January 23rd, 2017 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “stare”

  1. looking at something for a very long time
    watching somebody very hard

    By breyona jones on 01.24.2017

  2. stare is when someone doesn’t just look at you but they look at you for a long period of time and they don’t stop at least Not until their “done” because they just continuously look your direction or at you… even sometimes it doesn’t even have to be at a person

    By Maliyah Johnson on 01.24.2017

  3. eyes, creepy, stalker, hidden

    By Shai Stephens URL on 01.24.2017

  4. When you stare at an object or person with high intensity and don’t pay mind to anything else.

    By Jerome Carr on 01.24.2017

  5. looking

    By tyrece on 01.24.2017

  6. looking at someone for a long period of time, starring at something/someone until they notice or keep looking and make them uncomfortable, disrespectful to stare but you do it anyways

    By Sidney URL on 01.24.2017

  7. I was staring at the wall.

    I hate when people stare at me.

    staring at people is mean

    By chyua squires on 01.24.2017

  8. when you look at some one or look for a long period of time or contrat on some thing relly hard

    By larry on 01.24.2017

  9. I hate when people stare at me.

    Why are you staring at me?

    Staring is rude.

    By chyua squires on 01.24.2017

  10. board, tired,day dreaming, aggravating,

    By julian on 01.24.2017

  11. eyes
    long time
    waste of time
    dry eyes

    By Dayle on 01.24.2017

  12. He would stare at her from a far, always lurking around, without ever getting close enough for her to see. He couldn’t see her again, not after everything.

    If she thought he was dead, that her brother was dead, than maybe it was for the best.

    By Andréanne on 01.24.2017

  13. The New York Times sitting on the newsstand hadn’t even been considered by the thousands of people commuting through the train station in Mumbai. Even when people stopped, the one copy of the Times was a novelty, not where a working class individual seeks their news. In the entire history of the newsstand, only one had ever been purchased.
    That didn’t stop Jean Claire from performing his vigil. He would know the second someone even considered purchasing that paper. His eyes hadn’t left the headline in hours. “Terror Attack in Bombay, Thousands Injured, More Missing”. No, there was to much at stake for Jean to stop staring. To much to lose.

    By Connor URL on 01.24.2017

  14. She stared deep into my eyes, probing like a searchlight. Licked her lips.
    “So…what do you think?”
    I didn’t think. I couldn’t think, not with her staring at me like that. It was impossible. Her stare was arresting, her blue eyes trapping mine with an almost hypnotic force.

    By nicole on 01.24.2017

  15. His cold eyes peered through the window in the door to the conference room. The Skeleton King wore blue eyes. The doughnuts were a big success. Only one was left. He hoped he could come in and eat it. His manager caught his stare. He waved him away. Doughnuts alone weren’t gone to get him promoted. But he could eat the doughnut while everyone was at lunch.

    By Rover on 01.24.2017

  16. His stare followed me even when I left the room. It chased my down the hall and into the open garden. I could feel the sharp gaze burning a hole into my back. For most, it would be uncomfortable, but for me it was comforting.

    By Bailey URL on 01.24.2017

  17. I stare too much. I was told that in the 6th grade when a girl sitting in front of me told me to stop. Today I realized stare at people as i walk, which may make some people uncomfortable, but i cant not stare if I’m thinking about something it always manifest physically.

    By Anima on 01.24.2017

  18. Diversity and Inclusion, bring your authentic self to work and be yourself and be proud of who you are.

    By RND on 01.24.2017

  19. I stare at him. He is five feet away from me, standing, shoulders hunched in concentration, hair a delicious catastrophic swish. His hands sway left to right in a frenetic connection to his soaring voice- lecturing about Pound, of all things. He pushes back his sweater sleeves to reveal bony wrists. This man, I think, is an angel.

    By Abigail on 01.24.2017