April 25th, 2011 | 587 Entries

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587 Entries for “intersection”

  1. Needs and desires meet at the intersection of possibilities and determination.

    By paulie aragon on 04.26.2011

  2. Place where cars cross through a stop sign or light, to avoid accidents with other cars. There are other roads connected so turning is possible. Also, this could be a place in your life where you have to either grow up or make a decision about something. It could be a turning point in your life.

    By Katie Marso on 04.26.2011

  3. i waited impatiently. cars trundled past, some slowing down to glance at me and wonder why i was standing there placidly amid the business of rush hour, with a worn backpack on my back and a single flower dangling from my fingers. it was windy, and dust flew up from their tires in thick clouds. it bit at my eyes, swirled around me manically, tore the flower away from me and whipped it high into the air. and still i waited, never once moving.

    By lulu on 04.26.2011

  4. I have no thoughts on intersection other than the intersection of what life is and what each of us thinks it is…so amazingly unique and confoundingly difficult to comprehend at times

    By M on 04.26.2011

  5. Crossing. The interception of one to another. It reminds me of Christianity. At least if lived accordingly.

    It also reminds me of Math…not as fun as Christ.

    By Alex URL on 04.26.2011

  6. they met at that intersection. crossbone, blood, and a buried box. she was summoned against her will. she didn’t want to go. she’d in fact just come back exhausted from her last assignment. yellow eyed just happened to be her de-briefer. oh how he favored her.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 04.26.2011

  7. And there’s a split in the world. With you one one side. Me on the other. How are you solving this problem? How am I? Or should we just walk away. Forever divided. Across the intersection. Time stands between us, time, the words we never said, and the space across the country. But we can overcome it if we try. Can’t we?

    By Honor on 04.26.2011

  8. We are often at an intersection at various stages in our lives. We are proceeding on one trajectory, then come to that proverbial signpost pointing us in a variety of directions. Which one we choose can effect everything from that point on and be the purveyor of happiness or doom. There are few accurate roadmaps in real life.

    By Andie on 04.26.2011

  9. They met at the intersection of first and main. A man and a woman. He was just waiting for the bus and she was on her bike. Not paying attention she runs into him. He looks into her eyes, he knows. Fallen in love at first and main. Intersection

    By Dane on 04.26.2011

  10. Sitting behind another car at the intersection, the light turned green. As the car in front of me began to move forward the car behind me hit the gas and smacked into the back of my car.

    By Tracey on 04.26.2011

  11. I like ’em strange – I like that intersection of bizarre and universal that steals your breath while you’re trying to hit the high note. Way up in the planetary unknown.

    By Hyperbole URL on 04.26.2011

  12. It’s so strange that this is the word that came up, because last night I had this surreal dream about these three kids that decided to run out into an intersection and commit suicide. And afterwards, I followed the survivors of the accident around, trying to figure out what would happen to them after such a terrible occurrence. A bad dream, but maybe a good idea for a screenplay? I don’t know. It might be too hard to write.

    By Basil URL on 04.26.2011

  13. driving to that point there was nothing left inside, she had given it all. jamie just wanted it to end, she hoped to god that the end wouldnt be stuck between two dunkin donuts shops but it looked like you could never truely decide could you? foot on the break she pulled to a stop. looking to her left, there it was. dunks number one. and to her right, dunks 2. and right in front of her, a tractor trailer. whatever, i guess it was all set up just as god wanted it to be. a victorious end to nothing

    By tara on 04.26.2011

  14. I came acrosss the intersection one day in mad dash to get away from the cat burglars that had invaded my vapartment, I have no idea what they were looking for. There was a bus and 93 honda about to collide. I will nver forget that intersection wiht the 7-11 and the hobo who like to bum cigarettes on my way f=home from school.

    By Veronica on 04.26.2011

  15. Roads and traffic, waiting ages at the intersection! Beep beep, I don’t know what to write! Tarmac, painted lines. Lucy thought it was when you cut an angle open?! But maybe that’s disection? I don’t know?

    By Ashleigh and Lucy on 04.26.2011

  16. Lights and people blur into a non-pattern. Gray, gray, darker gray, sometimes color- green, red. It’s raining and there’s honking but I’m safe in my car. Unless there’s an accident.

    By Kate on 04.26.2011

  17. Cut the sound, the screams of war, the shouts of dignity, the pains of battle and calmly pluck an arrow from the quiver. Knock the arrow, pull and release. Watch it soar perpendicularly through the air through the sight lines of those on the battle field and right into the target planned. One small victory closer to the final win.

    By Jason Marx URL on 04.26.2011

  18. Intersections lifes little stops and goes. Well waitin at intersetions have you ever wondered how many have been in the same place as you. Its funny to feel like were are the only ones.

    By amri URL on 04.26.2011

  19. Where paths cross. Any paths. Of people, streets, lives and thoughts. When you intersect with someone or something it’s a meeting of souls and bodies. Any thing can be at an intersection.

    By Heather on 04.26.2011

  20. She stood at the intersection of Crawford and Esplanade street, waiting for another John to come along. It had been a quiet evening she had only turned about 25 tricks and needed to make more money so Johnny, her pimp, wouldn’t beat her again.

    By Angela Halley URL on 04.26.2011

  21. Yet this time the split is in a different way, and as I open up I feel the fabric around me start to give.

    I thought they were joking, but as it turns out they were quite serious. It seems that our games have been having much graver consequences than either of us could have even imagined.

    I’d do it again, though.

    By ugly URL on 04.26.2011

  22. the intersection of 72nd and broadway has a greys papaya and a sleepys mattress store, both of which were featured in the film, “down to earth.” Chris Rock has a lot of comedy, but most of it is focused around racial humor. He honestly seems like he hates white people. I once saw him rollerblading in central park when I was with my girlfriend laura.

    By Scott on 04.26.2011

  23. A crossing point, two cars racing towards the intersection. I time myself, hold my breath and press down on the accelerator, can I cross before they reach the point directly in front of me. Will I live or die?

    By Kay Wilkinson URL on 04.26.2011

  24. roads, cars, decisions,stop people,assholes, grandmas, lights, deli, foodmart, starbucks, roadtrip, city, crappy highway, get me on the free way, get me out of her.

    By Phillip kammer on 04.26.2011

  25. I’ve seen this place before, words on the streetsigns. They lead in all directions at once, depending on which way you’re going. Forward or backward. Past or future. I’d have sworn there was a certainty in the direction of time, but here we are again, wrapped around this moment as if all that ever was is all that ever could be. Yet at the same time, sensing that all is to come is the union, the out-breath, of each moment we’ve already lived.

    By emay URL on 04.26.2011

  26. Intersection is the meetingpoint of differect sections. People com from various ways of their lives and somhow they meet here, only to exchange, smile, look at each others’ eyes and go on.

    By earng on 04.26.2011

  27. she stood at the intersection.It was pouring.. The rain slipped from her eyelids and merged with her tears.His back was towards her.. slowly walking away from her.. It would be the last time she saw him.. her last glimpse of him.. She stood there with the traffic noise adding to her misery…..

    By Meghna on 04.26.2011