July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. I won many trpohys in my life. i liked them all. but on trophy i liked much was my bf. And now? that’s all.

    By jo on 07.19.2011

  2. As I look around the room I take in the tarnished trophies. Each one significant; each one a token of my accomplishments; each one reminding me that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

    By Keijah URL on 07.19.2011

  3. a trophy is a trophy is a trophy is a trophy

    By Jeff Johnson on 07.19.2011

  4. I never wanted to be a trophy wife, or a trophy anything. For me, it was always that one soccer trophy I treasured, before I realized I wasn’t even that good at playing. Being 6 was easy.

    By jeanne on 07.19.2011

  5. She was his trophy girl. He kept her in his flat, his brave little pledge with the powerful instincts. She was valuable, he always said. Valuable. That was the best compliment he’d ever paid her. He did not know what else to say. He had never been in love before, much less acknowledged it. He meant for her to see though the facade but he was not ready to spell it out for her. And she grew to hate him in silence.

    By Roenhael URL on 07.19.2011

  6. object or mean to remember something we’re proud of, something we achieved.

    By kalou on 07.19.2011

  7. there was this trophy i tried to win for no reason but to have because it looked super cool. normally i wouldn’t care but this trophy beat all other trophies. Imagine a trophy that was 2 feet tall, painted, a statue of a tiny person with their hands in the air as if they just ran/won the marathon, and then picture them wearing nothing but a big blue box. I knew what i had to do. I know from the moment i saw it that that trophy was mine

    By Meera Supan on 07.19.2011

  8. sports bowling gold statue highschool little kid football boys soccor pants little person name engraved brown old garage old car shelf dust

    By jacqueline URL on 07.19.2011

  9. I won a trophy once. You might refer to her as your mother.

    By Mark on 07.19.2011

  10. vroom vroom vroom. The beat of my heart. The beat of our hearts, in sync. The sound of our feet, our wheels, our breath, our love. The silence of the suspense. The cheers of fans, the people in the stand or by the track. The screams, to boo. The gold, the silver, the bronze. The slick metal in my hands, the sheer joy of winning. The way it is displayed in my house, on a shelf, for the world to see my win, my accomplishmen. I loved doing if more than life itself, its mine, i did it, me, not you. You may of helped me a long the way but this was me. Our team did it, we worked together, we made it happen. Us. Aa family, the ones that did it all. That was u. It does man more than just a win. It means that I did it, we did it. We can accomplish anything. It may be just a trophy but its ours, mine. With it we know that we can do anything.

    By Kayla Murphy on 07.19.2011

  11. somehting you earn after doing something really great, an accopmlishment. You feel awesome and everybody is proud of you, escpecially your parents. It may be just a little moment in life you are excited, but you’ll remember it because you felt so great at the time. You get more confident after recieving a trophy. it’s good

    By sanne on 07.19.2011

  12. I don’t have the trophy yet… But it’s coming. I know that the battle is not over; it has just begun. But I know that I’m on the winning side.
    If my God is for me than who can be against me?

    By laughalot on 07.19.2011

  13. trophy

    Why did “trophy wife” come to mind?

    The next thing that came to my mind was trophies I earned as a kid. I had a whole shelf full of them. Some because my father forced my siblings and I to play sports so somewhere along the way I was bound to win some trophies or ribbons.

    The most important to me, though, were the non-sports ones. The ones I didn’t even expect to win. The ones I didn’t even know there were trophies for! Those are still the most important to me.

    There was one for music, one for…. what did they call it… it basically meant “best friend to others” at camp. I was runner up, but I was surprised to have been noticed or considered at all. I didn’t even know there *was* an award for that. It was voted on by staff. A couple of them came over to me after the “big camp awards ceremony” to make sure I wasn’t upset with not having won first place. That was so strange to me. Like I’d be insulted? Lol! Runner up was fine with me! And still surprising.

    I have another award for humor, and one for art. An unexpected one from an old roommate that I still have -Makes me laugh to this day! There was also one for most improved in a class I didn’t even take. – Talk about not expecting an award ;) Right teacher, wrong class. I was in his other class. He was mortified. I still found it funny. I felt bad later for telling him he goofed because he seemed upset by that, but I understood what the award was for and I appreciated it regardless of what the little printed words on it said.

    Oh…. and I also just remembered one more trophy I have. It isn’t even mine. Well, it is now. It was “awarded” to a character played by a friend of mine. The friend passed away, but I still have the award with his “alter ego’s” name on it.

    I miss him. I don’t think I have anything else of his… Just that, and some pictures, and my memories… and a vague recollection of some really bad jokes he used to tell…

    I miss you D

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.19.2011

  14. I put the last thing into the cardboard box and went to turn off the light. before I did I took one last look at my now empty room. The one thing left on the dusty shelves was my trophy from back in the day. it gave me flashbacks on how good and simple life used to be, now i’m being kicked out of my own house.

    By Meg Murray URL on 07.19.2011

  15. I used to have a trophy for reading (can you say NERD?!). But then I think we got rid of all of them after I got to high school, unless my mom still has them stashed away in the endless tub of “Laura’s cute schoolwork and achievements.”

    By pancakes URL on 07.19.2011

  16. a reward, something you treasure after achieving something…

    By Ashley URL on 07.19.2011

  17. Winning is fun, but it is not the reason to play. Trophies gather dust and take up space. It is not important to win, it is important to play the best that you can, a trophy only gives others the impression you are good at something, when in fact you may just play the game.

