July 21st, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “violet”

  1. a flower thats purple, a girl that is from the incredibles.

    By Airyona on 07.22.2011

  2. aS we walked thru the choc factory …..i admired the sweets as my sweet..sort of.

    By mr584903 on 07.22.2011

  3. Violet eyes make me think of Liz Taylor. She’s pretty much my hero. I hope to be as classy as her one day. Sometimes I look in the mirror and try to think about what elegance I can achieve.

    By Ashley URL on 07.22.2011

  4. There was one tall, lone flower amidst the splashes of yellow. Filling the field, surrounding the flower, were black-eyed susans, sunflowers, daisies, and tulips. Rhododendron and dandelions engulfed the edges. The field was absolutely covered in gold and yellow hues.

    Except for the one which stood tall and proud, different amidst the never-ending sameness.

    By Mildred URL on 07.22.2011

  5. the color at the end of a rainbow. the equivalent of a light at the end of the tunnel. My favorite color in the world it’s the best. also someone who is very shy and can’t see herself very clearly.

    By Mari on 07.22.2011

  6. my heart bleeds violet
    longing for the right type of love to guide me

    By renee mcphee on 07.22.2011

  7. Roses are red, violets are blue, fuck you whore. I love my violet. I guess I’m always on the search of true, my love for flowers is growing on and on. I’m in love with you, stupid asshole. Look at me, now. Please.

    By Jeess URL on 07.22.2011

  8. Violet is a shade of purple
    Not just any shade
    But one that can describe a flower
    A rainbow
    A Proper noun
    Violet is not just any color
    But something that can become someone
    Violet is Violet.

    By Sarahbeth on 07.22.2011

  9. its a color close to purple.
    it basically is violet. i love this color. it’s delicate and pretty. C:

    By dawn on 07.22.2011

  10. flowers bees humming sun sunflower purple green orange tree sunset fall winter christmas eve sailor flying away

    By Cricobs on 07.22.2011

  11. the word violet is violet. violet’s are violet. my friend’s niece name’s violet. violet is a character in Harry Potter. the end.

    By victoria URL on 07.22.2011

  12. Once, in seventh grade, I wrote a story for class. It was a story about a young girl in a fantasy world who finds a dragon egg in the forest and hatches it with her friend. She had violet eyes because I thought it was cool and it made her special.
    It was an awful story. I regret writing it.

    By Katie on 07.22.2011

  13. Her eyes sparkled as she skimmed the horizon. The long mass of curled dark hair flew out behind, almost as if pulling her away from the promises that lay before. But it was already too late.

    By Shanthini on 07.22.2011

  14. happy. calm. hippie. good smelling childhood. running in a field of beautiful flowers with long wavy hair floating in the light beautiful summer breeze. being yourself and being completely content.

    By Ashley on 07.22.2011

  15. peaceful, soothing, colour in the rainbow

    By Megan URL on 07.22.2011

  16. the bauldeir movie and the girl who plays her was in that movie and it was a good movie and i thought that the style that they had her wear in the movie was extremely gorgeous and it was cool and i think i really like the color too. i really wish i could paint my room that color(: or maybe lavender …

    By Gina on 07.22.2011

  17. These are all the things that come to mind when I think of the word violet:
    love, hope, peace, happiness, tranquility, family, flowers, purple, celebration, wedding, colors, rainbow, religion, poems, jewelry, clothes, food, bedding, curtains, plates, cars, paint, crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens, socks, shoes, cell phone covers, movies, The Color Purple (movie), kool aid, band aids, ice cream, finger nail polish, dresses
    My favorite one is Barney!!

    By Myesha McElveen on 07.22.2011

  18. I already did this one… But I’ll do it again(: I really like the color of flowers when the sun reflects them and there are little droplets of water on the violet ones(: It’s really beautiful and it reminds me of happy times(: it’s cool

    By Gina URL on 07.22.2011

  19. my favorite color and it shows calmness and some kind of mystery and silence to it and yet cheerful. And at times to keep to self.

    By ruan URL on 07.22.2011

  20. I will follow you into the dark death cab for cutie(: one of the best songs(: see the sun? the kooks? i think yes(: i think lavender is better and i wish i could write all poetic but i’m bad at it(:

    By Gina URL on 07.22.2011

  21. My best friend grew up in Violet, Louisiana. Mom doesn’t like her. Says she’s a bad influence. Her dad used to deal drugs in Violet. Mom doesn’t know that much. All she knows is that my friend gives her “strange vibes”. And Mom dislikes that. So, without sound reason, Mom disapproves of my best friend.

    By Suzy on 07.22.2011

  22. Violet is my favorite color. Its also a flower that i always used to draw. roses are red violets are blue i cant wait to run over you. They are always used in poems. Its a peaceful color. The color of my walls.

    By Sammie on 07.22.2011

  23. Violent violet – very vivacious.

    By Marianne URL on 07.22.2011

  24. The shade of royalty. Known by unintelligent people simply as purple. If you were among my small group of friends, you would know why the word purple makes me laugh. Purple. I love purple. A lot. ;)

    By Ruthie URL on 07.22.2011

  25. roses are red
    violets are blue
    boy I’m so typical
    but I swear I love you.

    By Jana on 07.22.2011

  26. the color of a motion so surreal it hurts, simply, lifelessly, endlessly, constantly churning the ever present love for no one and never. Calling out its vague hues, commanding the world to listen, but too afraid when they do to speak. A consistent consternation condemned to conflagrations of the soul. All in the moment, all in a second, all with out thinking, all for the purpose of being, being and not being, a ever it, a role, a model, a time, a frame, a second, a thought of the world, caught in the blink of an eye, the glimpse of a second, the world in a colour, a colour in a hue, a hue in a word.

    By james markle on 07.22.2011

  27. it’s the name of a girl, a color, and a flower. All of which on a daily basis I take no particular interest to. Oh well

    By Sadie on 07.22.2011

  28. violet flowers are so beautiful in the spring time. It also reminds me of a violet teddy bear i once read about in a book as a child. It is a softer version of the color purple which then leads me to the movie with oprah :) and it also reminds me of weddings and my friend’s quincenera.

    By Brittany on 07.22.2011

  29. The violet night makes me think of those days gone by when I hadn’t a care in the world. I slept through turmoil. I laughed at things that presumably I had no reason to laugh at. I smiled wherever I went and just kept thinking those thoughts that kept me on my path. In th violet hours of deep night, I slept in little pods full of light and I cried.

    By Gene-Manuel URL on 07.22.2011

  30. “Violet,” she said. Her name was Violet. It was unfitting, unjust, a peculiar case where her parents had thought she’d be cute. Her eyes a muddied brown, hair unkempt and impossible to straighten. She turned heads the wrong way.

    By Dan on 07.22.2011

  31. violet was the color i painted my nails after my 12th birthday. 5 months later, my mom came to pick me up from school with violet toenails. Violet toenails are only for kids!

    By CM URL on 07.22.2011

  32. Violet. She sat in the sun, watching the kids swinging back and forth in the playground. The little girl’s name was Violet. Violet had come over to her last Friday, asking er about why it was she was walking around on crutches. She didnt know how to answer.

    By Seansj URL on 07.22.2011

  33. violets are red roses are blue…i just sneezed, God bless you.

    By Zach on 07.22.2011