July 22nd, 2011 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “ticket”

  1. If you do not have a ticket you do not have a chance, so ring the promo for the latest bingo game. what a fascinating piece of paper, that men clutch to their heart. It is their passport to winning millions of dollars, or to the gutter after begin broke, because their did not have the winning numbers.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.23.2011

  2. That was exactly the ticket she needed! The chance to get ahead, to succeed. Quickly she scurried down the ramp towards the train, waving her hand in the air. “Wait for me,” She screamed! “Stop!” But, it was too late, the train chugged slowly out of the gate, its wheels making a sad, lonely, noise as it pulled away.

    By annes URL on 07.23.2011

  3. When the English army won the war, the victorious wept.
    Women bought tickets to visit their injured menfolk.
    And it was said that the red tickets and the black tickets were unable to hold back the tide of heartbreak that descended upon the hospital of the Princess.

    By joeyhelper on 07.23.2011

  4. She’s got a ticket to ride, as the song said, but she’s waiting for her uncle who had to brush some gelato off her little brother’s jacket, and has now been distracted by some ducks that wandered past looking casual. Still, the ride would be oh so short, and all of this anticipation was adding to the spectacle.

    By Bursaria Spinosa URL on 07.23.2011

  5. Haluaisin lähteä Pietan mukana Boråsiin. en ole vielä päässyt näkemään hänen uutta asuntoaan. Samalla haluan lähteä täältä pois. Hypätä siiville. Miten lentokoneen siiville hypätään? Käytetäänkö siinä seivästä? Ajatus matkustamisesta kiehtoo. Pitkän ajan jälkeen.

    By piki kettinen on 07.23.2011

  6. I collect movie tickets from every movie I’ve seen since High school, I have them in a little heart shaped angel tin, I hope to look back on them one day and remember, maybe I’ll put them in a scrap book for something one day, whatever I do with them I cherish them, they are each their own memory I don’t want to loose.

    By Kerri on 07.23.2011

  7. The crumpled ticket lies forgotten, dirtied and torn beneath the passage of a hundred distant shoes. Dispirited and forlorn, the ticket holds no hopes of ever making it to the carousel, the rollercoaster. But the gentle caress of a interested breeze unplasters the ticket and sets it moving again, knowing as breezes do that idleness equates to boredom, and boredom the bane of existence.

    By Charlie on 07.23.2011

  8. The only thing that comes to mind is the catch phrase “That’s the ticket” as said by a guy on SNL. I wonder what happened to him…

    By Tawanna URL on 07.23.2011

  9. The piece of paper fiddled dangerously on the edge of the branch. A hand lurched from below, without quite reach enough, and groped desperately for the ticket. The shuffle of the leaves in response to the heave unsettled the ticket, and it danced gently groundward again to the music of a frustrated groan.

    By em URL on 07.23.2011

  10. He holds the ticket in his hands, tightly, because if it was caught by the wind and taken away he doesn’t know how he could go on. He feels so torn. That ticket could take him somewhere he wanted to be, somewhere where things would be easier. But at the same time, he was leaving so much behind. So much that mattered to him, even if things had changed.

    By Veerin URL on 07.23.2011

  11. I got a ticket to a Selena Gomez concert! So I had to get another ticket to Californa on an airlplane.

    By rose on 07.23.2011

  12. Getting you to the place that you want to go. Getting you into the place that you want to be. Giving you access to something interesting, helping you to get from a to be with little hassle, being the thing that you keep close and try not to lose. Making things interesting. The slip of paper that you get excited about recieving or printing before your holiday. Often time the only tangible thing you are left with after the event has occured. The thing you try to get deals on or for free if you have friends in an industry of interest.

    By Tash Mitch URL on 07.23.2011

  13. police

    By Mikayla Appleby on 07.23.2011

  14. I love going to the movies. I usually go to the movies about once or twice a week. If I do go I love to get popcorn and candy. But If I do i definitely do not get it there because it is so expensive. So me and my friend go across the street to the dollar store to buy some.

    By Kevin Hoffman on 07.23.2011

  15. I want a ticket out of this life I’m living right now. I want a ticket to take me somewhere else, where my life can be shown to me as if I chose the other option.. to have a glimpse…maybe then i will be happy with what i have.

    By j5j URL on 07.23.2011

  16. money, freedom, airplanes, movies, i’ve got a ticket to ride. hard ticket. parking ticket :@ , tickets to see a concert, george street fest, hey rosetta, out lady peace, thicket

    By Maggie URL on 07.23.2011

  17. The ticket to the show fell from my pocket and drifted down to the grate on the ground. It rested there for a moment – paused to give me hope – and then slipped through the opening.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 07.23.2011

  18. Tickets. What interesting objects. They are really gateways. Gateways into a movie, a show, a special place. But more so, tickets into a new place in your life. Where something has changed, something is different. You’ve experienced something new and you will always be changed for it. There is no turning back.

    By L. Borchardt on 07.23.2011

  19. I’m sure I had this before – didn’t you already give me a ticket? It was a few months ago now – doesn’t that count for something? Is it possible to be given another one so soon, or doesn’t that matter at all? A ticket you say. Hmmm… I think you’ve already given me one.

