July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. i would like to have you and then win the trophy, because we’re so perfect each other and i love you.

    By juan on 07.19.2011

  2. the trophy was sitting on the wall. he saw it. He wanted it. He could feel it. Calling to him, beckoning to him. It was a part of him. He knew what he had to do to get it, but still. Was he prepared to risk it all? Losing everything you had was a lot when you just got a trophy as a reward.

    By Whitney on 07.19.2011

  3. Trophy. makes me think of trophy wives obtained in las vegas. They are merely accessories of the common misogynistic man whose obsessions border on the corrupt and immoral. Also makes me think of those golden hijinks they give at competitions as a prize.

    By Joseph Sison on 07.19.2011

  4. TrOphy. Useless piece of metal. It is only made to show off. Show off an achievement. It is a model. Trophies shouldn’t be! They turn selfless people into people full of pride! A trophy. I didn’t want it. It wasn’t mine.
    And so I burned it. I tossed it into the Fireplace. I watched the metal curl and blacken and shrink, lose it’s shine, until the fire died down until it was just a lump of cold, gray metal. Like we should be. Humble. Perhaps not innocent, but meaningful. Special.

    By Tsemsie on 07.19.2011

  5. Displayed in your home or office a trophy will boost your confidence and make you an even bigger douchebag.

    By Miranda Blackstone URL on 07.19.2011

  6. I often wonder what the appeal of being a trophy wife is? Being loved for beauty alone, not working, living off someone else’s money. Isn’t there more to a relationship? How are these women fulfilled? Are they setting women’s rights back?

    By Kirsty URL on 07.19.2011

  7. They are a waste of time; they force you to remember a moment of glory that can’t be recreated. They are tangible reminders of what you have lost.

    By Eve on 07.19.2011

  8. I could feel Mercy’s breath on the back of my neck as I stood beside her, one hand reaching up to touch the firm leather of her saddle, the other clenched in anticipation at my side. This was our ride. I knew this was ours. Mercy had been nothing short of perfect in the trials, and she’d made a repeat performance today. The trophy wasn’t a big deal; we didn’t care for that. It was what came with the title that counted – the opportunity.

    By Madi URL on 07.19.2011

  9. And so every time I watch a movie and it makes me feel like I was on extasy, I secretly give it a trophy in my mind.
    Toy it was Wristcutters: A love Story.
    And yesterday
    Pump the volume up.

    Thank the lord for movies.

    By Ana Mejia URL on 07.19.2011

  10. A shining example of triumph
    The reward of a great struggle
    A hollow symbol of strength and willpower

    By Matt on 07.19.2011

  11. The trophy stood proudly glimmering on the top of the shelf, gazing down upon its diminutive audience who with awe-stricken faces drank in its glittering glamour.

    By Luke URL on 07.19.2011

  12. a trophy can make someone feel accomplished,
    proud can be another,
    or just satisfied.
    but do we truly deserve it?
    is that all?
    in the end is it worth it?

    By Jonathan URL on 07.19.2011

  13. It’s what everyone wants, and if possible without even taking part in the competition. That’s the saddest part.

    By Ajit on 07.19.2011

  14. Big. Shiny. Represent achievement. Makes me think of my school’s inter-house competition. I’m a house leader and I want my house’s name on that cup. NOW!!!! Also makes me think of the awesomely creative one my brother got from his basketball coach – “Bird Man”. Wish I had a trophy. Never have.

    By Pickles on 07.19.2011

  15. when you win something you get this and it is usually shiny and gold. well gold if you win first place, but silver if you win second and bronze if you win third. it is used to describe wives that stay at home and don’t really do anything other than cook and look pretty and do laundry.

    By Clara Godsell on 07.19.2011

  16. i won a trophy today. i have been trying, for six years now, to win this trophy. it is beautiful; it is all that i have ever wanted. i have worked so hard for this. and now that i am writing about it, i realize even more what it means. it is not material, it is him.

    By ashlee on 07.19.2011

  17. Is a shining metal object that is often given to someone as a reward. Can be won in contests, or maybe anything that has big groups of teams. Silver or gold.

    By Jess URL on 07.19.2011

  18. I won a trophy because I am hot shit. I beast at tennis because I’m black. Serena and Venus have trophys so I must have one too. I am going to have 20 more trophies than them. I am a wonderful tennis player, I’m going to be in the sports Hall of Fame for youngest tennis player to get the most trophies. You’ll see my picture and my Humongous trophy engraved ” Sahar the Tennis star”

    By Sahar Salahdeen on 07.19.2011

  19. Well Trophies are nice to get if you are trying to achieve something. You get them when you have succeeded or achieved in something to a high standard. Normally there are trophies for GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. But some places are different. Trophies can be used as a collection and put on shelves to look pretty, some people get really obsessive and even vain, and polish their trophies. Some people throw them out, but it does always feel nice to receive them.

