May 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “dissolve”

  1. Dissolve literally means melt. The dissolving of a solution means the breaking down of it. Many forget that this does not necessarily mean the destruction of the item.

    By Ginelle Espino on 05.02.2013

  2. It had taken Thomas two weeks to find enough of the tiny scabroot plants, a whole day to grind their stubborn, granite-like bodies into powder. He carefully tipped them into the water; they flashed red as if saying good-bye, and then disappeared, no more than a dream.

    By Holden URL on 05.02.2013

  3. The smell of coffee dissolved in unsolved things
    In words unsaid unspoken untrue
    If tomorrow were as different as they said
    I wouldn’t have to drink coffee now
    At nine pm

    By may fowl on 05.02.2013

  4. i dissolved the substance in the water to make the crazy concoction that would prove that i could cure cancer. i can fix any disease ever. just by dissolving a few chemicals together, i can fix the world.

    By Becca on 05.02.2013

  5. my face dissolves into darkness
    ears ringing
    where has it gone
    where am i
    it’s over now
    theres no turning back
    i’m lost

    By Rosie on 05.02.2013

  6. Things are all slowly dissipating. The whole universe is subject to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also known as entropy. Heat moves to cold until everything is still and inert, and all the energy is perfectly distributed. Important things like love will dissolve, while the science of the universe brings everything to a screeching, resounding halt.

    By Silver Sentinel URL on 05.02.2013

  7. I feel into an ocean of salty solute. I wasn’t wet, nor was i dry. I shriveld up and i dissolved. The paper of my thin heart went away, and that was okay because i now know that i could no longer feel pain from the salty wound any longer.

    By Megan on 05.02.2013

  8. This company is going down. The only one thing I want in my life is dissolve our deals!

    By Ciro Bertoni URL on 05.02.2013

  9. The episode dissolved to black. The curtain closed. We walked outside into the stifling heat and glaring sunlight. We walked to the car this distanced between us, dissolved.

    By Big on 05.02.2013

  10. i’ll dissolve when i die you can stop dissolvness it happen with happiness. your happiness will dissolve and i am left to solve this mystery.

    By Joe Willis on 05.02.2013

  11. He stood on the sidewalk and dissolved into tears. He had never done anything like this before, he was sure people were looking at him. But he just couldn’t help himself

    By Jacqueline Mackay on 05.02.2013

  12. “fuck i’m dissolving” said the grain of salt when he was placed in water.

    By Joe Willis on 05.02.2013

  13. the grainy exterior slowly dissolved revealing its revolving, heated core. as it sank lower and lower into the tank the core began to spin faster and grow hotter. its former exterior began to solidify on the surface into a thick metal-like barrier keeping the energy created by the core from exploding into the air and torching the lab.

    By elijah on 05.02.2013

  14. She froths, she floats skyward
    Makes herself enigmatic.
    She was always puzzling
    A veritable Rubicks cube
    Labyrinthian the way she spoke
    She bubbled and effervessed
    I knew her but I never even did.
    And her blue, blue eyes are closed forever
    And her yellow, yellow hair will dull
    As the fragments of her bones dissolve
    And her skin pales the earth
    I wonder, she could be anywhere even now.
    She is not gone, only travelling I think

    By The Milkmaid URL on 05.02.2013

  15. It happens when I’m around, well, HIM. I don’t want it to. He’s screwed me over more times than I can count. But we still fall into that same camaraderie and I just want to be around him and then it happens again. He tells me I was wrong. He no longer likes me. We’re done.

    By Rose URL on 05.02.2013

  16. you’re never alone but you’re always looking at me. sometimes I catch you, sometimes you catch me looking back. I want to talk to you and maybe you want to talk to me. mostly I just want to dissolve so I don’t have to talk to you. being around you is almost impossible.

    By rosemary on 05.02.2013

  17. Themore i move the more all y stress and worries begin dissolve. nothing else matters except the beauty of the the moment. i can’t think of any other place i’d rather be than here. i’m my safe haven. nothing can touch me now.

    By Michelle URL on 05.02.2013

  18. I could feel everything that had once seemed solid dissolving around me, and I honestly had no clue how to cope with it. It was all too much – too overwhelming. Was there any way to stop this horrible process? It was starting to hurt, but what could I do about it? Nothing had happened yet – it was just waiting to.

    By hannah URL on 05.02.2013

  19. I dissolve. Into You. you are the perfect being. and i want to dissolve into you. not perfect as in PERFECT of course. Just perfect in your own way. Even though you faults, I still see the perfect in you. Because without you, I would be faulty. I would not be whole. At least I don’t think so. I don’t think I would be whole without you. Not now. Not after we’ve shared what we’ve shared. And I feel like I’m fourteen and inlo

    By Lina on 05.02.2013

  20. Why does paper dissolve so easily when it meets water? Is this just a larger indication of how one’s words can be defeated by the ebb and flow of the mind’s thoughts?

    By ~ URL on 05.02.2013

  21. Everything was dissolving. Melting away, blurring, swirling, colliding. My head felt as though it was being erased… My heart beat loudly, so loudly it was all I could hear. Until my hearing dissolved as well…

    By Izze on 05.02.2013

  22. As I sat there watching at the world fell apart around me, I couldn’t help but think about what I am doing here. Things shift and change so often. Like grains of sand through an hourglass everything just slips away. Slowly fades from your memory until you can no longer remember if it was real or left just a figment of your imagination. a fairy tale your mind has made up to cope with everything around you shattereing to bits, leaving you cold empty and alone.

    By Emily S. on 05.02.2013

  23. Acid, tablets, cool-aid, break apart, the body, the digestive system, the stomach, and a cow has four (if I remember) stomachs.

    By Mitchell Wise on 05.02.2013

  24. The salts dissolves almost instantly in the acid, and a curl of smoke rose into the air. I looked at my professor, and he nodded his encouragement. He was a brilliant man whose talents with potions were held back only by his arthritic hands.

    By Kristina URL on 05.02.2013

  25. Suddenly you told me you loved me, and all my problems dissolved. I was with you, you accepted me, and I was wrong, you do care. And in that moment, it was like the pieces came together. It was absolutely gorgeous.

    By Kayla URL on 05.02.2013

  26. Dissolve solutes and soluables, right? Science class was always so difficult. Chemistry had to be the worst. I never knew how much would actually dissolve. I hated putting too much- it was just so messy.

    By Brittany on 05.02.2013

  27. The fizzing sound makes the pain worse, you wouldn’t think such a soft,small sound could hurt so much.

    By Rose Byrne URL on 05.02.2013

  28. Sugar and water go together. Sugar dissolves into water and creates a higher concentration

    By Nimra khan on 05.02.2013

  29. We flagged down a Bradley passing by. We had been taking heavy fire from this house, and lacked the punch to stop it. After a little finagling, we convinced the Bradley commander to open up on the house. Bricks shattered, dissolved, sublimated into vapor under the wrath of the 25mm cannon.

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.02.2013

  30. “…then a fade out till its gone..”

    – comes from a song on an album called Dissolver. That’s what pops to mind. This might be influenced by the fact that I had conversation about Damon Albarn earlier.


    It’s all a blur, no, that’s not true. Nope, not true at all.

    By Intuition URL on 05.02.2013

  31. I do not know what to write about this word except it seems like a great way to get moving.

    By Len White on 05.02.2013

  32. Disapper go away something that isnt there when you look again quickly fast gone never there disappers into thin air

    By kira on 05.02.2013