December 13th, 2009 | 310 Entries

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310 Entries for “transmit”

  1. the message went over across nations’ borders. everyone was in fear of what was to come. mothers held their children close to their chest as airplanes roared over head in a deafening rumble.

    By Anonymous on 12.14.2009

  2. I think of signals back and forth. Concrete images I never could understand. They travel across, over. If I could transmit signals to you, I would. But I’m lost and I just don’t understand.

    By Christina Vranian on 12.14.2009

  3. Transmit. What a funny word. Mainly because it took a few seconds to remember what it meant. Reminds me of the internet, oddly enough. You know, transmit, disease, infection, viral. Viral becomes viral video and wah-lah. Transmit is youtube.

    By Kevin Ross on 12.14.2009

  4. transmissions
    but not in a language I understand
    dyslexia closing in because I could swear
    those letters spell your name–
    they don’t.
    and they never will again.

    so i close my eyes on a transmission
    and try to forget your smile
    just long enough to find my way.

    By Alice on 12.14.2009

  5. i transimt singnals through my brain into the aoir where htey disapaere into nothing. I dont understanbd where they go probaly to far off planets where they are seen by a man beihind the current as we see in oz the understanding of this curtain is only metaphorical meaning it can be interpeded in amny ways it can be seen as the veil of fake weirdness lucy or wendy or whoever

    By on 12.14.2009

  6. transmission send deliver electronic get it lost

    By Anonymous on 12.14.2009

  7. transmit diseases to other people…its not nice
    transmit love to other people…do it because…
    transmit transvestites
    transmit hello goodbye
    transmit your mom
    transmit your face

    By wizard on 12.14.2009

  8. send transmission from the one armed scissor.

    By laine on 12.14.2009

  9. give to me and ill give back, the aliens do it all the time so why cant we, we can send to eachother the worries and pains or the growth of our heart o the complaints of how time goes by so fast.

    By g dogg on 12.14.2009

  10. The radio transmitted the signal to outer space before being intercepted by the Martians, but the humans hadn’t a clue: their arrogance allowed them to believe that they were the most superior and lone species in the galaxy. A pity. The information gathered told of plans of launching a rocket to Earth’s moon to find water. These two-legged creatures are 70 years behind.

    Quark laughed. Then he leaned back in his chair, looking at the view screen and charts that told him all of this. The captain would request it soon.

    By Gouldin Lion on 12.14.2009

  11. std disease

    By LaCreshia on 12.14.2009

  12. The transmiter beeped frantically. “Oh God, my heart’s going to stop,” she puffed, giggling to her friend. Gym class was not only their catch-up time, but also the time when they pretended their best. They might as well have been taking drama, for all the excercise and acting they were getting in. Gemma looked at her friend. “Jesus, you look red in the face,” she joked.

    By lola on 12.14.2009

  13. Diseases can be transmitted in many ways. They can be caught by ingesting germs from another person with that disease or by having SEX with them. Kissing can transmit many diseases like type 1 herpes, otherwise known as cold sores.

    By Kelley on 12.14.2009

  14. Transmit this message right away. We need to tell the world that is in extremely danger. My wife has returned from dead and she wants to revenge. Be careful, be warmed. Be scared.

    By Himo on 12.14.2009

  15. transmit ides, trans atlantic. trans trains, trans across the world. transmit words, people, ideas thoughts, places. the best transmissions are the ones we dont think about. transmit yourself through the airwaves like in charlie and hte chocolate factory. transmit you me, her him she. transmit the rest of life. transmit into the night. transmit the stars, gaseous and without gravity they should be easy to tansmit. into the rest of the world.

    By julia on 12.14.2009

  16. Little molecular particles beaming through the air, smashing into other particles. Faster and faster and faster and faster until–the kiss!

    By gerent on 12.14.2009

  17. the radio transmitted a signal that began to dig its way into my brain, triggering emotions and feelings that before were unfamiliar to my senses. the continuous movement of soundwaves tickled my ear as i remembered what you told me that night on the blanket in your backyard under the stars.

    By Teri Michelle on 12.14.2009

  18. A single glance at the desolate landscape that lay before me made me realize the absolute devastation the nuke had caused in this region. Only my protective suit could protect my own body from beginning a slow, painful process of radioactive decay. I began sending out a radio transmission into the area even though I was pessimistic about anybody responding. But there was always hope.

    By vish on 12.14.2009

  19. i’ll hand you a wire, red and throbbing with tales of my love for you. take it, cradle it, and crush it to your ear. listen to all i have to tell you.

    that wire, i pulled it out of my chest, through snapping ribs, you send you my pulsing message.

    By R on 12.14.2009

  20. transmit radio signals radio tower power lines all alone in the gloom, under a dusky sky with the silver flickers of the wires and perchance a lone bird perched and waiting for the sunrise. snow falls softly on the hills, my train is passing and the radio’s on, soft acoustics and heavy voices crooning out a melody for the dawn.

    By Charlotte Ravenswood on 12.14.2009

  21. transmit packages.
    transmit dieseases.

    By DBH on 12.14.2009

  22. There are oceans, hours, and thankful stretches of fiber-optic cable between us – information conveyed by evanescent flashes of light takes the distance and folds it infinitesimally, accordion-style, until I feel the faint vibration of your breath at my shoulder.

    By jts on 12.14.2009

  23. how can I transmit to you the feelings of rave and rare frustration you cause me? you dance around me and laugh, just out of reach. Stupid squirrels

    By Jag on 12.14.2009

  24. diseases terrible things like them, don’t do it, wash your hands, or not, sometimes diseases are a party. Transmit: Trans mit, like mitten and trans fats. ones tasty and the other is practical

    By Quinn on 12.14.2009

  25. waves eminating from a source. a light source. an unknown glowing being, sentient but unresponsive. allknowing. waves hitting you. being you. engulfing you. understanding you. the energy from a thing leaving its home.

    By Brian James Conley on 12.14.2009

  26. everything went blank. i saw him in the terminal, typing away. it made sense. i wondered why i didnt realize it all before. I walked closer, breathing heavier, this was the moment when it would all be decided.

    By jessica on 12.14.2009

  27. No senses are necessary, no gesture, no speech, no frenzied pattern of signs and garbled vowels, for the face alone conveys what we mean to say, whether we choose it or not.

    By ines on 12.14.2009

  28. I think we must have
    a bad connection. My
    message doesn’t seem to
    be transmitting right
    because i keep trying
    to just tell you the
    truth but you look away
    and keep on walking
    like you don’t even hear.
    am i speaking the wrong

    Or am I just not on the right frequency?

    By tabitha. on 12.14.2009

  29. a baseball glove that travels…a lot…and far.

    By Christian on 12.14.2009

  30. If you drive just far enough west, at just the right time of year, you can smell it when you roll the windows down. Borderline-sickly sweet juniper sap clashes perfectly with the desert in the distance, and the music blaring in contest with the wind and the car on cruise control and the feet out the window –

    By jts on 12.14.2009