December 14th, 2009 | 349 Entries

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349 Entries for “pine”

  1. The tree stood in the corner, adorned with all the jewels of the season. Baubles and lights, each twinkling and reflecting off of one another. A tall, proud pine, a christmas tree. It was that tree that she would sit in front of, that tree that she would adore and dote upon. In hushed tones, it was that tree that she would speak to as a friend. He was her secret, season confidant and she told him all her desires.

    By Zeph on 12.15.2009

  2. It was everywhere…that scent…it was Christmas. It was home. It was everything I remembered from my childhood, but it wasn’t right.

    By Jenny on 12.15.2009

  3. pine trees are hideous, useless and invasive. we should cut down all the pine trees and make sweaters and then feed them to the homeless. hahahahahah. pine trees. so…

    By teneshia ( on 12.15.2009

  4. i thought i was goung to write about love and so i will instead of trees and wood because there iere is a youtube montage to kc and jojo songs where the clips are clearly insane and full of pain its awesome display of anger and brutal heartbreak. with a dash of suicidal bliss.

    By Anonymous on 12.15.2009

  5. pine is a scent that I smelled today when I was on a home visit for my job and I wondered if I will end up getting a tree this christmas. I hope so.

    By johnymcc on 12.15.2009

  6. I’ve never enjoyed the scent of pine. It’s too earthy for me. Reminders of Pine-sol and bad kitchens that belonged to my aunts. Except Christmas trees, I like Christmas trees.

    By Anonymous on 12.15.2009

  7. i don’t want to
    sit around and wait
    for you because i know
    that i’d be waiting
    for a very long time
    and i’m not going
    to let myself pine over
    a love that is never
    going to come back.
    it will forever be
    unrequited and i’ll
    just have to accept that.
    but really, can i tell my
    heart to go along
    with this?

    By tabitha. on 12.15.2009

  8. Pine cones are really fun to play with. They remind me of an explosion that occurred in a seed one day and BAM that’s all that’s left of what once was an exciting prospect in the trees. Now the soul is broken and it isn’t anything special anymore.

    By Nathan on 12.15.2009

  9. Smell of Christmas and Oregon, sap is sticky, tastes just like it smells

    I pined for Oregon while far away.

    “it’s not like I’m at work pining for you all day…”

    Pine scented candles or car fresheners

    By Danielle on 12.15.2009

  10. The pine trees were brillantly alive last christams.

    By Anonymous on 12.15.2009

  11. Pine trees have plagued my childhood. They have had me stare up at the top and wonder whether or not I could ever reach it. The answer is no. You can never reach the top of a pine tree. The higher you climb, the weaker the tree becomes. If you actually make it to the top, you better be standing straight up, or you will fall all the way to the ground.

    By Aros Bogart on 12.15.2009

  12. I love ’em. They remind me of my childhood home. They smell great. Are great for starting fires, and grow in so many parts of the world. Also a ridiculous emotion.

    By Matt on 12.15.2009

  13. Pine cones are bristled on the outside for to protection bu then when firea starts where do they go but everywhere flociking like sea guls to food over dry bearing land new growth.

    Pine cone pine cone pine cone feels like hemmoroid when you shove it up butt-hole. Ouch like a maniazzzzcc.

    First entry was better

    By pine hmmm on 12.15.2009

  14. There was a tall pine tree in the distance. The dark windy night sent shudders down his spine, he had to keep walking though. The clouds roiled above, a bird cawed every now and then in the distance, and still he walked on.

    By rheezy on 12.15.2009


    By Anonymous on 12.15.2009

  16. I grew up surrounded by the tallest pines in Florida and raking up their needles year round. My first boyfriend was Jeremy Pine. I went to Camp O’ the Pines every summer for church camp. I have candles in my living room right now that are pine scented.

    By Amy Fifer Fitzgerald on 12.15.2009

  17. pine trees are fragrant and beautiful. Pine is a pleasant aroma and is often the scent of many candles found in typical households. Pine sol is a cleaner which claims to use the “magical” power of pine oil to clean tough messes. pine is one of natures wonder plants.

    By Dyllan O'Neil on 12.15.2009

  18. pine trees are fragrant and beautiful. Pine is a pleasant aroma and is often the scent of many candles found in typical households. Pine sol is a cleaner which claims to use the “magical” power of pine oil to clean tough messes. pine is one of natures wonder plants.

    By Dyllan O'Neil on 12.15.2009

  19. Trees lining the river like steaks through the hearts of beasts. Nothing to smell except the overwhelming scent of Christmas. Winter in the air, death among most things, a time of lingering beneath the surface, waiting patiently for rejuvenation.

    By maggie on 12.15.2009

  20. I think of the woods in the wilderness of lower Colorado. Going to that place as a young boy and learning several lessons I will call upon in my adulthood. I reach for the wind brushing the pine trees with a caress so subtle as my place of escape and rejuvenation. The trees and their fragrance will be with me all my life. Thank you Boy Scouts.

    By Brian Hallett on 12.15.2009

  21. I love the smell of pine trees. I wonder how many different ones there are. Smelling each one, and distinguishing them between the others would be fun, i think. I know the ones you use for christmas trees smell very, intriguing.

    By ariana behic on 12.15.2009

  22. pine trees are really awesome. here in my hometown, i live in a forest of pine trees. when im away from home and i smell pine, it makes me homesick. although i like pine trees, pine needles are a pain to clean up which i think everyone would agree. i like palm trees as well but i guess i like pines cause they remind me of home and of christmas. thats why pines are simply awesome.

    By becca on 12.15.2009

  23. still here after two hours of doing nothing and i feel sort of good, although i know it’s just the drugs talking. this is what always happens and tonight i don’t even have the will to fix it; i’m so tired after a day of this i can barely keep my brain in one place, let alone pack, let alone write. i’m exhausted. isn’t that embarrassing? even with the drugs.

    By d elizabeth on 12.15.2009

  24. A tree that never drops its needles.
    An evergreen
    Always green never stopping
    Blooming always

    By Alexie on 12.15.2009

  25. Pine reminds me of Christmas. The amazing, fresh smell of pine needles the fill the house when you get a real Christmas tree. It’s sad that I had to give that up when my family got a fake one :( Although, I like the idea of being eco-friendly. It just doesn’t feel quite the same.

    By Nikole on 12.15.2009

  26. im pining away for him. i dont know what im going to do without him. im so lonely, i long to be laying in his bed… hes been in the other room for a whole hour studying. oh how i miss the deep blue of his eyes when they look into my soul. I wish i could express in words how much his gaze means and does to me. please come to me please all i want is you love. all i want is you

    By nikki on 12.15.2009

  27. my teacher in 5th grade lived in torrey pines in San Diego. it’s pretty epic.

    By griffin. on 12.15.2009

  28. pine tree. it reminds me of christmas trees. i love the christmas season because its a time to spend with family and enjoy the important things in life. To me, christmas is not about presents, it’s about spending time with the people that mean the most to you.

    By Anonymous on 12.15.2009

  29. wth, pine was yesterday, these aim botters at one word, stink maggots

    By feared on 12.16.2009