February 25th, 2009 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “trained”

  1. I don’t know what I was trained to do. But I’m fairly confident that I’m not doing it.

    By Scott on 02.26.2009

  2. Doing something that requires discipline, practice, training. Once and for all. Skill is acquired.

    By Caryl on 02.26.2009

  3. i’ve trained my brain to overcome my emotion, yet i still kept loosing to it, we’re all human after all.

    By d.s. on 02.26.2009

  4. sometimes i am trained in the art of life. everyone is trained in something one point in their life training can be hard and strenuous but it can also be fun and exciting. training in a field is the only way to get better.

    By Alec on 02.26.2009

  5. I had been trained to wait a minute didn’t we already have this one.

    By dasd on 02.26.2009

  6. learning is another word for it and skill is what you get when you get trained. a well trained person is more successful than an untrained one. there is a lack of trained workers in industry in many developed countries

    By Siddhit Sanghavi on 02.26.2009

  7. The process of being taught to do something. Usually not seen as a good thing because it discourages independent thought and feeling. Reacting more than formulating a real plan. Regurgitating information that has already been inserted into the brain by someone who has come before you. Usually associated with soldiers and dogs.

    By Steph on 02.26.2009

  8. I trained him well, subjecting him to my cruelty and then embracing him against my chest. He was addicted to my love, unable to break free.

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 02.26.2009

  9. trained in self-desecration, in deconstruction, in all the neon and marquee and self-disbelief, conditioned and trained in all this since the beatles, enhanced since reagan, and now primeval instinct will rediscover itself and we shall be great.

    By eta on 02.26.2009

  10. I think of having trained a dog. I’ve never had a dog. I made one up when I was in kindergarten; his name was Spot. Spot Abreu. I included him as part of my family when I wrote on the blackboard, which was really a green board. It never did make much sense to me.

    By LAR on 02.26.2009

  11. I am not trained for anything. I was supposed to be trained for college. But it didn’t happen. I went to college with professors who expected me to know what to do. No one told me. No one trains us but life and experience.

    By Austin on 02.26.2009

  12. i was trained by two people my parent m mother to be exact and the royal bahamas police force. the training i got was semi-military on both sides of the fence

    By tomas on 02.26.2009

  13. we are all trained, we are animals. we answer to the call of what may be a higher power, but what is probably just space. everything we do, someone has done it before. every move we make to step ahead of the crowd, there is another crowd there waiting for us. perhaps the next move we must make is to accept this – to blend in – we will never be truly unique, but we can be happy. we can be satisfied with the ideas that float around in our head, regardless of how many people have had that very same thought before. maybe together we can create something that is truly original. with each piece of already-done uniting to become something amazing, the likes of which the world has never.

    By elle on 02.26.2009

  14. i was trained like a poodle
    to do your bidding
    to catch kisses in the sun and
    to kill them in the moonlight
    and to give alms to the poor with my lips
    but more with my heart,
    to be caught on a beam of starlight and fall like a cat’s whisker form the sky
    and i was trained
    to be god’s wish.

    By Clarissa on 02.26.2009

  15. I have been trained to forgive and forget the scarring sins of the past, and the pain that dwells within my soul, my being. I have been trained to walk along the streets as though they are the chosen paths of my destiny, I cannot cross the confines of these paths without the danger of being whisked away from life. I have been trained to never let my gaurd fall and to always hold strong to the being that I am.

    By Lunasha on 02.26.2009

  16. I trained every day for a month for the event, but it didn’t seem to be enough. As I watched my adversaries warm up, I felt the heat of embarrassment wash over my cheeks. I wasn’t as prepared as they were.

    By Trish on 02.26.2009

  17. All I can think about for trained is the idea of being trained for a job when you first get one. This happens because you don’t know exactly what to do at first, which makes it really funny that people don’t get hired when they “Don’t have enough experience” because obviously the experience comes from being trained for the job. How else do the “higher ups” get there?

    By Mar on 02.26.2009

  18. Trained. Isn’t this what society hopes of all of us? As a teacher in the public school system, too often it seems that I am training student — training them to be obedient, training them to be cordial, training them to function in this world of our. But should we all be training them to love, to be compassionate, to be individuals. To think?

    By MsCris on 02.26.2009

  19. trained. my first thought was being trained, not like taught, but like being run over by a train. “she’s in the hospital with 74 broken bones. she was trained” is that weird? why would i think that? i certainly wasn’t… trained… to think like that, was I?

