November 21st, 2014 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “centerpiece”

  1. For the baby shower next weekend, we are trying to think of a creative centerpiece. I do believe it is going to be created in a diaper. Rattles, socks, a little onesie will adorn the diaper. If formed correctly, all will love it!

    By Sammy on 11.22.2014

  2. Are a pain in the ass. They are over priced if you get them from a flower shop. They are a tedious waste of time if you make them yourself and when people make them, they always look like shit. They always have some burch bark, with gingham nonsence all strew about in a way that is a fire hazard on the table and are really only appropriate in a trailer park. So, whether it is for a wedding or a corporate event, centerpieces are a pain in the ass. Especially since the colors will never match what the decor of the room.

    By Jay on 11.22.2014

  3. It would be a beautiful centerpiece. Magnificent. Awe-inspiring. The perfect thing for the center of the table. It was the only thing required to make this night a complete success. It was needed. Yes, I needed this man’s head on a silver platter. It would be a perfect centerpiece for my warriors and me to gaze at triumphantly as we feasted in celebration of our new-found freedom.

    By Brittany on 11.22.2014

  4. The centerpiece on their wedding table consisted of a single candle and one rose. Simple yet beautiful as their love. And as they sat ,they held hands by it’s light.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.22.2014

  5. I place it neatly with shaking hands, and oh, how glorious it looks. The gold and silver twirled and spiraling from the globe in the middle. I feel proud, but also suspicious. I can’t have pretty things, so I must enjoy it now, and then hide it away from their prying eyes and hands. They’ll take my center, the piece of my heart that will always be in here.

    By Mathilde on 11.22.2014

  6. She placed the final fork down on the satin napkin. This wasn’t her style, but her mother-in-law insisted. Tradition reigned over all. No matter that this was her house. She wasn’t even allowed to bake the turkey, let alone design the table settings. Why was it even taking place here? She hated Thanksgiving. No gifts, no sparkle. Just a bunch of fat Westons taking over her new house.

    By Beka URL on 11.22.2014

  7. a piece in the center. i don’t understand this wor(l)d.

    By mathilde on 11.22.2014

  8. upon the table is the void around which the dinner rotates. the clank of the silver, the smack of the chewing, the bits of conversation are all sucked into this black hole, unable to escape, but perhaps being spit out somewhere on the other side of the universe, or in a different universe altogether.

    By dominguez URL on 11.22.2014

  9. A centerpiece was talking to the table. It was complaining that the table was too hard. The table was pushing the centerpiece off. He was mad at the table so the table actually pushed him all the way off,

    By Saleegurl on 11.22.2014