November 19th, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “trails”

  1. the crisp wind blew softly in my hair as i walked down the many trails lined with tall oak trees, reaching for the sky.

    By Jennifer England on 11.20.2014

  2. trails, are what you walk on when your walking you can go on them when your on a bike and many other things


    By Shane Novak URL on 11.20.2014

  3. My father loves to ride his prized stallion down the beautiful dirt trails on our ranch.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.20.2014

  4. i could have seen it coming.
    i could have tried to stop
    but i couldn’t seem to do it
    the inevitable i put off.
    i gathered all my energy
    and tried to follow through
    but in the end the trails i left
    were windy and askew
    i could of taken one way
    but chose the other path
    footstep after footstep
    and the unwavering wrath
    of all the things that i had done
    both good, bad and in between
    and as they say in this life.
    not all things are what they seem

    By Lovelysunnyday on 11.20.2014

  5. We have been exploring trails up and around these hills for hours.

    By Hank on 11.20.2014

  6. Trails are similar to roads in that they are open patches of ground that can be driven on, or walked on.

    By WriteFast on 11.20.2014

  7. Trails are sort of a track left by a group of people in tall grass.

    By WriteNow on 11.20.2014

  8. He hit the trails full on while standing above the saddle of his new Specialized mountain bike. He was in a whole new world while zipping down the curvy, rugged trails.

    By Patches on 11.20.2014

  9. if you follow one trail for your entire life you will not find the end of it. you will not find what you’re looking for. you have to go off the trail into the woods, get scratched by a thorn and scare a deer along the way, because staying on the path isn’t going to make you stronger. i’m covered in thorns and i’m nowhere near the clearing but where i am is a damn good place to be.

    By Ally on 11.20.2014

  10. White trails across the sky: seventeen comets. Black trails over the fence: raccoons, and more raccoons. Banking all these, a pocketful of images to eat one at a time when I am old.

    By RS Bohn URL on 11.20.2014

  11. Close your eyes
    faint traces of light
    in patterns and trails
    like fireflies
    or airplanes
    zipping around
    fading fast
    spawning anew

    By asavas on 11.20.2014

  12. I walked into the bedroom and and put on my bathrobe, seeing a trail of roses leading to the bathroom, I walked passed the bed into the room. A women lay on the floor, covered in nothing but flowers. I gaped, taking a step backwards. “Your mother said you didn’t have a date to go the dance with. Would you like me to be yours for tonight, little lady?”

    By Oz on 11.20.2014

  13. Its been a long journey
    twist, turns ups downs
    Plateaus and catapults
    You cant follow the path until you find it
    I’m not sure i ever did…………………..

    By Reality speaks on 11.20.2014

  14. along the path lays a tree with flowers along the sides of the walkway. The path has grass peeking through the tiles, happy at the sun’s rays. the air smells of those flowers, sweet, like perfume spicy and cool. such a calm day to sit and enjoy in this place.

    By Andy on 11.20.2014

  15. along the path we walk, trees swaying in the breeze. The air is full of the smell of fall, of the crisp leaves and dust sturring beneith us as we enjoy the autumnal sights. What a lovely path to enjoy! The sound of a creek sneeks in, and we wander towards it, seeking water.

    By Lace_and_Metal on 11.20.2014

  16. gravity trails in skybone,
    where you sucked
    the marrow out,
    and like Lincoln logs
    my spine lets go.

    By Pandatry on 11.20.2014

  17. long thin lines
    coursing through the obstacles
    encountered in the maelstrom
    tattered worn byways of thoughts
    creeps up and batter long lost
    passions and diaphanous desires

    By Protean on 11.20.2014

  18. Green trees flank the tiny trail that leads up the mountain. Every step landed among tree roots and mud.

    The pair was tired but the promise of the lake at the summit awaits and motivates them to continue.

    By Devyn on 11.20.2014

  19. My parents love to hike. They developed this hobby after my sister’s and I left for college and they were face with “Empty Nest Syndrome.” I have never seen my parents be as close as they are now.

    By Meredith Rohwer on 11.20.2014

  20. There are trails in a park in oregon that I really like to walk on. It gives me peace of mind when it’s just me. It’s quite calm even though there is a busy street 2 minutes from the giant hill. It’s best to walk the early morning of closer to sunset

    By Emely on 11.20.2014

  21. numerous trails that beckon you to wander… amidst trees, trodden untrodden .. known unknown.. asking you to come explore experience and then move on.. small hill stations like ooty conoor abound in such trails .. and i think the real beauty of the places is scattered through these trails.. the fresh air .. the tree lines walks.. the views.. the sun and the shade .. the small pure water streams criss crossing your path .. one just feels like losing oneself on one such trail and thus may be find oneself?

