July 23rd, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “skeleton”

  1. there are skeletons in everyone closet. everyone has things that they want to hide, things that make up the core of their being. Thats the reason they call them skeletons you know, because these bad and horrible things make up the structure of who you are, for better or for worse. Thats the thing about skeltons though… cant change them you can only live with them.

    By Sunnie on 07.24.2011

  2. The skeleton was sad because he was hungry and didn’t have any digestive organs. But, he was so hungry he decided to eat anyway. As he chewed the food it fell out of his jaw and landed on the floor.

    By Joel URL on 07.24.2011

  3. everyone has skeletons in their closet that they dont want to come mto light. just like your real skeleton, hidden but there. The reason they call them skeletons in the closet is because they are your skeleton, they are the core of what shapes you and what you are made of. You cant run from them you can only appreciate them and live with them,

    By Sunnie URL on 07.24.2011

  4. skeleton. no heart pumping. no muslces contracting. no movement. no reason to move. i lay in bed and wonder when people will realize what i really am. who would notice?

    By emily on 07.24.2011

  5. dark, boney, awkward. Skeletons make up our core and cast fear. Skeletons are beautiful in their own right, but devastating in their foreshadowing of death. Skeletons are Halloween and science. An oxymoron in an of itself.

    By Ali URL on 07.24.2011

  6. “Why is there a skeleton in your closet?” she asked, mouth gaped open at the oddly neon pink arrangement of bones in front of her.

    He shrugged, as if finding skeletons in everyday situations like these were a normal thing. “It’s from Halloween, okay? Don’t judge.”

    By anya URL on 07.24.2011

  7. Its eyes were nothing but sockets, but they still glowed an eery red.

    By Toni URL on 07.24.2011

  8. Te skeleton laid half buried in the earth. I was reminded of Hamlet. I new what was bones to me was once a husband, wife, child to someone else. And the worst part was, I knew this was our fate, too. We would all one day be unknown skeletons.

    By Emily Breichner on 07.24.2011

  9. Skeletons, all around me. I feel mine too, but not like I wanted too. All me and my friends wanted.. was to be skinny… we, we, we never thought it could get to this point. So when doctor Philip gave me a cure, I saw myself for what I was. An empty body, just a skeleton. I feel so ashamed…

    By Abigail URL on 07.24.2011

  10. there was no skeleton in the closet, that was not their style, by the time i got there it was all over the room, and it was being dressed, oh well there’s always next time, when i mentioned it no one knew what the hell i was talking about–
    that’s one way of handling it, for sure

    By judi URL on 07.24.2011

  11. “What… what is that?” she asked in terror.

    “What? This? Oh, a skull. A bunch of legs, and a hipbone.” he replied.

    “Why, why do you have this?” she asked again

    “Isn’t it obvious?”

    By Abigail URL on 07.24.2011

  12. The skeletons in the original ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ movie were very scary when I first watched it.
    We are all skeletons!
    If only people knew the half of it… all the skeletons….

    By Locsalot URL on 07.24.2011

  13. The skeletons in my closet are non existent. At least I think they aren’t. I’m sure someone could find them hiding amongst the forgotten sweaters and lost socks of years gone by. What would they think once they found them? What would I think once they found them? Would I recognize them?

    By Lisa on 07.24.2011

  14. Lyra lept to her feet, “Absolutely not!” She was furious at Xavier for suggest he take Liam’s skeleton to his coffin. “You’ll get caught!”
    Xavier shook his head. “I won’t. You know how careful I am.”

    By Emily Woods on 07.24.2011

  15. The girl about 3 houses down from me is bolemic. She looks like a skeleton. She just… doesn’t eat. I don’t know why/ .Shes so pretty and nice and is a fantastic cheerleader yet shes a toothpick. She just doesn’t eat. It’s okay, though. She goes to therapy.

    By Morgan on 07.24.2011

  16. It what holds my body up and supports me.

    By Jean on 07.24.2011

  17. Her bones lie naked in the soil.
    He betrayed her worse than she could ever imagine.
    Why? Why?
    She thought she loved him,
    But he loved me.

    By Raven-Illeen Saint Claire on 07.24.2011

  18. there was a skeleton in the closet. it was my boyfriend. all different sex positions. yes. i already wrote about this, so go f— it all. good bye, losers!!!!

    By harlequindancer URL on 07.24.2011

  19. white bones inside the flesh of body, I have never liked bones together, I would rather see them one by one, when they are alltogether they may always move, if one by one, they are food

    By carmen on 07.24.2011

  20. Bones aren’t white; they seem almost grey, their porosity making it more obvious. The two hollows for the eyes are eyes themselves; big, black, bold. You aren’t scared but you are intimidated by the slim, imposing figure.

