April 26th, 2011 | 938 Entries

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938 Entries for “trailer”

  1. I was born in a trailer. Lord I’m coming home to you!

    By FreshSeth URL on 04.28.2011

  2. a movie trailer about ghosts
    eerie as I’ve seen them
    lurking in shadows, waiting unseen
    for unwary souls

    By Tib on 04.28.2011

  3. Trailers are awesome. They are everywhere. They are big, long and a little funny too. People actually live in those things. They call them trailer park homes. It might be a lot of fun living in one of them. You have everything within an arm’s distance because the trailers are no big compared to a house.

    By kaushik on 04.28.2011

  4. this word is used to describe an apparatus designed to assist in the transportation of goods behind a vehicle, such as a car. in the usa, it more commonly refers to a carav

    By sam on 04.28.2011

  5. trailer is dull. i see it every day. last time i bumped into it on some site. it was a kind of 1 april joke. what a stupid joke it was. stupid trailer. Hate such stuff.

    By Dmitry on 04.28.2011

  6. my wife works at a trailer park…she hates it. Hell, I hate it too. There is almost nothing worse than trashy people. I mean not all of them are bad, but god damn some of them are.

    By mike on 04.28.2011

  7. what? another trailer? geeez, I’m leaving off to Kazakhstan or wherever there’s no such stuff. thanks

    By Dmitry URL on 04.28.2011

  8. trailers are cool. they help you carry stuff. you just hitch them on to your car, load up, and you’re good to go. some trailers are built so you can live in them. they have

    By samaprussell URL on 04.28.2011

  9. There is a show I watch called The Trailer Park Boys. It is a Canadian “mockumentary”. This is what instantly came into my head. Trailers can be used for homes, to haul, or for animals as well. Very useful!

    By Allison URL on 04.28.2011

  10. she could pass as a young woman
    she was still a child though
    he knew – but he said he didn’t care
    he said he loved her
    he held her hand
    he kissed her on the neck
    he moved slowly down her waist
    he brought her inside
    she followed

    By Delilah URL on 04.28.2011

  11. The new movie trailer was exactly what I thought. Addicting. How could I possibly wait until the movie came out with the awesome trailer that it had. Are you kidding me? I could barely control myself as I left my computer desk and hopped into bed where my spouse was waiting. I hope they didn’t notice I was gone long. I really need to take a trip to Hollywood and tell them to release the movie earlier. How can they tickle my senses so much? This is why I don’t watch movie trailers. They are too much work to control.

    By Bonno on 04.28.2011

  12. Housed, in a park,
    We have prime real estate,
    With our trailer indented
    In muddy turfed soil.

    By Jadam URL on 04.28.2011

  13. She stopped outside the theater and looked at the posters advertising the newest releases. One looked good but she hadn’t seen the trailer. She supposed it didn’t matter though, movies weren’t really her thing. She took a deep breath and stepped inside.

    By Sarah URL on 04.28.2011

  14. If ever they made a movie of how I lived my life, the trailer would be the movie itself: incomplete and misleading.

    By nom de luc URL on 04.28.2011

  15. trailer trash
    the breeze carried filth through the air
    from one broken kitchen window to the next
    debris, vomit, abandoned scraps of molded food
    roaches crawled in the oriental carpets
    trailer trash
    the statement was carried in the wind
    with the rest of the rubbish
    and i wanted to slap you
    but no, i was not trailer trash

    By Noelle URL on 04.28.2011

  16. movie trailers annoy me because you see the plot and the movie is not exiting anymore :(

    By cresylicious URL on 04.28.2011

  17. I used to live one for a bit. You can also tows these mothafuckas behind cars, trucks, van, whatever has wheels really. But people who live in these generally arent brightest most sucessful people but are usually kinda crazy.

    By Joel Whalen on 04.28.2011

  18. there was a trailer big and yellow. it held bees and took them far and wide. i didd not know far far it traveled but travel far it did.

    By Taylor Darland on 04.28.2011

  19. the trailer eats a noun like it hhad no other point to its existence other than the fact that it could eat.

    Otherwise, you’d think there would be a kind of humor in it. Whatever it is. Park it boys.

    Just park it.

    By Ryan Deschamps URL on 04.28.2011

  20. The trailer moved so suddenly that I was thrown against the refrigerator, milk spilling out of the carton I was holding. No sooner had I regained my balance that the trailer shifted again.
    Hank ran in, his usual cigarette hanging out one side of his mouth, gesturing wildly.
    “Quick! Get down, there’s a twister heading this way!”
    We flung ourselves under the table, clinging to the metal pool that supported it, as the trailer lurched wildly.
    I glanced at Hank as the trailer groaned and creaked. He was crouched with his head down, but the cigarette was still stuck to his lower lip.

