January 20th, 2017 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “madman”

  1. Here we have the madman, standing at the podium. He screams threats and obscenities, and the meager audience cheers. They wear red hats and stamp their feet and gesture to the wind, taunting the spirits and daring them to change the course of time, to change the course of history, which never, ever ends.

    The madman is strutting. He’s grinning at his prize. In perhaps a year, the world will change – the colors will all dim.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.20.2017

  2. He was always misunderstood and mad. He never knew where he came from and decided it was time not to feel lost anymore. The whole town was talking about him and his dysfunctional ways. He was the madman that no one and everyone spoke of. He didn’t even know his real name but now it was time to find out and start a new journey.

    By Andy Luna URL on 01.20.2017

  3. He was a madman. Everyone said so.
    What fools they were! How could they not see it was they who were mad?

    By Brooke URL on 01.20.2017

  4. You’re a madman. What were you thinking? You were driving like a lunatic.

    By chris on 01.20.2017

  5. You are a madman. You act like a fool.

    By chris on 01.20.2017

  6. He is such a mad man. He drives Like a madman. He has road rage. he also has this weird yell that he hollers at everyone with.

    By chris on 01.20.2017

  7. a guy is on the street and he is watching some people hand he has a prison record so he is a madman and he is scary

    By ayda URL on 01.20.2017

  8. Ein schlechter Mann ist ein Mann, der Böses will. Er hat Spaß daran, sich am Leid anderer zu ergötzen. Er will, dass sie Angst und Schmerzen haben und sein Herz hüpft vor Freude, wenn er das beobachtet. Ich kann das nicht. manchmal wünschte ich, ich könnte das.

    By Lisa URL on 01.20.2017

  9. He was a very scary mad man but once you got to know him he rally wasn’t that bad of a person. very caring person. he had a good heart.

    By miranda henderson URL on 01.20.2017

  10. He looked at me with terrible, gleaming eyes, the kind you would see from some psycho in a horror film. My eyes wide with terror, his wide with madness.

    By Alana on 01.20.2017

  11. This is the man who has turned the world upside down. No, he’s not crazy, he’s just making a difference. He’s a madman. Weird!

    By Abayomi on 01.21.2017

  12. Crazy man – The guy at Nike that decides selling regular damn sneakers for 200 or more dollars.
    Madman – The dumberer guy that buys many pairs of sneakers at such a rip-off excessive prices.

    Correction, the first man is not crazy unless he did not take advantage of willing idiots that have too much money.

    By Saggio on 01.21.2017

  13. It was like walking slowly through a nightmare, no end in sight. The crowd around her was cheering and singing and the only thing she could think to do was look down at her feet and make sure she didn’t trip. Head down. Don’t answer questions.
    The voice over the loud speaker was horrendous.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.21.2017

  14. I try to make them understand.
    They cannot see, how could they.
    They think I’m mad, I think they’re blind.
    I see my victims around me.
    They talk to me.
    They mock me.
    But I haven’t even killed them yet.
    How strange.
    Perhaps they’ll be gone tomorrow.

    By Greg on 01.21.2017

  15. He’s a madman they said. He should have corrected them. He’s not mad, they are! He’s fighting a losing battle against society. If only they knew what beauty raged inside of him. He labored in silence with only his assistant. One day, the assistant dropped tiles on the floor, and realized the madman had a vision all together.

    By andy URL on 01.21.2017

  16. Harried, pulled, crazy, torn, disturbed, frenzied, broken, rushed, bothered, restless, disruptive, alone, unkempt, disorder, chaos, and organized, demanding, dirty, scary, desperate, disconnected, Unapproachable, lost, dangerous, hurtful,

    By T Brown on 01.21.2017

  17. Harried, pulled, crazy, torn, disturbed, frenzied, broken, rushed, bothered, restless, disruptive, alone, unkempt, disorder, chaos, and organized, demanding, dirty, scary, desperate, disconnected, Unapproachable, lost, dangerous, hurtful.

    By T Brown on 01.21.2017

  18. I remember the first time I met the madman. He was large, he was ugly. He was a butt. He had nothing to offer the world but madness. He wore a black trenchcoat and held a bomb. The bomb was a bathbomb, but a bomb no less. I think? Could it still be considered a bomb? You’re a bomb, I something think in response to my own questions. Replacing the word bomb accordingly to the topic at hand of course. So anyway, there was a madman.

    By Nikki URL on 01.21.2017

  19. Why were you driving like that, you madman? Were you being crazy or what?

    By chris on 01.21.2017

  20. he’s a madman, the way he looks at me as if I were an angel sent from heaven. Everyone knows he tends to have crazy thoughts but this is simply other-worldly. I am nothing but a poor street beggar and yet he looks at me as if i were the jewel in the centre of the crown. And yet i feel so safe in his presence, perhaps I am the one gone truly mad.

    By Ryan Constance on 01.21.2017

  21. The fire in his eyes, the rage in his voice, everything about him made me thing of a madman.
    I wished I could touch his lips to calm his pain. Tell him that it will all be okay.

