May 2nd, 2013 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “timeline”

  1. Timeline: means its like birth to death.

    By Diana on 05.03.2013

  2. A place to spot

    By reodor09 on 05.03.2013

  3. I hate timelines for the most part. On one hand they push me to go and do things on the other they stress me out but isn’t that everyone? How selfish of me. End. I’m always sick of waiting. I’m one of those people that just thinks if were going to do something let’s do it right now and get it done. I’m also one of those people that’s like, “Oh SHINY” and the beat goes on…

    By Dorisday on 05.03.2013

  4. Something that shows about history in a line form

    By Fredy on 05.03.2013

  5. Is a time when your growing up to a baby to an adult and one day you get a job and that is a timeline.

    By David M on 05.03.2013

  6. timeline is a collection of a series of events. most people think my timeline is pretty straight and uniform… with no major life changing of threatening events. Well most people are wrong. My timeline has hit some speed bumps over the years. In fact its in one right now but people will keep on thinking that my timeline is a-line.

    By Rachel on 05.03.2013

  7. A timeline is supposed to be straightforward – beginning to middle to end, but, for me, it hasn’t ended, and if things keep going like they are, it may never end at all. That third step is one that I may never reach. I don’t know what to think about what will happen when we get to a point where immortality is the way that everyone goes.

    By Maryiswritingalways on 05.03.2013

  8. Reminds me of facebook. This country is facing enormous changes in the labor force. I have written two books on Amazon.com and after a lack luster sales result they have been turned into mobile applications fo

    By Joseph L. Colclough URL on 05.03.2013

  9. The timeline of my life…. well, let’s start in my childhood. I visited an art gallery with my parents. I went to look around by myself, and I realized I was alone. But I could hear footsteps.

    By Morgan Hendrickson on 05.03.2013

  10. I got a time line since I was born and I know every one has one to so you have a time line I have a time line that’s one sentence not a word

    By Alexis on 05.03.2013

  11. Timeline hummm oh yeah! We have a timeline to wright my timeline line is almost ove..

    By CristianP on 05.03.2013

  12. Someone made a very good timeline, so that we know when something is going to happen soon sometime in the mid future. I think a calendar is somewhat kind like a timeline!

    By Connor Dillon on 05.03.2013

  13. having a certain amount of activities in a certain amount of time, for example, school

    By kathryn on 05.03.2013

  14. A timeline. It’s been one month since I last saw you. Two months since we met, and I felt hopelessly in love with you. From a Thursday to a Sunday morning, I fell in love with you, and I couldn’t help myself. It was… special. That special feeling you get when you see someone, and instantly thin “that’s the guy I’ve been waiting for”. That was you. One month later I hopped on a plane to see you, and it was perfect.

    By Lina on 05.03.2013

  15. Each day goes by, another tick on the calendar, a line on the ruler, and it’s as though there’s a sharpie mark on the ground, a crosswalk and you pass each line with a sign of relief, running running, until the end dawns and you reach the place where the sunset opens to let you through.

    And you wish you could forget, but you keep going, and at some point you turn around and realize there was something that happened back then, a pinpoint waving at you from somewhere you’ll never return to.

    By Saudade on 05.03.2013

  16. The timeline is a line that stores information about the past and everything important that happens. Anything that is important goes there. All events in history are put there, to cherish forever or grief on forever. Everyones’s timeline is different.

    By Stephanie Elleragen on 05.03.2013

  17. My timeline is not very clear. No, I don’t mean time-traveler futuristic stuff, I mean I get so often confused by how and why things came to be like they are now. I see myself wondering.

    By Jihan URL on 05.03.2013

  18. A novel, as good as the story may be, can suffer greatly if the timeline is not observed. All of a sudden a sun that was bright minutes earlier is turning the landscape orange, a visitor that was around the corner in one chapter is expected hours later in another – confusing to say the least.

    By Tessa on 05.03.2013

  19. Darshni

    By Ankur on 05.03.2013

  20. His heart seemed to stop when he saw her again. It was not as though time itself had stopped, it was as though time had been at a standstill until he saw her face. He never wanted the moment to end but it did- it had to and it would be the last time he saw her for a long while.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 05.03.2013