    By Amimee URL on 07.23.2011

  20. I didn’t think we get a ticket to that show, but we did. We got two. Two three-day passes. We were some of the few, the chosen few. We got to be a part of the Hampton run, and for this I will be forever grateful.

    By Sam URL on 07.23.2011

  21. I just bought tickets for the Ben Harper and Robert Plant concert. I hope it’s good. I hope they sing Stairway to Heaven together. I’ll cry.

    By bobbi URL on 07.23.2011

  22. I bought a ticket to anywhere,
    anywhere far away of this people, this city, this society,
    a ticket to froget and to remember,
    a ticket to sit down and relax…

    By Juan Navarrete on 07.23.2011

  23. Never got one. Cried my way out of one. Bought one. Returned one. Scratched one. Lost one. Bet on one. Needed one.

    By Kelly on 07.23.2011

  24. I’m tired of tickets. I shouldn’t have to buy them. I should just be able to be where I need to be. No more $400 tickets to visit my family. No more waiting in lines. No more planes, trains and automobiles. I just want to be there. Always be where I need to be. I guess that’s too much to ask.

    By Cassie URL on 07.23.2011

  25. She lost the ticket- the ticket to his heart.

    It was a stupid misplacement and she could not think of anything else to do but cry.

    She cried in front of him and he came running.

    He understood her story honestly and empathized with her.

    She now had the ticket to his heart.

    By Rachel URL on 07.23.2011

  26. There is a problem with the way I’m entering this bus. He wants me to open my wallet, smile, and hand him this single sheet of paper; it will grant my entrance, or deter me from arriving. All that I want to do is see you, but first, I have to find my ticket.

    By Shawn(ta) Smith URL on 07.23.2011

  27. I bought a train ticket to go far away, so far away. Because all i wanted was to get out of this fucking town and to get away from these plagues which haunt and curse me like an old ghost in a dusty grandmother’s attic. I would pack a bag and leave tomorrow.

    By Jennifer Rose on 07.23.2011

  28. one word is the word that can release you from all you worries and fears. one word is there at all times. one word. love. love is the one word that helps you make it through. helps you live life. helps to make you love again. and the word love is beyond all.

    By Kelsey on 07.23.2011

  29. The sort of thing you buy in order to get somewhere, maybe a holiday, to see friends or family. They are usually expensive and hard to get hold of. You can buy them from the internet, or at the station, from a bus driver or even through the post. Sometimes you can lose them.

    By Tanith on 07.23.2011

  30. The ticket to happiness is first to be happy within yourself, then all things will come easy and look much brighter for you.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.23.2011

  31. What’s my ticket in? What is the literal asset I need to metaphorically have torn on the perforation by the doorman?

    By Emily URL on 07.23.2011

  32. busses and train stations, even if you go for a trip or just to see people. Because we’re so much like monkeys. It’s funny we like to see animals, that includes humans. I mean, we also like to see other humans. We like to learn about them.

    By zooile URL on 07.23.2011

  33. On the way to visit my brother, I lost my train ticket. I lost it. Somehow it made its escape from my clutches in hopes to become my demise. I knew my brother hadn’t seen a familiar face in a ages, and the only thing I could do was stare at my train as it passed.

    By Katrina Enoch on 07.23.2011

  34. She snatched the ticket from his hand. Without thanking him she paced down the alley way, never stumbling or tripping though she was in stupidly high heels. It was a cold night and her clothing choice seemed like a good idea earlier on but now she regretted it. The dampness nipped at her cheeks and her hands suddenly grew cold. She could feel her heart pounding beneath her duffle coat.
    She could hear the man following her. Quickly she began to walk faster. The man increased his speed which was scarily fast. He snatched her goat and ripped it from her back, revealing thin gnarled body. His body began to sweat with anticipation.

    By ironic URL on 07.23.2011

  35. One time I got a ticket for running a stop sign. I also got my licenses taken away for six months. The cop told me I would have to go to court, but would probably only get a warning. Dumb cop doesn’t know the law. If you are 16 and haven’t had your licenses for more than 6 months, you lose it for 6 months no matter what.

    By Lydia on 07.23.2011

  36. sweat was runng down the stationmasters face – you left his maam – she lurched as if hit – the small round box stayed on the platform as if ticking – I didn’t think you would follow – our duty maam – company policy – perhaps its for the best – he was atonished to see the tears

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 07.23.2011

  37. one plane ride
    one movie theater
    harry potter 7
    the end of an era
    I don’t remember anything from that night
    other than pink hair
    and my shirtsleeve
    one plane ride
    to San Francisco
    I can’t think straight when I’m 4000 feet above the ground
    I see desert below me
    but I don’t remember who you are

    By Forest on 07.23.2011

  38. I want it. I want to go and see what all the hullabaloo is all about. Yeah let’s see what it is all about.

    By Maria Cardenas on 07.23.2011

  39. its still sits in the bottom of my drawer, the ticket to mayhem… we had such fun, held hands, moshed our little hearts out, screamed, had fun…. you decided that you liked me… i think that ruined it all…. im sorry.

    By jordan a. g. URL on 07.23.2011

  40. I stared down at my ticket, rubbed the corners flat between my thumb and index finger. I shifted in the uncomfortable seat that held me as I waited for my train to arrive. A one way ticket, no turning back. Well, sort of.

    By YouCanOnlyWrite URL on 07.23.2011