November 18th, 2014 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “eleven”

  1. When I was eleven I used to play with my cousin a lot and my mom always liked buying me girly toys like Barbies and I acted like if I was too old for them but I secretly liked them still.

    By Heidi Castro URL on 11.18.2014

  2. Eleven more days, until the end… I wonder if I’ll make it.

    Maybe not, but I couldn’t care less. Maybe I will… I mean, I am getting antsy.

    But, I think that’s probably my problem…

    I just need to slow down.

    By Iceman on 11.18.2014

  3. Eleven years old was I? I never know. I never know how old I was in memories. I never know how old I am now. That’s an exaggeration. Like saying I cant tell the difference between memories and memories of dreams. It’s only sometimes.

    By Melanie URL on 11.19.2014

  4. When I was eleven everything was so simple. I had her in my life. She made every harsh word that a bully said or every cut that I got from falling disappear, because she was there. She healed every wound, every heart break, and every disappointment just by smiling. Man her smile. Her side smirk flipped my bad day into a great day. Don’t even get me started about her hugs, her hugs had this magical power that can make every bad thing go away. I would do anything to hear her voice again. Just to hear a simple “It’s gonna be okay dear”. I’d give anything to go back to being eleven. I miss you Nana.

    By MB on 11.19.2014

  5. one-one. same number. equal footings. reminds me of the word elf. as in that ethereal beings from Lord of The Rings. one-one. lucky number?

    By Wanna on 11.19.2014

  6. I really have nothing interesting to say about eleven. No date or time or age comes to mind. So I’ll take the inspiration of nothing, write something else to stop inadequacy.

    By NPCarter on 11.19.2014

  7. Eleven!
    The number sat, unlistening, open newspaper hiding an indifferent face.

    By Antonio URL on 11.19.2014

  8. the number of times I wished I had had sex with someone and didn’t. i look back and wish I had been more brash, less self-conscious, and more willing. i regret not being with them, not allowing for something more to happen. what if.

    By Jericho on 11.19.2014

  9. 11 stands out as November, which in turns reminds me it is my birth month, then in turn makes me think of how old I am getting and where I am in my life and what I have and haven’t done with it. I am only in my early 30’s but still yet feel so uneasy with my situation and look back and think daily of the decisions that I have made

    By AdianR URL on 11.19.2014

  10. “Distance is another word for laziness,” he tells you, scrubbing dirt from the walls with long fingertips.

    “Such a luxury is only an excuse for those who have accumulated enough social wealth to discard such things, scorning the efforts the rest of us make.”

    The skin under his nails blackens and you watch the soot slowly disappear from the room.

    By Anna Meursault on 11.19.2014

  11. We didn’t have eleven candles, so we used two, because two one’s spell out eleven. Rob didn’t seem to mind, though, at this decrease in candles from last year. “I wish… we will all be together for ever and every,” and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. There are so many other things an eleven-year old can wish for but Rob always wishes the same thing every birthday.

    By Holden URL on 11.19.2014

  12. The elevator rose slowly. James leaned back against the wall, trying not to make eye contact w himself in the shiny doors. The carpet looked like a Persian rug his parents had had when he was a child. “Eleventh floor.”

    By Yona URL on 11.19.2014

  13. It was eleven am in the morning when I saw him in the school.

    By Kelly Remolador on 11.19.2014

  14. eleve, already saw this word yesterday, maybe time-difference
    america? greetings from europe ;)

    By Gerlinde Schweizer URL on 11.19.2014

  15. There are a said 11 Laws of Attraction. I only need one. My life is filled with the abundance of the Universe and know that all that abundance is coming my way and I am happy knowing this.

    By trkstr67 URL on 11.19.2014

  16. Two matchsticks, with a name unlike their mates which does very little to explain what they are.

    By asavas URL on 11.19.2014

  17. Sticks. That was her nickname and a marker of her reigning position as the meanest, toughest member of the 10 and under baseball team. Number 11 could run faster, throw farther, and block a base harder than any other player.

    By Beth URL on 11.19.2014

  18. The eleven men went into the mountain at the ready. They knew not what layer in wait for them a few meters in but even if they had they wouldn’t have cared. These men fought for something beyond there own lives , they fought for the lives of those they cared about and for that reason they would succeed.
    The battle went according to the drew-arks plans but they didint anticipate the heart these few men had. In less than a few hours a force of eleven had defeated a force of hundreds. With only a sole survivor standing in the midst of the gore. He alone would have to bear the souls of his fallen comrades. Alone he would have to bear the soul of the world. For he was the only one that could liberate them all.

    By Tono on 11.19.2014

  19. Eleven means commitment. Eleven means more than one through ten, beyond basic counting, passed the average number of human digits. You can’t stop at eleven either; counting to eleven means you are going to climb to the precarious peak of twenty. Because who just counts to eleven?

