April 28th, 2011 | 472 Entries

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472 Entries for “deadbolt”

  1. the lock opened to everything I had kept hidden for so long. all my fear, all my strength. I cannot imagine why I had kept it from myself for so long. I have been miserly with myself and miserly with the world.

    By Elerah URL on 04.29.2011

  2. tried. jaded. lost and was not able to find my home. i didn’t know if i ever moved. it was a day where i allowed myself to get lost in my own imagination. but i wasn’t really thinking. i was reminiscing. will you be here again? will you touch the same way you did? i hope. i wish. now i’m just locked in this room.

    By christy ann URL on 04.29.2011

  3. The deadbolt of reality – boom! Like you without your lipstick, without your wig. Pupils dilate from shock. Like when when your heart stands naked, and I get see – you. The real you.

    By Harvinder URL on 04.29.2011

  4. It’s a false security we use to help us sleep at night. Anyone with half a brain knows that if a burglar is trying to get into a house and is serious about it, A deadbolt is not going to keep them out. Not really sure how it caught on so well, but I guess we need to peace of mind, right?

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 04.29.2011

  5. Deadbolt? I don’t know, like a screw thingy? I think… NO!! I knnow it is the thing on the door…The…The Lock! Thats it a deadbolt is like a very protective lock on the door. Right? I think YES!:D

    By Claudia on 04.29.2011

  6. Click. It’s not clicking. You have to lift the everloving door just that much to get it to click. Fucking click already. Stupid door. Stupid house. Stupid life. Why won’t you…


    Thank you/.

    By nope on 04.29.2011

  7. I slammed the door shut, turned the deadbolt, and waited with my back against the door. Would he try to push, or knock the door down? Again? But as I waited, and my heart beat began to slow, there was a dawning awareness that there would be no further confrontation. He wasn’t coming. I was safe. For now.

    By sharon on 04.29.2011

  8. i deadbolted your mom last night ok she loved it we also deadboltd the door shut so no kids can go get in and bug us because that would suck and the only sucking i want is from ur mom haha i am at schoolnow thinkin about it my friend just said nehloeke s wroefo ok um teheheheheheheheheheehehehhehe i love u af ur

    By booger on 04.29.2011

  9. a bolt of lightning that fell to the ground and lay there and stopped moving and inside it there was a greek god who died when the lightning bolt hit the ground. then after that a brown sugar muffin ate the bolt of lightning with the greek dude or dudette (d

    By broms on 04.29.2011

  10. I am locked i canno get out. Someone please come save me, panice is setting in and I don’t what to do. Sweat drips down my back and I wait in fear that I may never get out. I may never find the solution, my time is done.

    By Jenna Harshbarger on 04.29.2011

  11. doors are nice. ryan is talking to me and complaining that i don’t have a facebook. sophia’s butt itches and i”m thinking about serial killers because you deadbolt the door against them. but that usually doesn’t work because they’re serial killers and they know what’s up. the time thing is stressy, which is totes an AIS word. but you don’t know what ais is. because you’re not here.

    By Cassidy on 04.29.2011

  12. Not having english as a first language, I honestly don’t even know what deadbolt means. Reminds me of bolting horses.

    By tor on 04.29.2011

  13. this locks everything up. keeps things in and also keeps things out! it puts the brakes on.
    dead. bolt. eek. can’t run away with the bolt shot. and the monsters can’t get you

    By maura on 04.29.2011

  14. Stubborn, devoid of life, ugly, fat. Stupid. Negativity pins us down to the ocean floor. Hatred leaves us feeling heavy and idiotic. We dislike ourselves and each other.

    By swavi on 04.29.2011

  15. I lock the door…but it can’t keep out the past. Memories like ghosts that come with night, transparent in the light of day.

    By Lucille URL on 04.29.2011

  16. what happens when this timer thing runs out? They say write about this word, but I don’t want to. You don’t have to do everything people tell you. I’m still learning that. So when someone says, “Hey girl, do that,” or “hey chica go run over and get out of my way,” I don’t have to do that. I’m still learning to do that.