    By suv on 11.20.2014

  22. I’ve been on this trail for a while, and the path is getting narrow, but the trees still smell fine. I need to find a spot to settle down, make a nest, rest and relax.

    I’m afraid that this trail will end soon, and I’ll have nowhere left to go.

    By Iceman on 11.21.2014

  23. i have a friend named trail. he travels a lot, too. this word reminds me of dust and veins. i feel big. in some strange way. language is inadequate, i reckon.

    By hailey URL on 11.21.2014

  24. It’s been a while since Stu and I geocached. I do enjoy a nice long caching trail where it’s just he and I in the wilderness walking along an abandoned footpath. I think in our quest to get numbers, we forget that the simple joy of a walk in the woods is totally worth more than a “smiley”. I hope I can get in some good walking this weekend and enjoy the trails in the park down south, because I really need to be closer to nature.

    By Jennifer on 11.21.2014

  25. i walked in the trails of Memory. She walked briskly back to places that were haunted by the ghosts of thoughts.

    By Anu on 11.21.2014

  26. It all started with my second boyfriend. There was this road at his high school called the trail. I cannot tell you how many times i wish i could walk the trail with him again. He’s an ass, yes. but i dont know, theres something about his stupidity, his high goals, his real worldness that makes me go back. I think of him often. Walking up the trail

    By JLE on 11.21.2014

  27. The old dusty trail.
    It had remained untouched for centuries, which is actually a lot easier than one might think
    See, the town I live in is quite magical. Normal laws don’t apply.
    The trail is warded, heavily guarded and protected with some form of old ancient magic, that aren’t written in the current books of magic that they shove down your throat at school.
    But now, something was wrong, very wrong.
    i noticed it on my way home. There were more guards there than usual.

    By Kira URL on 11.21.2014

  28. I have walked many trails in my life some of them clearly defined and others not so clear.

    By Bill O'Brien on 11.21.2014

  29. Traces of your smell linger through the night.
    And I fight to keep my eyes open.

    Trails of sweat run down the small of your back.
    And I feel them with the tips of my fingers.

    And I grip the side of your hip.
    And I feel whole.

    By okay. on 11.21.2014

  30. The trails that I saw behind my back door was evidence that someone or something had made several attempts to enter my home.

    By victor URL on 11.21.2014

  31. Footprints to follow. Whether it is a deer trail through the woods or the footsteps of Jesus as you walk in His steps following the trails he left in the Bible. A beaten path where you can see the dirt beneath your feet – and the bushes part in front of you. A place others have walked.

    By Kat on 11.21.2014

  32. If I had agreed we would have been on the trails now with the others in single file walking down into the valley. I could just see the silver line of the river down in the valley through the trees, the light reflecting up at me sharp as a knife waiting to cut me.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.21.2014

  33. The people gathered on the hill top to enjoy the starry night.

    “Hey look, a shooting star!”

    They watched the little orb fall from the sky, mesmerized by the faint trail of light it left behind, not noticing when the orb became a massive rock landing on their houses.

    By betaveros on 11.21.2014

  34. what will I leave in my wake, when i sleep and i take, each breath as I place, each foot before the other. foot prints in the sands of time, unwind my mind and rewind to a simpler time, reminisce a little. critical. i dunno. i hope my posterity reflect my prosperity n not my worse sides.

    By Miki on 11.21.2014

  35. In her dreams she followed the yellow brick trails.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.21.2014

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  37. I want to go horse back riding on a horse trail.

    By tyler on 11.21.2014

  38. i have many trails near my house. I like to take my dogs for a walk on their trails. They are best during the summer but a lot of people like to use them in winter for snowmobiling. It is fun to see all the nature. One time when I was walking I saw a group of people playing music. I stopped by and decided to sing with them. Now they are my best friends. We like to do a lot of different activity together on the weekend.

    By Emily on 11.21.2014

  39. Journeys in life. You have to sniff out the rabbit trails to make sure you don’t go down the wrong ones. Keep an eye and ear open for directions from your true compass, and the Lord will light the way for your feet. One foot in front of the other, slow and steady … or should I say steadfast.

    By Elizabeth Noyes URL on 11.21.2014

  40. That was the treachery. The supposed betrayl. To go it alone on the trail and shrug of any offers of “helpful” assistance. The presumption. It came from a very entitled place. But when you’re on your own – all that noise about what you should want and who you should be just floats away.

    By Intuition on 11.21.2014