    By M Daly URL on 04.28.2011

  21. house
    low class
    one floor

    By jordan on 04.28.2011

  22. Memories trailing like a bride’s dress who’s been abandoned on her wedding day. More than sad.

    By Harvinder URL on 04.28.2011

  23. I would like to have a trailer. Not a white trash, mobile home trailer. A trailer I can pull behind my truck. That would be ever so handy. Especially if it is an encolsed trailer. I hate having tons of nice stuff in the back of my truck, only to get it destroyed by the weater. Not only would a trailer prevent weather from harming my stuff, but I can fit a lot more stuff in one load!

    By Eric on 04.28.2011

  24. I live in the most beautiful trailer in all the park. My dog is the scruffiest, my beer is the cheapest and my dad is the roughest. Life is good living in Boone County.

    By Madelyn on 04.28.2011

  25. it’s a place for me to think. to go and just be. i can’t even describe how beautiful the surroundings are. how things so dilapidated can be so sublime.

    By michael koch on 04.28.2011

  26. It is like a house but more of a box house kinda thing, there wierd and don’t stay up to well…

    By Jewelz on 04.28.2011

  27. ‘how do you think we get things done here? how the fuck do you think we make a go of it when the fucking walls close in on us from all sides?? it’s 174 square feet of madness, this thing.”

    By michael URL on 04.28.2011

  28. A trailer can be something pulled behind a car or a preview of a movie.

    By camiwhite on 04.28.2011

  29. i do not like trailers not at all it lame wired not my thing at all so ya thats all i got so leave me alone!

    By stavroscastilllo on 04.28.2011

  30. what i live in !!!!!:)
    And proud to live in one:)!!!

    By stillmoon URL on 04.28.2011

  31. somebody that sleeps in it when they go camping

    By red neck URL on 04.28.2011

  32. trailer is something that that the movie industries make before a movie comes out. It can also be some thing you haul goods in or on. Or maybe it can be a non-permanent living space. But could a trailer be more, Let me ponder that thought.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 04.28.2011

  33. A trailer is something u can put heavy things in to. So you can move them to a new house or something.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 04.28.2011

  34. He lived in trailer down by the river. He sat in his dirty living room, if it could be called one, and drank beer after cheap beer. he got so drunk that he fell asleep in his chair, smoking a cigarette, and burned to death when it fell on the old polyester carpet and ignited.

    By Angela Halley URL on 04.28.2011

  35. trailer park trash is what people think of when they see true blood and think that is louisiana. i am not trash and those of whom i know that live in middle of bfe louisiana are not trailer trash either. i don’t think of living in a trailer as trash

    By rachel on 04.28.2011

  36. OK, so it’s trailer again, for the third day in a row. It must be all these banks holiday.s Although. hang on a minute, isn’t this website American? Well, anyway, here in the UK it’s beautiful springtime sunny weather, and everyone is chilling and smiley. Apart from our coffee bar owner. She’s never happy. Or at least, never shows any signs of being that way.

    By Ia Sama URL on 04.28.2011

  37. when I think about a trailer i think about the freeway. and the scary cars that drive around with trailers hitched on the back of them. They sway and look like they’re going to fly off into my car at any moment. It’s kind of a funny fear because I’ve never actually seen a trailer fly off into anything. They just always make me nervous. Especially when it looks like a car that can’t handle a trailer.

    By Rachel on 04.28.2011

  38. I never lived in a trailer but i know people who have. my cousins have. i cant imagine it. probably really small. i am so fortunte to have what i have. a house, room to dance, room to sing. and nieghboors in houses, not other trailers. I would live in trailer if I could, I actually like the sound of being able to just get up and go when you want. house and all. no moving, no packing. just driving your home to where life takes you.

    By Virginia Bidwill on 04.28.2011

  39. The trailer was dark and filled with monsters. Alice realized that too late. She had no choice but to run.

    By Herpington on 04.28.2011

  40. It’s where Luanne lived in before moving in with uncle Hank and aunt Peggy. It tipped over because her ma’ and pa’ were fighting over some left-over beer. I wish Brittany Murphy wasn’t dead. She made an awesome regular on the show.

    By Hans on 04.28.2011