    By Nicki on 07.19.2011

  18. Skulls, scalps and pieces of metal
    Empty symbols of triumph.

    By BMC on 07.19.2011

  19. i won a trophy in the science quiz.
    it was very shiny.
    i like shiny.
    shiny makes me feal good about my self.
    shineyyyy.!!! ahhhhhhhhhh

    By misfer on 07.19.2011

  20. I thought i was losing the whole time but when that trophy landed in my hand my life was complete. I was a winner, and nobody could possibly change that fact.

    By Hailey URL on 07.19.2011

  21. I’ve never had a trophy. Unless you count myself. I’m everybody’s trophy.. just free to be shown around and bragged about. But just like any trophy.. I’m just that. Nothing more.

    By Katbo URL on 07.19.2011

  22. I once won a trophy in a contest. I wasn’t supposed to win the trophy. I fixed the contest to ruin the real competitors’ chances of winning. I win the clever contest too apparently.

    By Sara on 07.19.2011

  23. trophy is a great way to give kids the idea that they are all winners. At least, that’s what one comedian says. I don’t know if I agree or disagree really, its too much to think about. I would suggest that it was a good idea since it makes kids feel good and who isn’t about making a kid feel good about themselves. On the other hand, we are giving them a false sense of hope, what if they really do suck and they have a shiny trophy to prove it.

    By Rachael URL on 07.19.2011

  24. When I was younger, approximately 7 years old, I was active in many school sports and activities. My interests ranged anywhere from art club, to cheerleading and cross country. One of the most rewarding parts about being involved in such activities, was receiving trophies.

    By MonicaSue URL on 07.19.2011

  25. I like gold trophies, they are sometimes tall, sometimes small. A trophy can sometime come in silver and bronze. Those are no good. Some have many, some have only one.

    By Alla Byakova on 07.19.2011

  26. As a lesbian, my favorite kind of trophy is a really hott straight girl.

    By imchele URL on 07.19.2011

  27. Happiness will be the last trophy I want to achieve in my life. There are no other trophy worth more than happiness. I want to reach that trophy. It’s like participating in a race and reaching for it. Just substitute the trophy with happiness.

    By Adit URL on 07.19.2011

  28. the trophy was found on the ground by the mans body. the detective felt the back of the victims head, and sure enough, there was a large knot. he needed to figure out the time of death, then maybe he could figure out who killed one of the most notorious killers in all of Italy.

    By Kaitlin URL on 07.19.2011

  29. i used to get trophies but now i don’t. i stopped doing everything that I used to get trophies in. i don’t know what else to do now. i kind of feel like i can’t go back but part of me feels like i should. i can admit when i’ve made an error, can’t i? but it wasn’t entirely an error. i really do want to get a real profession and everything -i just don’t want to be fat -and i want to have real friends

    By John on 07.19.2011

  30. I do not have many trophies; however, I know in my heart that I have earned many in my life. This is not a proclamation of selfish sorts, but rather, I know that I have many abilities and potentials that I have reached and continue to obtain. In those matters, I have earned trophies that show off those small, but glorious moments of my life.

    By meegaloo URL on 07.19.2011

  31. it stood gleaming in the corner. A trophy, but hardly a prize. It was something that she sacrificed everything for. Now it stood there, a golden prize, mocking her. It can’t comfort or hug or care. It sits there smug, shouting “look what you gave up for me.” She knew it wasn’t a prize, but a punishment.

    By Jillian URL on 07.19.2011

  32. Trophies come in many shapes and forms; a golden cup upon a shelf, a busty woman proclaimed as your wife. Different shape, different form, same meaning. A certain kind of material object that strokes the ego, showing to everyone who will look that you have (or maybe have not) accomplished a great feat by society’s standards.

    By Carnella URL on 07.19.2011

  33. I wrote about this already. But now that I think about it, I don’t like the idea of trophies. What about the kid that doesn’t get 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There is no good feeling that comes from a pat on the back. I’d much rather a shiny trophy. A representation of winning. To sit on my shelf for me to look at when I can’t remember why I do anything at all. I didn’t get a lot of trophies as a child because I wasn’t good at anything. I think we should just get trophies for being alive.

    By Kiah URL on 07.19.2011

  34. the red Ottoman pointed hesitatingly… ‘Yonder’ he said while hanging his head, ‘You will find it there’

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.19.2011

  35. Winning is the be-all of emotion
    win the trophy for spending the
    most emotion, losing yourself
    along the way, smile it’s a shinny

    By Dale on 07.19.2011

  36. I never really ever had a trophy given to me. We got medals growing up. Fake ones. Trophies were things you got in the movies, in fiction. They were for fake science fairs and for gymnastic teams who overcame the odds. I never saw them as something you should really get in life

    By Tricia on 07.19.2011

  37. I lost the battle, no trophy nor glory, without a chance to fight again.

    By Lors URL on 07.19.2011

  38. There she stood, hoisting the trophy above her head with her short, freckly arms. I resent her. Her and her stupid father. Buying their way to victory. I imagine myself standing on the podium, people cheering for me, the glory. The triumph.

    By Smarty URL on 07.19.2011

  39. Trophy, the word can conjure up so many different mental images to all that hear it. An old dusty trophy stuck on a top shelf to represent the glories of a day gone by.

    By Shane Clements URL on 07.19.2011

  40. All these times where trophies are their destination
    players know when to put their exclamation
    but they never need no freekin explanation

    By stephanie on 07.19.2011