April 26th, 2011 | 938 Entries

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938 Entries for “trailer”

  1. i was writing ion the road happily, sweat, dash, i couldn’t believe the sun, the heat the flames, the trips, endless and exhausting hours of doom alongst the road.
    I never realized i had such a taste for frozen food pacled in 6 by 6 trailer containers, i want so desperately get to the shore.

    By Pp on 04.28.2011

  2. movie
    i don’t know
    is it a car
    or it has something to do with a movie
    i don’t give a ****
    sorry for the word yeah
    why did you block it..
    i don’t know
    i hate you
    this is just one word
    i don’t really know

    By loser on 04.28.2011

  3. there’s a trailer behind my house. i don’t know who lives there. all day, people come and go. all sorts of people. all sizes and shapes. they sing loudly as they cross my front yard. they laugh with each other. i don’t know where they’re going, or who lives there.

    By Kyle on 04.28.2011

  4. I used to live in a trailer. it was a single wide, not much room to put anything. the backyard was a huge field with a pond. as a 10 year old, That was pretty nifty. Sounds like a redneck
    s wet dream, huh?

    By Katelin Davis on 04.28.2011

  5. it can be a movie, or a trailer home. tornadoes destroy them or critics destroy them. they can be worth millions of dollars or thousands of dollars. white trash people live in them or fancy people watch them. they can be dirty or clean, depending on the director or the owner.

    By Jonathan on 04.28.2011

  6. I wonder what the trailer for my life would be? Began with a head full of hope, dreams, and creativity, now following the same god damn path everyone else does. What am I doing with my life, seriously? Maybe I’m doing the right thing in terms of conformity but this lifestyle we live in is definitely not natural.

    By Ryan on 04.28.2011

  7. Mr. Sideburns had a weird relationship with this trailer. Every morning he’d hug it when he woke up. He’d kiss it every night before he went to bed.
    All the other rednecks in the park thought he was a strange fellow, but Mr. Sideburns didn’t care. He had his trailer. That was all that mattered.

    By Lexi on 04.28.2011

  8. my favorite place

    By docmaxwell URL on 04.28.2011

  9. A trailer is where people live in many rural areas. Indiana is the largest producer of trailers. Trailers can be mobile and attached to a truck to be drove around the country or can be stationary and used as homes. There are also tractor trailers which are used to transport large quantities of goods across large distances. Trailers can vary widely in shapes and sizes.

    By Melanie Ramsey on 04.28.2011

  10. Lisa loves trailers. She lives in one and sings songs all day. She likes the color purple and has everything purple in her purple trailer. Her boyfriend has a Monster trailer that upsets her. But she loves him and they are great. He also like’s blu-ray and is obsessed with it. They have a roommate named Brenda who is leaving soon. She has a baby daddy and a half black babeh. and THEYRE taking a trailer when they move to North Carolina.

    By leigh baker on 04.28.2011

  11. A piece of shit. a Place where people with little money live. Although a rich man could live in a trailer with the desire for the simple life but with the burden of money and materialistic things from the real world. A trailer could be a home for someone

    By chelsea on 04.28.2011

  12. It was blue and white and shoddy and it looked at you with big honking headlights, things that could have been cricket eyes without legs anywhere in sight. It made the smell of mold and fried chicken well up in your throat until the taste of it in your nostrils made you gag. And this was the home you saw on your way.

    By Jack on 04.28.2011

  13. i lived in a trailer for the last three years of my life. i never expected to leave. hell, i didn’t really want to. i had a system there, i was comfortable. but that’s how opportunity is i guess. never comes quite when you want or expect it.

    By miss interpretingann URL on 04.28.2011

  14. Trailer. Movies. Something that brings you to another world.
    Trailer. House. A cage, confinement
    Or a definition of who you are
    Who is my wonderwall right now?
    Where does my heart even lead me?
    I don’t know.
    Stumble stumble stumble.
    I really like this exercise
    Can’t spell that.

    By Joanna on 04.28.2011

  15. trailer trash, toothless, truck drivers trucking down the road trying to deliver a load of beer to all the rednecks. thank god for trailers

    By bill mitchell on 04.28.2011

  16. Trailer trash with a caboose ass, she was. Devora, the mudwrestling princess of Cosmic County. Backing into opponents was her schtick. Back in and sit down ‘til the refs blew her off one blue-faced bimbo after the next with the sheer power of their whistles. ‘Dem muthafokking whistles’ Devora pondered ‘How coulda thang so small foil ma killin’ need?’ A lightbulb came on. She dieted down to the size of Sadie Mae and she wrote PIG on all the blue bodies.

    By Miss Alister URL on 04.28.2011

  17. so they had forgotten to replace the wheels with cinderblocks and tom had just about had it with it all. that was their mistake, letting him get to the front of their trailer that’s been in the same spot for years, and letting him get to the wheel and the stickshift. he drove it off on his own, drunk, tears and snot spilling down his face, laughing all the way.

    By festivals URL on 04.28.2011

  18. Funny thing about trailers, you can always expect something big to happen in them, no trailer tries to sell its product by showing you slow, shit scenes about how say, harry potter ‘talked’ voldemort out of killing everyone with logic and good manners! no! he fights him with big snakes and magic!
    trailers….. commerical bastards.

    By captain YES on 04.28.2011