July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. He’s covered in mud,
    but trophies from the fairies,
    are filled with gold – leaves.

    By emmanuelle URL on 07.19.2011

  2. I put up everyone in my life on the wall, my little trophies. the bad, the good, the fantastic. that’s all they ever were, really: trophies. I used to feel guilty about it, but I used to not smoke, too.

    By agyei on 07.19.2011

  3. glittering golden
    sparkling trophy
    at night

    By emmanuelle URL on 07.19.2011

  4. “they paraded bogdan like a trophy…and he loved every minute of it.”

    By dann on 07.19.2011

  5. There are many trophies in the UK. From trophies for achievement to trophies left by dogs that you unwittingly step in. Let’s face it, trophies are ultimately just another thing to boast about, a physical manifestation of what? Nothing worthwhile- just egotistical notions and upper-class bragging rights.

    By Rebecca on 07.19.2011

  6. The trophy glittered brightly in front of them, reflecting their eager faces on its shiny surface. It meant so much to them, this tiny trophy. It symbolised all they had been through together. All their hardships. All their triumphs. All the laughs and all the tears.

    By Tangerine URL on 07.19.2011

  7. trophy. accomplishment. although you can be very accomplished without a trophy. it seems that trophy is a childish, athletic award. otherwise it’s usually ‘medal,’ or ‘award,’ or ‘statue.’ although i don’t know too much about professional sports; maybe they call it a trophy.

    By Tyler on 07.19.2011

  8. She worked very hard to reach her status. Botox, lifts, tucks, injections, you name it. Luckily a man 30 years her senior finally picked her up. His trophy. But just for the night. She was left with debt up to her pristine forehead.

    By Kate URL on 07.19.2011

  9. Golden cup Don’t have many want more symbol of winner have some trophy wives never gonna be one name fame wow awesome respect not everything though love is much more

    By Jules on 07.19.2011

  10. The person who mentioned this site on the English Companion ning deserves a trophy! If I could remember the person’s name, I would mention it here. Alas, I cannot, but I will try to make up for my shortcomings in memory by making good use of this site!

    By mmoss URL on 07.19.2011

  11. something that you achieve when you win something.. sometimes it can be painful when you don’t receive one because you’re an epic FAIL.. Lazy shit.

    Trophy: Also can be a kind of candy that you chew on.

    By Esther on 07.19.2011

  12. stupid anoying things that cause jealousy, bad behaviour and often some of the silliest theatrics of the human race. why on earth would someone wrap thier self worth in an object so abstract. I have no concept of why but maybe you do.

    By straydreamer URL on 07.19.2011

  13. I don’t want to be your trophy. I’m more than that. I think. I feel. I contribute. I make more money than you. I’m better than you. You suck. You’re mean. You’re sleeze. You chew with your mouth open. You’re getting fat. I’m leaving.

    By Donna URL on 07.19.2011

  14. i once won a trophy for running. it was the last place trophy for trying because no matter how hard i tried, i could never get out of last place. when i was a kid, i was in the worst shape ever. i would get the worst cramps and end up crying in so much pain whenever i would try to run. apparently joing the cross and field team was a bad decision for me. damn those out of reach trophies. damn them!

    By Courtney on 07.19.2011

  15. I’ve won a few; some I would like to give back. It’s a good feeling to win, but sometimes losing is more instructive. It’s those times when you learn your true character.

    By Joe on 07.19.2011

  16. I never won a trophy because i never played sports.

    By lorraine on 07.19.2011

  17. something i secretly want to be… the trophy wife, daughter, mother, sister, friend…

    By Michelle Brink on 07.19.2011

  18. This is very neat. I would love to earn a trophy for sticking to my diet! This will either make me our break me. How many seconds did you say that I have?

    By Angela on 07.19.2011

  19. A wife. Not mine but someone elses. She is beautiful but not for me. Of another world. One that I can’t touch and don’t walk in. I am a ghost in the machine and will live my life this way.

    By rebasyra on 07.19.2011

  20. winning a prize, woooooo. got one, looked like an ashtray. dont want any more. dust collectors. over confident people put them on display. ummmmm….

    By Janika on 07.19.2011

  21. Golden siver glory of champions and idolers of all ages an memory of unspoken adrenaline and extacy strong enought ot take out a bull. Those are the memories that are in place in one so willing to take that stance upon bitter rivals and the crowds of boisterous people for the chance at only a minutes worth of fame and a soon to be rusted aluminum trophy.

