February 24th, 2009 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “neglect”

  1. some children are neglected to the point that they will be scarred for the rest of their lives. some husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives get neglected to the point that they lose all contact…

    we all neglect our duties to one another. hell, i even neglect my potted plants. what causes this terrible

    By Leah on 02.25.2009

  2. oh my god i can’t believe i forgot about my homework!!!!!! oh geez what am i going to do!!??? quick think of an excuse!!! dog?? noo! printer!!?
    maybe not….. oooh family emergency!!!! everyone buys that!!! yes im free!!! or i could get sued for neglect as a lifeguard.

    By abraham on 02.25.2009

  3. dont pay attention!Forget!

    Cant write anything else!!! Am I neglecting the word

    By Irina on 02.25.2009

  4. abuse, hatred, loathing. neglect of the earth and of body. believe nothing good comes from neglect. love yourself. love others. be positive. run. breathe.

    By nicole on 02.25.2009

  5. I neglected to inform her that my right leg had been removed prior to the war. It tends to add a mystique to my character that compensates for what I truly lack, which is a personality. There was an infection that started in my foot and spread rapidly to the top. That was my birthday present.

    By Mighty Lord Evan on 02.25.2009

  6. Neglect is the last thing we need in today’s world.

    I wish I could experience a shared and common wish to be involved, to disconnect from technology and to begin to interact amongst one another.

    By ACV on 02.25.2009

  7. What happens when you neglect a plant? I’ve neglected many in my time. They seem okay for awhile, then they start to shrivel a little, show signs of weakness and vulnerability, reaching out for some help. Then the signs get deeper and more obvious, and if still ignored, they die. Kind of like people.

    By Lala on 02.25.2009

  8. i don’t want you to treat me like medicine when you’re sick. you are a healthy person and are rarely sick, if i were your medicine the only way we could see each other then would be having the sniffs or getting high. please get high. please get high. i don’t agree with, “if you love something, give it away” so please put that suggestion away,

    my love.

    February 25th, 2009.

    By Christine Oania on 02.25.2009

  9. I close my eyes
    envisioning your face
    sweet breath on
    the back of my neck
    feeling neglected
    with you no longer here

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 02.25.2009

  10. fear, lonely, i want to scream. why don’t you love me as much as you love her? it’s not fair. I AM SO ALONE.

    By Calyn on 02.25.2009

  11. Like a puppy. Once loved and adored, with old age brings hate and neglect. You are fond in the beginning, but nothing ever lasts.
    No attraction can stand the test of time, and eventually things are thrown to the back of the shelf.

    By holly solack on 02.25.2009


    By Brian Grace on 02.25.2009

  13. Purposeful forgetting.

    By lindsey on 02.25.2009

  14. It is bad to neglect your children.

    By sarah on 02.25.2009

  15. one day i whent to the living room of my house and i said a funny joke and people i had to come with a better joke.when the people neglected me i got kind of mad.when that happened i knew that i had to come out with a better joke.
    when i came with a better joke i said it in the living room people finally didnt ignore me.people started to laugh and i thought to my self i think i am funny hahahaha.

    By elmer on 02.25.2009

  16. I neglect friends, both new and old. Just don’t have the energy to spend on them like I once did.
    Too worried about finding a job and paying the bills. My humble apologies to you all.

    By Paulie on 02.25.2009

  17. Last night I was neglecting my sister because she wants everything from me. Lets say I buy gum and she wants it so I give her 1 and then 10 minutes later she wants another piece of gum. I dont mind giving her another 1 but its just that I do something and she gets the credit for it.

    I negleted her for the rest of the night and she negleted me this morning and I dont mind. My mind is so much more peaceful than it was before I started negleting her.I didnt talk to her all day today and I dont care.

    By Grigor Nargizyan on 02.25.2009

  18. Turns his face away. Marble statue of a young man who could be a Greek god, once painted gaudy colors to celebrate his life, now turned into an austere monument. Become. It is in this that we become.

    By tv on 02.25.2009

  19. fear and regret. child without a mother. a father with out children. a wife without a husband and a person without a friend.
    sadness, indignity. forgotten
    left alone to ones own devices.
    afraid that without anyone else you are meaningless
    in need…

    By martha on 02.25.2009

  20. There is nothing worse in this world than a vase full of flowers that are dead because someone forgot to water them. WE all make mistakes.

    By K-tron on 02.25.2009

  21. Neglect is something that I am currently not experiencing.
    At all.
    It’s astounding.
    Despite my love of my own alone time.
    Physical closeness has it’s perks.
    and can certainly cut down on some physiological drives.

    By name. on 02.25.2009

  22. dont’t disturb or just not get into a situation where you unleash a men and unnessecry guilt on someone. not nice. not friendly. nature wins most times.

    By a on 02.25.2009

  23. Neglecting something is never good when it is something like a pet. I have a cat… it doesn’t let me neglect it. Cats are funny that way. You just CANT neglect a cat. They demand your full attention. I see no reason to neglect a pet eitehr… or a plant. Sadly, I am bad at keeping plants alive. I have no idea what I am writing anymore…..

    By Art on 02.25.2009

  24. a wilting flower in the daylight. Petals are falling off… decaying, molding before your eyes. A building on its last legs. The foundation cracking. Bricks falling from where they were once stationed. The sstairs rotting away while you stand upon them.

    By Monica on 02.25.2009