    By sam on 04.29.2011

  17. DEAD. BOLT.

    By josh on 04.29.2011

  18. The one thing that keeps everyone outside, what can be the ultimate defense between your family and an incoming invader. Terrible thoughts arise when a deadbolt is not working or unreliable. What would front doors be without deadbolts? Wouldn’t they just be cloths in front of your home as some sort of security? Embarrassing to think.

    By Roy Randall on 04.29.2011

  19. hmmm I must get unlock the door so that I can see what is behind it! I must find a way to pick the lock:-)) Insurance companies will love that I have deadbolts in my house. My premiums will go down.

    By ria URL on 04.29.2011

  20. I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am beadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt, I am deadbolt.

    By amber on 04.29.2011

  21. Security. A false sense thereof. A piece of metal between a wooden door and the big bad world outside. Yet really an excuse to be locked up and to keep the world at bay. A bad excuse. A way to distant ourselves from those who really matter. Our fellow human beings.

    By John on 04.29.2011

  22. they keep you safe, they protect you while you sleep. they hold a door fast when nobody thinks it can be kept in one place by a simple lock. they’re there to keep people out, or in. they can be anything that keeps you steadfast, keeps you anchored, locked, even a person or something that you hold on to, like a moral or an idea. a deadbolt is a necessary norm of life.

    By Cait Duffy URL on 04.29.2011

  23. the hinge squeaked. the door was rough with chipped paint. the floor had seen better days. She took a deep breath and closed the door; rattled it in its loose fitting, threw the deadbolt and turned out the light. the stairs creaked as she went up to bed. In the bedroom, the hardwood floors shone dully in the lamplight.

    By t703 on 04.29.2011

  24. The door was shut, and the deadbolt fastened. i could hear the heavy breaths from the other side. It knew I was in here. It could smell me hiding… It started pounding on the door, clawing at it from the other side. i was sure the deadbolt would hold… but would the door???

    By Mr.Writesabit URL on 04.29.2011

  25. Click…and I’m safe in my haven of books. The literature of ages swirl around me and I pray that history does not collapse around me.

    By Heather URL on 04.29.2011

  26. block key lock the door shut the door golden heavy loud sounding on the front door scared intruder above the door know twisted old woman keeps you safe

    By caity URL on 04.29.2011

  27. Click…and I’m safe in my haven of books. The literature of ages swirl around me and I pray that history does not collapse, squishing me in my safehold – my hidden world.

    By Heather URL on 04.29.2011

  28. A dead bolt, fastening shut the iron door. Nothing could pass, nothing would change or enter. Nothing could leave. The faint light that shown under the bulwark, the small glimmer of change, was tranquil and soft. No challenges would come, the defense to great. The door was not what barred the path: the deadbolt held it in place. Like an indomitable will, the deadbolt fixed the door, preventing deviation from responsibility. The path would not be strayed from, the deadbolt saw to that. The deadbolt never weakened– the deadbolt was strong.

    By Andrew on 04.29.2011

  29. She threw the deadbolt. The click should have been satisfying, but terror was clawing up her throat. It was choking her, making spots in her vision. Someone was following her. Someone knew where she was.

    By Kendra URL on 04.29.2011

  30. deadbolt, like a lightning bolt on a grateful dead sticker you know a steal you face. another thing the ticket is your key

    By bill mitchell URL on 04.29.2011

  31. i don’t know what a deadbolt should bring to mind. it keeps the creepy monsters and pedophiles out at night. it is made out of metal alloy. it it attached to my peach colored door where the phone book lays propped up against it.

    By Faye on 04.29.2011

  32. It was stuck, fast or slow if you really think about it. As a consequence he realised that he was also going nowhere and sighed deeply vibrating the nasal hairs which had recently taken over his nose. There was someone who could help but no way to contact them.

    By Anj on 04.29.2011