May 2nd, 2013 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “timeline”

  1. i have a timeline for my work at school. i think that if i followed this timeline, i might actually get some work done. i very rarely follow this timeline though. that’s probably why i am such a good procrastinator. i get a lot more practice procrastinating than i do actually following my timeline. oh well.

    By Lana on 05.03.2013

  2. it’s a grat line, something like u see and u want to go. in that u find time wasted with ur family.Or great moments with friends…Useful

    By Angelo on 05.03.2013

  3. facebook timeline?
    history timeline?
    line of time
    what if time actually came in a line
    like it was linear and you could see both ends and feel it even if it went infinitely in both directions
    that would be rad
    let’s take the natural log of time
    and differentiate it.

    By ethan on 05.03.2013

  4. He stared at the timeline in front of him, tracing his fingers along the interconnecting lines that made up the history of his people. Each important date was shown, and noted to make a full history of the Gods. It was miles long, but the section in front of him was just a fraction of it, inked into the fibers of thick parchment.

    By Ciara Evans URL on 05.03.2013

  5. Facebook has become mediocre since the implementation of..

    By Hot-ler URL on 05.03.2013

  6. timeline is very important. we use that in our daily life. every business we do, we need timline to manage the plan. if we have good timeline prepared, then we can plan according to it and we will have a good finish. most good projects have well managed timelines. so, it is very important to have good timeline.

    By Prasiddha on 05.03.2013

  7. history, time travel, happenings, past , present, future, wormhole.

    By Isabella on 05.03.2013

  8. the one thing that keeps memories for others to look at, that thing that reminds you of how shit history is and that thing you should never look at again.

    By Jess on 05.03.2013

  9. The timeline for delivering the project was overly aggressive, but typical of the agency’s attitude of promising the world, then taking it out on their staff. Sure, we can get that strategy presentation to you in a week, no problem – and then the late nights, the weekends, the glassy-eyed designers and snapping brand strategists. Oh, we can get it for you, and for cheaper then the competition – welcome to the marketing sweatshop.

    By Ara URL on 05.03.2013

  10. “As you can see on the timeline, there have been three murders, with the people having no connection whatsoever.” My companion looked awfully fidgety, with his voice being somewhat a pitch higher than usual. His arms flew everywhere as he talked, “The only thing we /do/ know is that each murder had an interval of six days, at the same time: 4:44 PM. If the pattern is correct, then we are only four minutes away from hearing our phone ring for another murder case. Who would do this mess so frighteningly accurate? Surely there has to be a way to stop this. This can’t go on forever.” He was almost talking to himself while I busied myself in cleaning my nails.
    “Look,” I said, interrupting him before he begins another tirade of words. “We’ll find a way. We need more time, and… we can’t solve a crime in less than five minutes.”
    Both of us looked at the wall clock, which we easily read as two minutes before four.
    “We can’t lose another person.” My companion sighed, “It’s like playing a game with a child! You never know what’s going on in their minds!”
    I turned away from him and looked out the window. Sooner or later, another person will lose his life. But isn’t that how the world works? People come and people go. People do die, and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t fight a battle against death.
    “You know what,” I said, “What if we should drop the case? I don’t see the point in continuing this game when we don’t even know who we’re up against. We can just leave this to another group. This is way out of our league.”
    There was no response.
    I turned back quickly, only to see my friend’s body lying on the floor. There was already blood pooling around his head.
    And my eyes immediately flew to the clock: 4:44 PM.

    By Tee URL on 05.03.2013

  11. I was sure that I had enough time to complete the project, how we were reminded that the timeline was set and could not be change under no circumstance.

    By victor URL on 05.03.2013

  12. wow where to begin, you write a timeline in history. your life is a timeline. memories just fading and coming back to you while you lay awake at night when you’re 90. a timeline tells stories, in a way that large words can’t. that’s the thing. everything is a timeline, isn’t it?

    By hannah URL on 05.03.2013

  13. If this life of mine were on some kind of timeline, I would by now be very very rich and ready to gather my grandchildren around me and read to them.

    By fgarner URL on 05.03.2013

  14. Why on Earth would you want to do that? I can imagine it might be fun on a transport to Saturn. Given the travel timeline and endless hours to be filled this might be diverting. It would distract you from the thought of arriving and away from personal the irritation of the borrowed space suits and endless training drills.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.03.2013

  15. I want to make a timeline about your life. I want to document when you were born, when you ate your first popsicle, when you wrote your first poem. I want you to live forever in between those events and in between my fingers that compose them. I want everything for you–love, accomplishments, sympathy . . . but most of all, a timeline that isn’t just a lines reflecting time.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 05.03.2013

  16. the path that your life takes and the record of all things you see experience and feel during your life. It is the story of you. The endless progression of events that you happen to experience and part take in.

    By Vishal on 05.03.2013

  17. Remember your past and present. It is important to cherish these gifts because you never know when they could be gone. Don’t worry about the stress of getting things done on time, if it’s going to make you feel like your world is ending. Appreciate the moment.