    By whiskeybat on 02.26.2009

  20. goals, well thought out, simple, control, consistancy

    By Kathy on 02.26.2009

  21. He was trained as a dog trainer. But, although he tried very hard to be good at his job, the dogs weren’t to keen to be his friends.

    By beetle on 02.26.2009

  22. i am a trained animal, a real killer you feel
    how i run and rhyme and spit in time
    to the beat of the world
    HEAR haha hearken

    train me to hear with my hands like
    the cavenmen did
    i wish to know where the
    comes from haha ha hahaha


    By Nina on 02.26.2009

  23. i trained my dog to run and play, i trained her to sit and lay, to roll over with the wave of my hand.
    only 3 years, she only had 3 years to live.

    i miss her.

    By britanny on 02.26.2009

  24. maybe if we all worked a little harder we wouldn’t need to feel like we needed to be trained. we could trust ourselves with where our lives were going, no one would need to tell us what the best route was, or even how to take our own route. we could run, we could walk, and we wouldn’t have anyone outside say, “stop!” or “that’s wrong!”. we could always be right. if we worked a little harder then no one would worry about being perfect.

    By bri on 02.26.2009

  25. liek a dog. like a wasp with manners. like the summers for field hockey. running in the morning. 2 miles. breathing varsity. sweating. hurting. sore. looking at someone with fixation. understood. performed to do something. like meeting the parents. like loving.

    By cory on 02.26.2009

  26. I lack discipline. I live in the moment and think of the future less often than I should. I figure I won’t deal with something until it actually happens. I’m sure someday I will be sorry.

    By mona on 02.26.2009

  27. So I was trained to always act right
    make sure everyone got what they wanted
    that I found myself burning out for the sake
    of everyone else’s wants and needs.

    But how to stop this activity?
    How do I stop looking to everyone else
    and start looking to my own wants and needs?
    Maybe I need to do soemthing, but what?

    By Don H. on 02.26.2009

  28. We watched as they drilled the orders into their skulls. None of them knew how to fight, but everyone can be trained in time. The commands were barking out in such a mass array of confusion it was a wonder anyone knew what to do; we certainly didn’t. Lauren looked at me and whispered,

    “It’s okay, you can do this.”

    By Rhi on 02.26.2009

  29. Oh gosh, don’t tell me about training, that reminds me of track and field. I feel like I spend all my time training for running. And yet, I don’t seem to get better. But training makes me feel healthy, it feels like I’m doing something in life. I’ve been training for the past 4 years and haven’t been getting better it seems…

    By Sylvie on 02.26.2009

  30. conditioned, taught, learned, order, containment, conventions, i have been trained to be part of the conventions of my society, as a tiger is tamed to be more human friendly. What is trained exactly?

    By Natalie on 02.26.2009

  31. things i think of when i see trained…trains, army, chains, dogs, chains, I don’t understand the point of this. I don’t know what else to write. whenever I do things like this I just get a mental block and cant think of anything

    By Ashley on 02.26.2009

  32. Like a seal she was able to balance a ball on her nose and clap her hands together. Her love of fish was well known through the land, but she could not swim.

    By aj on 02.26.2009

  33. training is hard, i was training all day today. How many hours of training does it take to be a great ____er? 10,000? 100,000? Forever. trained, tamed, shamed

    By adham on 02.26.2009

  34. she sat at his feet with her arms and legs bound. she had been trained well and stared lovingly up at her master.

    By ophelia on 02.26.2009

  35. These are trained military veterans. They are here to help you through this difficult time. Robbing gravy is no easy task. You must be in peak physical condition.

    By Drew G. on 02.26.2009

  36. I wish I could train people. I wouldn
    ‘t want slavery but ya know, people to be like dogs and sit when I say it. I
    d be pretty cool. I would also like to be trained in the art of mind control. Word. I think thats it.

    By Doo the Doo on 02.26.2009

  37. It would be nice if one day all of us could be trained to accept the facts of life, everything and everyone that surrounds us, and actually appreciate it and be thankful

    By Ashley on 02.26.2009

  38. to believe that whatever you get is what you deserve. as if this is all some part of a penance for not being good enough, kind enough, smart enough. just a bit below, not enough of reach.

    By janelle on 02.26.2009

  39. I was trained as a war machine by the US army. They broke me down to my essential components, then trained me to rebuild me in the image that they wanted.

    By paul on 02.26.2009

  40. I was trained in the ancient art of swallowing enough air to compress the room around me. It isn’t practical, and it’s not popular at parties. But when I need to make a quick escape, there is no more effective way than to vacuum the pressure from an area.

    By Mighty Lord Evan on 02.26.2009