can be induced with spicy foods or even lovely sex. In order to get pregnant you must be insemitated with an

    By sofia on 10.14.2009

  9. i will never get a girl preganant because i have already had a vasectomy. Too bad. since i’m now divorced and the next girl i date will probably be super awesome in every way but really want kids so we will break up and my life will be an empty hole. My friends have kids but I don’t really want any.

    By dean on 10.14.2009

  10. No. Not a chance. You will NEVER get pregnant.

    Since when was reproduction a prized position, an indulgence enjoyed only by the few–those filthy rich enough to scientifically enhance their chances at pregnancy. Terms like “harvesting” and “donors” were tossed abou the room, and thoughts of cribs and teething rings whizzed around in my heads and out my ears.

    None of it. Never.

    By Em on 10.14.2009

  11. Im not, but if I was it would be a miracle. I cant believe how many people think its a good thing to be pregnant. The world is overpopulated with the virus we call humanity, growing and growing all the while destroying everything we come in contact with. nothing seems to be able to stop us but our own stupidity and greed, we will soon be overrun with illness and hatred hoping to end the suffering and grief caused by us each day.

    By Nick on 10.14.2009

  12. A classmate got pregnant at the age of 17 – and it’s really young. But still a reason for the world to be gay (in the sense of happy)…
    Don’t let the unborn bear the crap that is happening in this world, and overpopulation isn’t the problem.

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  13. The day that I found out I was pregnant was the best day of my life!

    By Anonymous on 10.14.2009

  14. her hand gently passed of the slight swell o her belly as she marveled at the fact that a tiny human being was taking shape just below her navel.

    By Camenae Capera on 10.14.2009

  15. She was ripe with the fruit, it was swelling inside her, she could feel its slight movements everytime she moved, slowly and carefully, through the room. She felt heavy and languorous and sat down, flush with fruitfulness. As she gently closed her fingers over the smooth, curved surface of the apple, she could feel the swell and curve of her belly. Just like the apple.

    By pri on 10.14.2009