    By Nina on 07.24.2011

  21. Skeletons are bones. They are what is left behind when we die, and eventually, they turn into dust too. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. I find this a weird phrase because I don’t understand why people associate secrets with skeletons. I guess, it makes a little sense, as no one would want someone to find out they’d killed. But skeletons, really? OH, I love biology.

    By Shireen on 07.24.2011

  22. skeletons live in my closet. they’re stuck there, alone and oblivious to the world. they sleep, they wake, they try and poke their noses out; but they never succeed. Stuck, forever. Alone, forever. That’s the life of a skeleton, purely bones, nothing more, no skin or meaning. Nothing that separates them from the others.

    By Hannah Lowry on 07.24.2011

  23. I remember how much
    you loved the Dead and
    how much used
    to tease you about it.

    Those bootlegs would
    go on and on and
    I’d just tolerate it –
    always preferring
    Skeletons in the Closet
    in its nice neat package

    Now all grown up and
    you nowhere in sight
    I daydream to those
    bootlegs and lose myself
    in all those fond memories.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.24.2011

  24. The man sat there with his girlfriend skeleton in his hands. He fell down crying with it thinking about the times they had, had together. The man was so weary he had dug up the body, just to hold her again.

    By sam on 07.24.2011

  25. Bloodless, dry, and somehow still moving. The waves of undead crash into the barricades. We all knew it would end someday, society can’t sustain itself forever, but who knew it would end like this? Zombies I suppose we had prepared for. But skeletons? It doesn’t even make sense.

    By Braxus URL on 07.24.2011

  26. We all have things in us. Things we wanna bury and things we wanna show off. I only have things to bury. I’m a skeleton now as it is. A meatbag in dissarray. In ruins.

    By justin on 07.24.2011

  27. my skeleton aches from useless time spent uselessing timing skelotining. And if Amy winehouse passes at 27, why should I wait for 28 to come around the corner letting me know I wont make it into the world of fame, that once my skeleton is resting in adeep grave, some years later no one will even think of me.

    By Gino on 07.24.2011

  28. florence welch. like isabella said. is this the word every time?

    By Becca URL on 07.24.2011

  29. a skeleton is what keeps our gelatinous goo bodies together and keeps our brains from becoming soccerballs, ALTHOUGH, it certainly would be hard to play soccer when you’re a blob on the floor.

    By Zahmbie URL on 07.24.2011

  30. I looked down, at the open casket, and sad the old dust covered skeleton. It reminded me. Of all those sad memories. If my mother just hadn’t left that day. She would still be here. I didn’t even say goodbye. She was going to go see my cancer ridden father. That month later, he went up to the pearly gates with her. I can still see their faces. Everyday.

    By Jenna on 07.24.2011

  31. the skeleton danced around the moonlit room. trying to forget about its haunted past. the skeletons movements are disjointed..but all connected. skeletons are not scary, but intriguing. they tell about ones past, and they help us relive history.

    By emma on 07.24.2011

  32. A skeleton is just bones. it could be an animal it could be a human. they help us move. we have fat to help protect the bones. we have muscles surrounding the bones. we need bones to survive and move. sometimes people break bones or parts of their skeleton. it can be very painful and hurt!

    By Rachel on 07.24.2011

  33. in the closet…Halloween, but then it moved, dangling and kicking, across the tile floor heading to hang out in the science room on the third floor for tne remainder of it’s days. The Skelton, still now, looms in the corner, reduced to tibia, mandible….and science. coated with epoxy, grimy hands holding, hitting, playing.

    By GFO on 07.24.2011

  34. I think of the dead. I think of how white bones actually are. Bones are so fragile. It makes me think of the doctors office or the hospital.

    By Catherine on 07.24.2011

  35. I am made up of bones. I am made up of blood.
    There is a skeleton in me begging to get out.
    Music plays through my bones, but not the kind I enjoy.
    The kind I want to scream for it to stop.
    I cannot wait for the batteries to die.

    By Meagan on 07.24.2011

  36. “but he led the skeleton crew to believe they could cure earth by coming here.”

    “nonsense, the thought of curing earth barely registered in their greedy little brains.they tricked themselves into believing they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams. “

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.24.2011

  37. the skelton said what it wanted to say,
    a bag of bones, wanting but to be pretty,
    i knew that skeleton was a liar,
    a small sack of lies.

    By kristina on 07.24.2011

  38. What a little girl finds one day, walking through the woods, to begin a daring adventure. Inlaid with stone, the bones are weapons as well as keys to another world beyond sanity.

    By Hannah on 07.24.2011

  39. skeleton
    skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeletopn skeletopn skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skeleton skelet

    By Yuri on 07.24.2011

  40. Fashion has given me clarity about how I want to look. Not like any of those skinny skeleton women in Vogue magazine. But round, curvaceous, voluptuous figures like in the 50’s, 40’s. wow. When a woman could just thrive in her body. Or so my imagination tells me. Every generation has their fashion nightmares I suppose.

    By Seansj URL on 07.24.2011