February 25th, 2009 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “trained”

  1. i was trained to do many things – draw, listen, be kind to others. i was never trained to put myself in any priority, which eventually screwed my life. since I’ve always been trained the wrong way!

    By danielle on 02.26.2009

  2. Training is something that takes perseverance and strength. I think about training as necessary in order for me to play well in my favorite sports, which are frisbee and badminton. Without training, one cannot be the best that he/she can be. As they say, excellence is the result of repeatedly trying.

    By Celes on 02.26.2009

  3. I trained you to be a good girl, and you went and you screwed that all up didn’t you? I mean having sex is one thing, but with your professor? Yeah Yeah college is hard, we all know that, but you aren’t going to make it very far sleeping your way up to a high GPA. I mean don’t you think once you get accepted into graduate school they will realize you are a fake?

    -mother to a daughter

    By Caitdoggg on 02.26.2009

  4. We’ve all been trained to do different things in life. To preform, to think, to be.
    Fuck that.
    Lose the training wheels. A little spontanuity never killed anyone (although that spelling probably will).

    By KMurray on 02.26.2009

  5. like a trian wreck or just a job i really have no idea. my mom used to train me at the restuarant, or rather i trained other people to work for us. a 1 ear old girl who looked like she was 10. Maybe I really started at the age of 4 since we opened the restaurant

    my driving teacher showed us a movie about car crashes most of them we’re train wrecks

    By jane on 02.26.2009

  6. theres well trained.
    and theres failure. we fail and think with our egos. we all want accomplishment and acknowledgement with ourselves and the hard work that we’ve put out there for everyone for see. we all want recognition. we all want Love

    By Khasi on 02.26.2009

  7. i trained all day i was so tired i couldnt train no more it made me think of movies like training day how do they do it work all day not get tired what kind of training do they undergo anyways im over weight lazy lethargic and happy about it what the

    By gil on 02.26.2009

  8. I was in the gym working hard as hell like every day. the day was hot and moist and to be expected in the florida heat. I looked to my right and I heard the familiar sound of the loud bang the door to the gym made as my trainer came in. old man boony as i was told was his name. He came in and spit on the floor and asked why i kept staring. I looked back at him kinda stuipid and he said, “you ready to be trained”.

    By zack childs on 02.26.2009

  9. i was well trained,
    office, paper clips, staples, copy machine,
    i was well trained
    children, wife, house payments, college loans,
    i was well trained,
    middle class, underage, underfed
    i am free now,
    prepare for carnage

    By Big Ben on 02.26.2009

  10. each and everyday you train for something, whether it be blinking, breathing, without even thinking about it you have trained yourself to be a master blinker and breather. nice job. good on you, eh?

    By obes on 02.26.2009

  11. I think that if every mother in the world trained their children to hide from nuclear blasts the proper way, there would be even more fear of a nuclear blast. Think if you were a 4 year old hiding under the kitchen table like they used to teach children to do in grade school in the 50’s and 60’s. That child would be terrified that they have to hide from a huge light in the sky that can burn you.

    By josh on 02.26.2009

  12. so trained makes me think of animals which makes me think of the only pet we ever had in my house which was a cat named bandit. we lived in oakland with bandit when we were little (my brother and I), but then we moved to SLO and left the cat at my father’s house.

    By yowza on 02.26.2009

  13. like a robot. or running. locomotive and engineer with puffy hats like clouds. floating by on rails, barely touching the earth if not at all. billowing smokes and sighing ashes. trains. luxurious? scars upon the earth. longing and winding.

    By dani on 02.26.2009

  14. hunger, deprived. Indecisive, eager. Red fire? fireworks? Steam is filling the air – water rains down. Where did that stump go? I need a place to sit and watch the fire and the rain. Smoke gets in your eyes – where’s my marshmallows?

    By Mitzi on 02.26.2009

  15. I want to get my horse trained as soon as possible. She will be 4 in a few months and it is high time to get the show on the road or on the trail as the case may be!!

    By Jen on 02.26.2009

  16. I trained my self to feel nothing. To see nothing. To be nothing. What happens now that I realize that I feel everything and I am something? Something important. I love the feeling of coming alive. I love feeling the ugly get ripped out. It makes life worth living and discovering.

    By Sarah S. on 02.27.2009