    By mathew brailsford on 05.03.2013

  18. A series of events that are thought to define who we are, an order of things past that are unchangeable and set in motion the rest of our lives.

    By Kelsey on 05.03.2013

  19. It’s what we always refer to on Facebook. It’s where all our posts become available for all our friends to see or even those who aren’t friends with us yet. In other words, the public. I don’t know why it’s called a timeline, though. Although yeah basically it shows what we do or where we are on a specific timeline but I think perhaps Facebook could do better in naming it. Timeline sort of doesn’t have much pizzazz or a ring to it.

    By Wei on 05.03.2013

  20. What sort of mixup i this? Our timelines cant cross yet! You and I were not supposed to meet! Oh geez, it’s like Doctor Who or the time traveler’s wife! Weird, and strange and not at all pleasant! I feel like I know you, but I don’t! But you know me! NOT OKAY. Move along! This can’t be happening yet! I’m too young to die!

    By Serryphae URL on 05.03.2013

  21. I walk a timeline. I see something pass by and it’s history. Something moves forward it’s future. Minutes are years and hours are centuries.

    By Carsen on 05.03.2013

  22. time line is a mode in facebook. it is very nice to see . the arrangements are done well in the tiimeline option. i like that option.

    By arvind on 05.03.2013

  23. His timeline was full of posts about suicide. People were surprised he had actually done it because they all sounded like insults to anyone who would commit suicide. to think that the whole time he had been planning such a horific end to his life…..

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 05.03.2013

  24. The timeline of the land of light and rain: It was dark. 1945, the tentacle queen came. 1984, George Orwell came and turned it into Oceania, even though the real Oceania was in a different dimension. Big Brother is not watching you anymore. Big Brother is dead.

    By Isis on 05.03.2013

  25. The timeline of the day goes wrong quite a lot you might plan to do something bu you don’t this might make you sad, or it might make you happy. Timelines can sometimes me

    By Sarah on 05.03.2013

  26. a time in ones life when you are tried to face what is the moment to reach for the ultimate stretch for the goal post.

    By Deborah Rutter on 05.03.2013

  27. it reminds me of facebook.yeah that’s right. it’s a shame for me. i don’t want to see fb right now, cause it reminds me how lonely i am. i don’t have anyone to go out with except my boyfriend who is always tired and not very responsive from time to time or always cracking some jokes that

    By Yvette on 05.03.2013

  28. When we make our mistakes, we cower, hide into ourselves. I wish I could go back and fix this. I could’ve done this differently, taken the right path when I approached the fork in the road. But we can’t fix the past, only take what we’ve learned and moved on.

    By Ashi URL on 05.03.2013

  29. It takes a zig and then a zag, slips and sways but will always remain parallel. I love our life and our zig zag timeline. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    By Crystal on 05.03.2013

  30. Your story to the world, your self and everyone that matters.

    By Sera L URL on 05.03.2013

  31. I haven’t seen you in years, so I decided to scroll through your Facebook timeline.

    Top of the class. Full marks. In this newspaper, that article. Performing here, excelling there.

    Going to Oxford.

    I “like” your status, although I don’t really like it at all.

    By October Mars URL on 05.03.2013

  32. That is a timeline of his life, its very short

    By Donovan on 05.03.2013

  33. Where to even begin? Is there a beginning? We all think of time in terms of a line. There’s no going back, only forward. But we can reflect, right? But what good is reflection if it doesn’t affect where we go from there? We have to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving forward. There’s no going back. Ever. We must give in.

    By Stefanie Nissen on 05.03.2013

  34. I timeline is what happen first the egg then chick then the chicken

    By Diego on 05.03.2013

  35. The timeline is a linear represetation of important events in the order they occurred

    By Marvin on 05.03.2013

  36. She wrote on my timeline.

    By Gigi on 05.03.2013

  37. Me and my family made a timeline of our lives. And it was long.

    By Destiny.R on 05.03.2013

  38. I want to make a timeline about your life. I want to document when you were born, when you ate your first popsicle, when you wrote your first poem, when you told me you loved me back. I want you to live forever in between those events and in between my fingers that compose them. I want everything for you–love, accomplishments, sympathy . . . but most of all, a timeline that isn’t just lines reflecting time.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 05.03.2013

  39. a place to spot

    By Øystein Reinsberg on 05.03.2013

  40. “train up a child in the way she should go
    and when she is old she will not depart from it.”
    proverbs 22:6

    thank you for giving me the ammunition
    to blow up your cause

    oh father, do you know
    just how poisonous you made me?

    the only thing you’ve shown
    is that righteous men can burn

    you might as well have loaded the gun in my hand
    with reason
    with kindness

    (your teachings have neither)

    you pulled back the safety
    aimed it at your god’s head

    your rosary isn’t bulletproof
    your crucifix can’t ward me away

    your bible is flammable
    and so is the wood you built your church with.

    pack up your stolen tithes and run. look back and see
    me, all grown-up now,
    with absolutely no reason to be kind to you.

    By h. b. URL on 05.03.2013