    By Arkia on 07.19.2011

  22. The trophy of the game was big, shiny and gold. And boy, did she want it! It was standing there, just looking at her… Waiting for her to win it. Because it was inevitable that that was what she needed to do. No matter what the consequenses, she HAD to win that trophy

    By Caitlin on 07.19.2011

  23. Perhaps it was the fact that I was a flashy person, but having married a trophy wife, I was quite satisfied with myself until that gaff at the dinner party. She asked my boss how I did on a project that was a sample interview for our largest competitor.

    By Chelsa on 07.19.2011

  24. Your main squeeze. Your first choice. THAT’S your trophy. What the hell am I?

    By Hannah URL on 07.19.2011

  25. After a long journey, a long time, and a lot of work a person might win a trophy. It takes a lot of effort to win to be able to win a trophy.
    A trophy for some people is the most important thing. They do not care about having fun or enjoying what they are doing. Just win.

    By Rebeca on 07.19.2011

  26. Can a trophy make you feel good about yourself? Of course it can. It gives you a chance to think about your accomplishments something we may not always take the time to do. It shows that someone else recognizes your talent and that always makes a person feel good. It also a symbol that you are capable of success .

    By Janice on 07.19.2011

  27. Who wants a trophy? Many people have trophies. There are trophies for about anything you want them for.

    By Shelley Reynolds on 07.19.2011

  28. My baby is going to be in the Ogden Pioneer Rodeo, he’s going to be muttin bustin. He wants to win the trophy, he tells me momma i’m going to hold on to that wool really tight and close my eyes till the eight seconds is up because I wont to win the big trophy. To Clay the trophy means everything it means he’s strong and tough. I love my baby and hope he does win the trophy.. My baby is going to be the best muttin buster
    Bell Navarro

    By Bell Navarro on 07.19.2011

  29. The trophy is the best one that I have ever seen. I love this one and it will always look good to see the bright gold trophy on the self. I think the trophy is the nicesed one there I feel that no one will ever get a better one then we got today.

    By Nichole Davis on 07.19.2011

  30. It would be great to win a trophy in doing a sport that you love. I would like to bowl and play tennis. I also like to ice skate.

    By merri ann simmons URL on 07.19.2011

  31. One day I weent to the rodeo and was entered in the pig chase and won

    By Lisa Kihlstadius on 07.19.2011

  32. trophy winning goals team winner did it Yeah!
    Put it on my shelve.
    Losts of dusting.
    I love to win a trophy
    bowling trophy.

    Ursula Hyer

    By Ursula Hyer on 07.19.2011

  33. When you do something very good a lot of times you will get a trophy for you efforts. Some sports give trophys as an result of being good at certain things.

    By Linda Johnson on 07.19.2011

  34. The girls basketball team won the shiny, gold,trophy at the tournament last summer. This year however, the other team won by three points. It was a close game.

    -Katelyn Norman

    By Katelyn Norman URL on 07.19.2011

  35. She was a trophy wife.
    It wasn’t a bad position, really. She enjoyed it. Not much work went into that sort of thing, beyond what she already enjoyed; keeping herself beautiful, fresh, and looking young. You could say she was a bit of a gold-digger, but she wouldn’t take offense. It was the truth!

    By Olivia on 07.19.2011

  36. I looked in disgust at the trophy he brought back from his hunting excursion – a handsome deer head. I hated how he looked so pleased with himself. He must have saw my grimace for he seemed offended, even though he was in the wrong for killing such a beautiful animal for ‘sport’.

    By Ada URL on 07.19.2011

  37. i already did trophyi wanna do another one!!! wow Im really whinny today…gughjfurhfiiejfjfir…..trophy are only precious things till

    By quiet powerhouse URL on 07.19.2011

  38. Looking up on the shelf lining the perimeter of my room, seeing all those trophies glinting in the light should make me happy. Spending all this time working to get the best. The best? Those trophies are silly monuments of fake metal and plastic. How is that the best? I don’t feel satisfied, I just feel empty. Why did I waste so much of my time? What other great things could I have done in the meantime?

    By Taylor URL on 07.19.2011

  39. gleaming, shining.
    resting in someone else’s hands,
    another reminder of something
    i can never have,
    another reminder of someone
    i cannot be.
    so i say trophies are worthless,
    simply because i am.

    By anna on 07.19.2011

  40. My brother had always done so well. I always say he was the best in the state that one year, but it’s not true. Makes a better story. Instead he got a girl in his head. A two-toed girl. And she cheated. With his best friend and he didn’t make it to state. Game over.

    By Bryan URL on 07.19.2011