November 19th, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “trails”

  1. Dusty and Worn
    Pocked marked with rocks and divets
    Laid open to expansive blue skies
    Bending and lurching
    Twisting and cascading
    A sprint up hill or sometime a solemn march in serenity.

    By Beth on 11.21.2014

  2. I love to walk on the Cheshire linear trail. Leaving the busy streets and walking amongst the trees and the animals is so soothing. So many ways to exercise on trails, roller blade, bike, run, walk skateboard

    By cheryl on 11.21.2014

  3. I can’t see clearly now, for the trails that are following everything are making it like trying to navigate a snowstorm while looking through a kaleidoscope. There is shifting and pulsing and music that I don’t recognize. What the hell did I put in that meatloaf?

    By Chris URL on 11.21.2014

  4. trails were the life.

    By joe on 11.21.2014

  5. I was walking on the trails. There was deer on the trails. I saw someone on the trails.

    By Ponylover32 on 11.21.2014