    By Emma Normoyle on 11.19.2014

  20. onety-one
    one day
    twoty-two the other
    seventeen and a half
    and you still need your mother
    then suddenly you’re
    a we, family
    and it happens

    By Sarah URL on 11.19.2014

  21. Eleven days until the timer stops, said the priest. You may be wondering what this timer is counting down to. We all would like to know. We wait in frigid anticipation for the arrival of our new god, perhaps? Or the crackling lightning bolt of Zeus to strike us down. Or perhaps the birth of a mystic.

    By Josh on 11.19.2014

  22. eleven hangs between us,
    heavy and taut
    a wet jacket has given up on my shoulder
    we used to have twelve
    but you stared too long at the sunset
    and a bird got a gleam in its soul
    i think we will have enough for soup when
    we get home

    By Kairn URL on 11.19.2014

  23. eleven is the number of steps she took before reaching the corner,
    eleven steps on the cobblestone before she disappeared into the shadows
    and he never saw her again.

    By chryste URL on 11.19.2014

  24. I turned eleven last tuesday!

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.19.2014

  25. As the clock ticks off its way to midnight, I breathe in the cool summer air, sipping my tea as I hunch over my computer, my fingers gliding over the keyboard effortlessly. The words flow like the river, transforming the page into something incredible.

    By Mina URL on 11.19.2014

  26. Eleven times already. The hand of the clock struck.

    I am walking down, to the park, once again.
    Empty streets, green-blue, and black and.. still, the clock chimes. No one knows what will happen next.

    By wander1ng on 11.19.2014

  27. she was eleven when different started to set in. well—it had always been “in”—this is just when she began to notice. she has no clue how the noticing came about —but when it did it was then all she could see—different. unlike. eleven was the beginning of knowing.

    By Safon URL on 11.19.2014

  28. Eleven is the age when I learned to play golf. it was a great time of feeling freedkjrieujroiueoiruoiutjlkjg;lkijeitietoiutee.

    By KL on 11.19.2014

  29. As I slid the book into the fire, I was confused at my place and time of life. My fingers became smaller, my mouth became bigger, and I was finally alone. Life at eleven was a time of darkness. I was a dropped baby, with stubby fingers and a mouth that was never fed. Eleven sets of clothes for me to run away at eleven.

    By rita URL on 11.19.2014

  30. Why is there only eleven cookies on the plate? We need twelve cookies so everyone in the family can have one!!! Who took the cookie? Who ever did will miss out on something!!!!!!!

    By Hope Strubs on 11.19.2014

  31. Eleven.
    That’s the number today.
    Eleven steps starting with the right foot, ending with the left.
    Eleven taps of my pencil on my desk.
    Eleven times i must rub my eyes.
    Eleven times i must tell a lie.
    Eleven times the door opens and shuts.
    Eleven blinks before the day turns to dusk.

    By alexandra URL on 11.19.2014

  32. Eleven times
    she said I love you
    Eleven ways
    in eleven days
    Eleven kisses on her lashes
    Eleven hours… magic
    But in just one
    It all comes crashing

    By katie on 11.19.2014

  33. Eleven fairys in Sleeping Beauty before the Angry One interrupted. The eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith (I kinda liked him, but not as much as I expected to). Ööööölf.

    By Lena on 11.19.2014

  34. 7 ELEVEN. 7 ELEVEN. 7 EVEN BACK DOE LITTLE JOE. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. Mama cooked the breakfast with no hog. No barking from the dog. No smog.

    By TMilz on 11.19.2014

  35. There’s 11 people that I have yet to meet. I don’t even actually know if I’ve met them yet, I really wonder. I want to know who my husband is. I want to know who my family is. I want to know who my greatest teacher is. I want to know who I believe in. I want to know who I am thankful for. I want to know who I love. What if they’re all different people?

    By amangelindiore URL on 11.19.2014

  36. I need someone who will read a chapter and give me and honest opinion. can you hit me up on this.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 11.19.2014

  37. I had eleven seconds. Eleven seconds to accomplish something great. Something important. Something unforgettable. Eleven seconds. It wasn’t nearly enough time.

    By Brittany on 11.19.2014

  38. She was born on an eleven. A beautiful, skinny, metallic sparkling eleven day. It was a Tuesday and that made it even better. I half expected her to appear with silver hair and blue eyes. That’s what elevens are.

    By mimi on 11.19.2014

  39. When I was eleven, I met a little girl.
    For about two months, she was my whole world.
    I thought of her daily
    and all that she told,
    because all of her stories seemed to be gold.
    And I loved her so much
    that when she went away
    I fell into utter, complete, disarray.

    By Lily on 11.19.2014