December 12th, 2009 | 438 Entries

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438 Entries for “arrived”

  1. i came, i cotemplated. i thought perhaps i had pulled in at the wrong place, but as i looked out the foggy windshield, i knew that this was it. i had forgotten how it looked in the snow. i wanted no more from anyone. i was myself. and that is all.

    By Ashley on 12.13.2009

  2. I arrived at the store, gun in hand. I walked up to the register, and shot the clerk, as the screaming began I shot the lights out, in the dark I fired wildly until the yelling stoped.

    By Steve on 12.13.2009

  3. i first got there and a large bowl of juice slipped off the counter and covered my shoe, so I looked up and said

    By jimmieZ on 12.13.2009

  4. come to, to show up, to acheive your goal and to arrive at your destination. the end of an adventure or experience.

    By victoria on 12.13.2009

  5. Coincidence. I have arrived at the conclusion that they have arrived, and any moment now the screams will bound up the stairs. I try to come into contact with myself and fail miserably.

    By tv on 12.13.2009

  6. i feel like i have arrived, and yet I am finding things that are wrong. it’s still within me. I am not at my spiritual best and I know that I am hldin my self backa nd perhaps not being honest about the right things and trying my best to maintain composure. it’s never fun to be teading like this. especially when there’s not a reason.

    By cc on 12.13.2009

  7. By the time I arrived everyone else was already there. I could feel their eyes on me as I moved through the crowd trying to find Michael. I spotted him across the room surrounded by people, all of them clearly enthralled by his charm and wit as always.

    By MyToes on 12.13.2009

  8. to get somewhere, to arrive at destination. to come, came, go, be at somewhere

    By johhny on 12.13.2009

  9. I have arrived!

    By UFO on 12.13.2009

  10. I took the bus to nowhere and when I arrived I couldn’t believe where I was. It was white and anything I thought became reality, I dreamed up a world all my own, and your not invited.

    By Alice on 12.13.2009

  11. I have arrived her yesterday

    By nic on 12.13.2009

  12. One day Matthew awoke to have a craving for twinkies. Knowing this, he made the decision to walk to Fozi’s. Once he arrived, Foz said

    By Dingledork on 12.13.2009

  13. j0

    By 1 on 12.13.2009

  14. We arrived late,
    sometimes in the middle,
    sometimes at the beginning,
    we sit through the show,
    It goes on and on.

    We arrived at our time,
    slowly spinning through oblivion
    Slowly winding down
    acting our part
    This is our life

    By Taylor on 12.13.2009

  15. Its time to go somewhere..its time to be something
    different…not to run but an adventure.
    Its been too long since I arrived anywhere new..
    I have gotten too used to the same old same old.

    By Hailey on 12.13.2009

  16. very quick

    By trisha on 12.13.2009

  17. As she held it in the palm of her hand, she knew she had done it. The results of her years of labor, effort, and painstaking work were there, in front of her. She had arrived.

    By Tamara on 12.13.2009

  18. As quickly as it arrives, it is gone.

    By Merce on 12.13.2009

  19. I hat arriving at the store with dumb peole…they don’t know where anything is and they don’t like to ask for help…they wander around the store like dummies and they don’t watch theri kids…I like to arrive in a mall with people who don’t have any particular reason to be there, people who just want to sindow shop

    By Duva on 12.13.2009

  20. i arrived to the future from my sad past, the past i couldn’t forget, but will try hard to forget, i arrived to my new world, new life with a new story each day, maybe ill tell my grandchildren about these stories

    By 88 on 12.13.2009

  21. He arrived and is waiting for me but I just stare. How could I forgive him after what he’s done? If he expects me to come than he’s dumber than I thought. I’d rather sit here in darkness than go into the light and happiness with him by my side. Anyone but him. I hate him for what he’s done.

    By Bee on 12.13.2009

  22. I’ve arrived at the time in life when I have no goals and no time frame just complete freedom combined with the imperative to find a way to finance my life within the reality of this capitalist system that means I have to work and somehow I’ve found a way to earn money that is satisfying to my soul and yet I’m having trouble enjoying this life.

    By Eric Wiener on 12.13.2009

  23. Me and gotti arrived at p bread shit is pretty fun. I love the fire place and the hot girl that works here. She has a large ass. i like it alot! my names lance and i arrive to eat nutz.

    By J-Hun on 12.13.2009

  24. is enough for all of us

    By ernesto on 12.13.2009

  25. I have not arrived at the place I’d like to be, but where I am is pure bliss. Makes me wonder how good the place i want to be could possibly be.

    But as I heard somewhere, if life is not a process of discover but of journey, what really is ‘arriving’? Death??

    By L on 12.13.2009

  26. are we there yet?
    if you have arrived you are at the end of everything

    By h w on 12.13.2009

  27. Breathe in, feel that rush. Everything you’ve worked for, persevered for is here, is now. Close your eyes and think back for a second. Open them. You deserve it, you’ve arrived.

    By on 12.13.2009

  28. when I have arrived at the scene, a police officer looked at me staringly…. I didn’t know what his problem was but he was awfully short for his stature. At least it was well worth the jailtime.

    I can’t believe I’ve got caught though, it was embarassing.

    Well I’m off to jail now!

    By Ian on 12.13.2009

  29. early meeting train late party come past future plane jet

    By dave on 12.13.2009

  30. i arrived at church today, slightly anxious about speaking, and looking forward to a morning of community, my husband’s sermon … the ice was beautiful – glimmery shimmery prettiness! i slipped on that pretty ice getting out of the car, and gave myself a concussion.

    By Anonymous on 12.13.2009

  31. I thought I had arrived , then I found out that this was only part of the journey. The thing is when your have arrived at a ideal location is this necesarily the best thing for you? well maybe one day I’ll find out.

    By circusboy90210 on 12.13.2009

  32. When will I arrive at the place I want to be? I haven’t gone enough places to have ever “arrived” there or “arrived” back home. I know what I want to do in life but it’s taking my drive a long time to get me there.

    By Crisko on 12.13.2009

  33. He arrived at my house. I stay and look for a couple seconds, he opens his mouth and says hey. He passes me and heads straight to the bathroom.

    By Shawn on 12.13.2009

  34. I am here! Finally it is time. Time to live. Time to die. Time time time. 4:20. Smoke up. Die. Breathe and live and die. Hi. Are you reading this and asking “why?”. NIGH! Hold your head up high and say I didn’t pass that by.

    By Drew on 12.13.2009

  35. THe door opened and my in laws were standing there. Todd rushed forward and jumped into his grandparents arms. I felt a twinge of regret that he didn’t do that when my parents came. Mom leveled her daze toward me and I knew that there was something that she wanted to tell me.

    By Megan on 12.13.2009

  36. to come to a certain place
    i like cheese, do you?
    wow, elephants..
    a turtle?
    no. but a cheetah!
    yes thats the macaroni!
    whats a pecan to you?
    i bet other planets feel cranberries too
    yes. the sand.

    By erik on 12.13.2009

  37. I didn’t want it to arrive… but it was too late. It was in the third trimester and I guess I’m having it… I hope i can be a good mother.

    By Nina on 12.13.2009

  38. I have arrived at this site from stumbling, and it has the odacity to demand me to write. Well i won’t :]

    By Davis on 12.13.2009