    By Sandy115 on 01.21.2017

  22. The Doctor. The man with the blue box. That’s what they call him. That is what he is. But he is so much more. He is a hero. He is the savior and protector of Earth. He is known across the universe. Feared. Praised. Loved.

    By Robert Watson on 01.21.2017

  23. the madman had the air of mystery around him as he walked around his castle. he was slowly pacing back and forth, once in a while, he glanced up at me with a wacky look. This not only made me quiver but made me think of all the things that could happen with me stuck in this horrid tower

    By ella on 01.21.2017

  24. I watched as he grabbed my hand and I naturally flinched at his touch. His hands were like his self-portrait because they were grimy, rough and abnormal. I looked up into his eyes, which were staring down at me with a glint of madness

    By jane on 01.21.2017

  25. The Skeleton King swung wildly like a madman. Both of his swords connected with the wooden beam, landing firmly with a thud. Seconds later the structure tipped over and the water tower’s contents drowned the entire village. This would teach the village teenagers from messing with his collection of Russian nesting dolls.

    By Rover on 01.21.2017

  26. isnt there a song called madman? or no wait nvm it was mad world lol

    cause the first thing i had was”all around me are fmailiar faces” song which is not the correct song either LOLOOL

    By val on 01.21.2017

  27. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Great word. Hahahahaahhaha. Mad man he must be. He sure laughs like it. I wonder if I am a madman? I know there are a few who I think I am. I try to do the most right I can. I know I make mistakes and am not perfect. I love you.

    By Ali on 01.21.2017

  28. His smile is gorgeous. I want to take that smile and have him put it against my cheek, my throat, my jaw. His hands dance on my bruises like a spider, his nails dig in hard and don’t let go.

    His smile is gorgeous but his hands and eyes are cold, so cold. The bruises on my thighs and face tell me I’m in love with a madman.

    By SentientExistence on 01.21.2017

  29. Such a good word but i’m stuck. Guess I’ll recite some quotes I know, try some fiction later:

    The poet is a madman lost in adventure.
    -Paul Verl….something

    Only a madman or an actor would want to be President of the United States.
    -Mick Jagger

    What frightens us most in a madman is his sane conversation.
    – A. France

    Only the madman is absolutely sure.
    – Robert A Wilson (Initials are RAW, awesome.)

    The male libido is like being chained to a madman.
    -Russell Brand
    He claimed it was from Socrates, yet another of Brand’s idiotic, mistranslated, and false quotes that actually would have been from Sophocles if actually correct. So Read more, speak less.

    By Nunyo B on 01.21.2017

  30. He’s so crazy, no skinny pants, double breasted coat, thick tie or full turtle-neck. Wears earth tones, dark colors and are those socks. early frickin 80s. Looks like someone got stuck after going back to the future and forgot to juice up the flux capacitor. I can’t believe that guy. He knows everybody laughs at him too. Soooo behind in fashion…

    That he’ll probably be first in line to be fashion forward when it goes back, again.

    Bravo, brave madman, masterful style chess player, bravo.

    By Rebel Rouser on 01.21.2017

  31. Left within the ruins of a forgotten time, an abandoned city. Left alone to ponder behind, question your ground, and fear what’s straight ahead. Tied with bricks of pride wrapped around his soul, he lay upon the center of the desert-like zone. His purpose as gone as his reason to fight. Left alone, a danger to none. Among the crowd, a radical explosion. Hunger is still. Thirst is a bother. Wounds are left in shock. Loneliness, a stab to the heart. Hesitation leaves him alive to suffer in a world which exists but does not.

    By hp on 01.22.2017

  32. He is a madman. A psychopath. A narcissist. A liar. A cheater. He steals things. He throws things. He breaks things. But he is mine, all mine. I don’t mind it when he hits me. Pinches me. Punches me. He belongs to me and I love him. Oh, you thought I was writing about Donald Trump. No, no, no. I’m writing about my darling little two-year-old son.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.22.2017

  33. Even women are mad men. All you have to do to be a mad man is learn to love because if you can do that then sooner or later you can do the opposite as well. This will drive you to act immensely good or insanely cruel. Its a hit or miss poison.

    By Slave2Society on 01.22.2017

  34. There were too many people in the restaurant, all demanding their food. He started turning out pancakes like a madman, filling plates and the waiters ran back and forth, to keep the customers satisfied and quiet. But long after the people left, he continued to squirt the batter onto the hot griddle and throw the pancakes into the bowl on the counter, until the bowl overflowed and the pancakes spilled out on to the floor.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.22.2017

  35. Australia had
    gigantic sized kangaroos
    and huge wombats too

    Until invasion
    by a foreign species new
    much like me and you

    The fact is exact
    homo sapiens attacked
    then their lives we lack

    Were all man’s vessels
    filled with brave fools or by whim
    of MADMAN enslaved

    no flightless birds run,
    no Tasmanian wolf howls,
    is “fauno-cide” done?

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 01.22.2017

  36. The man stood outside of her window, lurking, watching, gazing into her bedroom. Her feet were non responsive and she was frozen in place, free for the mad man outside to watch, to stalk.

    By Andréanne on 01.22.2017