    By Sku on 07.19.2011

  20. I just won a beautiful trophy. It’s so big, gold, and shiny. I won it by being so awesome. It’s called an awesome trophy. Only the awesome people ever get it. I doubt you’ll ever get one, you suck. Have fun trying to be awesome, cause you’ll never be as awesome as me, or my awesome trophy. Be jealous

    By Cassy URL on 07.19.2011

  21. I brought myself a trophy, why, because I deserve one. I will not wait on anyone to recognize my good works. I will praise myself first. I deserve too, don’t you think.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.19.2011

  22. she took the trophy in her hand and traced over the words at the bottom. it was the only thing she had left of her father, this silly bronze trinket. to any other eye, it was nothing. but to her, it meant the world.

    By muriam on 07.19.2011

  23. The trophy sat in it’s cupboard, gathering dust. No one knew to whom it belonged, nor did they care. Some forgotten achievement, forgotten glory. The pride of a long dead man. What did it matter now anyway?

    By Sarah URL on 07.19.2011

  24. trophy great winning prize fully satisfied the joy of winning unstopable greatness having fun sport control

    By gabi on 07.19.2011

  25. Hoisting the trophy over his head, the coach took the time to thank all of the people that made the victory possible. He forgot to mention his wife, which was a fatal mistake.

    By Bill Bray on 07.19.2011

  26. Spain world cup, tennis roger federrer

    By mairyam on 07.19.2011

  27. Yo man i just got my first trophy and all man” said tyrone in his most elligant expression, he then continued to rob the womans purse and shoot her in the face and he went back to his job at Joes hardware store. Being a fully American CIA agent for 20 years he had finally stopped his arch enemy Madame Cumlauffer with a shot in the face. He had never been more satisfied and continued to sit down and eat his China Wok

    By Mauri on 07.19.2011

  28. a trophy can mean so much.. a recognition from your peers, a recognition from your friends, a recognition from the world. it doesnt need to mean a physical trophy like the ones after tournaments.. it just means something that matters close to you.. that is a trophy

    By sid on 07.19.2011

  29. i like to win trophies. i wish i had more trophies. the gold, the shine, the glimmer. i wish i had them all.
    rich guys often ahve trophy wives. i wonder why? is it becase they want to show off how rich they are? why do these women go after the gold?
    The world cup. one day i want to see the finals

    By Dilip on 07.19.2011

  30. I won a trophy because I am awesome and sexy and so are cheeseballs, I hate fish, which was ideal to win the trophy. Also you have to be sexy like I am.

    By Imogen on 07.19.2011

  31. A trophy does not necessarily measure one’s skill at a certain activity. It is merely an ornament, representing honor and prestige. And these can be gained with mere luck.

    By Mari Rose URL on 07.19.2011

  32. He took her back as a trophy. She thought there could be no more demeaning thing than that. He would parade her out in-front of visiting guests to marvel at her dark skin,

    By Steve on 07.19.2011

  33. Everyone got a trophy. No child was more distinguished than another. Some parents weren’t ok with this, because they thought their children deserved special recognition. Others were more realistic.

    By dandandannnn on 07.19.2011

  34. My dad had the trophy placed just so in our living room. Every afternoon at 1:37 precisely, the sun shines through the window and reflects off the surface of his high school baseball trophy, emphasizing it more than even the awkward positioning could. He said that it’s his most prized possession, and if he doesn’t show it off, damn it, what else is he to do with it?

    By Liz Michelle URL on 07.19.2011

  35. It sat next to his desk
    surrounded by medals
    of equal importantance

    coated with dust but
    they all meant so much

    to someone.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.19.2011

  36. It sat next to his desk
    surrounded by medals
    of equal importance

    coated with dust but
    they all meant so much

    to someone.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.19.2011

  37. A wife
    A win

    By amy777 URL on 07.19.2011

  38. He’s covered in mud,
    but a trophy from fairies,
    are filled with gold – leaves.

    By emmanuelle URL on 07.19.2011

  39. He pondered what he would do if he obtained such a trophy? He watched as his trophy locked her back door and turned off the lights.

    By amy777 URL on 07.19.2011

  40. I had just moved into a new flat. I struggled with the cartons all day, lugging them behind me until I got to the fifth floor. The sun was setting by the time I got down to unpack. I was feeling dejected, then I saw the small trophy. Old, but still the picture of a volleyball player could be seen.

    By Evesreflections URL on 07.19.2011