January 22nd, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “thieves”

  1. I’m a thieve

    I hate thieves

    By chyua squires on 01.23.2017

  2. mean, greedy, sneaky, slick, dangerous, bad

    By Shai Stephens URL on 01.23.2017

  3. someone who takes things that doesn’t belong to them.

    By Joe on 01.23.2017

  4. The thieves stole my Xbox 360 and all the games. The collection of games for my 360 was big and expensive.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.23.2017

  5. Thieves are disrespectful human beings. We had two thieves in the cafeteria on friday. They were middle school students who stole ice cream. Of course, they both lied and denied stealing any ice cream!! Ras

    By LAURA CHRISTINE WIEST on 01.23.2017

  6. Thieves are jerks who steal things from people with out their permission, you could say thieves are mean.

    By KMatlock on 01.23.2017

  7. “Do you think they’ll be able to track us?”
    “Would you shut up. The cameras are still working. They could be listening to every word we are saying”
    “Whoops. Sorry. My bad.”
    “Shut. Up!”
    “Why is it bad they’re listening? I mean, it’s not as if we are going to declare we are taking all their stuff”
    “Seriously, I am going to kill you in a minute. One more word, I swear…”
    “But- OW!”

    By Bethany Rose Pritchard on 01.23.2017

  8. I thought about thieves in the temple, that prince song. I wonder how one can come up with that concept and have it be meaningless and yet inherently meaningful the longer you consider it. What are they trying to take? And is what they can take of any value compared to what is already there?

    By Merri on 01.23.2017

  9. There are those who say there is honor among thieves.
    Maybe that is true, but in my experience that is a very questionable
    sort of honor if it is an honor at all.

    By Monte on 01.23.2017

  10. Running across the roof they never felt more alive. Blood pumping loudly in their ears, the heavy bag of goods smacking each’s shoulders as they ran.

    By bannedbookreader on 01.23.2017

  11. You act like thieves, look like thieves, smell like thieves and act like thieves.

    By chris on 01.23.2017

  12. They are everywhere and you cannot discern them. Some steal your heart forever. Some steal your memory and your feelings. Beware of the master of thieves who takes your life.

    By citrus on 01.23.2017

  13. I cannot say how painful it is
    Every time I see you and your smile
    Even as I know that we can never be together,
    My heart still pounds and my love is being stolen
    From a thief called you

    By Yooeun Lee on 01.23.2017