January 22nd, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “thieves”

  1. I scan the dark room, barely breathing… looking for any sign of detection. The red light in the corner is facing the other direction. It’s now or never.

    By mdnicol URL on 01.22.2017

  2. “They are just thieves!” she shouted. I couldn’t believe this happened for real. We were someone else yesterday, and now we plunged back to our normal lives. The lives we hated. The lives we couldn’t keep up with, once we stepped in and closed the door behind us. “How long will it take to get new documents? I need to be someone else! Now!”. Tears ran down her face. “I don’t know,” I replied, one hand on her shoulder.

    By s on 01.22.2017

  3. They scuttle like roaches, over thresholds and through homes. I hunt them, always a step behind, never where I want to be. Kill one, and a thousand more appear. Far better to cut off their food, and let them eat each other.

    By Greg on 01.22.2017

  4. You thieves. you stole my jewels and all my millions of dollars worth of money. How could you do such a thing?

    By chris on 01.22.2017

  5. We were called rascals. Thieves. Crooks, liars, and hoodlums. Brats with no future and monsters with a past. We were none of those things. We were fighters, first and foremost. After that, we were poets. We craved art like a puma craves raw red meat, and we would not let anyone silence us.

    So, yes, we did cause a ruckus, and we did take a few things that they claimed didn’t belong to us. But they did. And we kept them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.22.2017

  6. Bad people. They hurt others and take things. Theyt break the law. There ar emany in my town.I think strong regulations should be passed to punish them. If I was the ministry I’d

    By ptaboada on 01.22.2017

  7. thieves stole all my possessions, all my worldly electronic possessions which wasn’t much really except that I didn’t have insurance and had a some time where for the first time on years I couldn’t check my social media accounts to see that nothing really that interesting was happening so I sat with time and thought of loss and how less is more and although hard at first to drain myself of my unnatural habits I soon became content with a book, the flicker of a candle, a pen and paper. The things that had been robbing me of my life had been stolen and now, calm and unaware of everybody’s news and updates across the bay, across the country and across oceans, I sat with my breathing body.

    By Steve O URL on 01.22.2017

  8. Slinking silently – sly as silver – side sliding shyly stirring the still silence. Steeling, stealing, thieves.

    By Cat on 01.22.2017

  9. They have no regard for the private property of the individual. They, the thieves, see something that others have worked hard for and they just take it.

    By Shane Clements URL on 01.22.2017

  10. thieves. thieves come to take thing. always taking. never giving. a thief came one day to break in and steal my things. my books. the books define who I am.

    By AMI on 01.22.2017

  11. slip softly through the window. take what you need. leave no traces when you go.

    By ? on 01.22.2017

  12. Thieves are people who take what is not theirs. This is morally wrong. That is why mall cops exist. They must catch shoplifters. People should not steal. The world would be a better place if everyone just followed the rules and their moral compass.

    By Breanna on 01.22.2017

  13. That silly thief. Amilee smiles. She won’t get far. Her fist is pulled back, tight and coiled like a spring. Ready to punch, only she isn’t going to. A thief, stealing her man. She’ll show her what stealing really is, she’ll take back what was hers all along. With a smile and nary a thought, Amilee lets two small while capsules fall into the open bottle of drinking water on the desk.

    By SentientExistence on 01.22.2017

  14. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Her eyes scanned his for something she recognized. He was so focused, his gaze like a blade. She followed him through the abandoned hallways, silent except their steps.

    By Beth A on 01.22.2017

  15. The thieves went from store to store searching for the perfect item. They knew what they needed, but had to find it, and this turned out to be more trying than initially thought.

    By Erin on 01.22.2017

  16. They wore black masks that covered the whole of their faces apart from their mouths and eyes. They made ghost steps so as not to be heard. They were in for blood and money.

    By Sandy115 on 01.22.2017

  17. A shard of glass spread through the New York alley way,
    over the brick-made building side,
    two masked culprits fled with no deficient
    smirks in their far-reaching jog-strides.

    IM ready to roll and glide,
    an officer’s distant yell up a shattered sidewalk
    made no appese
    to the younger toes confided in two pairs
    of black leather boots.

    The wind enervated five more officers into a boobey
    trap triangle
    where they all remet
    to catch a stern discontent
    on the same corner twice.

    These thieves rolled the dice
    and made mince and mice out of cops
    rich kids, with resources to drop
    I guess tip-top cream of crop cots make
    pot and harry
    nights screaming from phantoms

    By Milad URL on 01.23.2017

  18. Repugnant are THIEVES
    unless stole for greater good
    or absolute need

    Most are caught, released
    then go back to hang with fiends
    never learn a thing

    The only good thieves
    use their loot to go legit
    one job done and quit

    unless you instead,
    prefer the adage of dead
    ask someone to lend

    By ! Haiku-maN ! on 01.23.2017

  19. they came in the night. no one knew their plans. they took what they could and couldn’t carry any more. they rummaged and roamed in every cupboard. there, they found it. what they had been looking for. shining in the moonlight form the open window. so they took it, and ran.

    By lara on 01.23.2017

  20. it is never alright
    to be a thief all ones life.
    you should quit and then go legit
    or one day be killed and dumped in a ditch.

    By Rymin Ray on 01.23.2017

  21. The thieves sprang from thier hiding place in the woods. The caravan was ripe for picking up treasures and gold. The Skeleton King lifted his hood from atop his horse and flashed his red eyes. The thieves had no idea what was about to happen.

    By Rover on 01.23.2017

  22. Parasites, I hate them
    cancerous tumor cells,
    corporate raiders, politicians
    Mother Nature and Father Time
    that whither us each day with a kiss,
    all these things, of life, rob us blind
    they are all things none could miss
    thieves that sap our health and bliss

    By ace on 01.23.2017

  23. “Thick as thieves, the two of you, thick as thieves.”
    Mark tried not to roll his eyes at Mrs. Wainwright. She meant well. She lived all alone in that giant house on the corner and even though her cookies were dry and even though her lemonade was too watery, she had always been kind to him and to Jordan.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.23.2017

  24. The rules were simple. Get in, take what you can, get out again, and split it fairly. It wasn’t a life for everyone, of course. But who said there wasn’t honor among thieves?

    By Brooke on 01.23.2017

  25. Thieves are people who steal. But are there thieves that aren’t people at all?Thieves that have stolen my life, taken from me all that’s meaningful? And can they be imprisoned in the prisons for spiritual thieves? Or do they get away scot-free? Am I permanently dead inside? And what do they look like? Itty bitty things? Gargantuan Hagrids?

    By Rlfinkel on 01.23.2017

  26. Taking something that does not belong to a person; stealing. Thou shall not steal, one of the ten commandments written by Moses given by God. This can be forgiven if one would repent and ask for forgiveness.

    By Summer Love on 01.23.2017

  27. She manoueivered her way in the dark, stealthily and agilely, on the the tip of her toes. She knew her way around so well now, and this gave her utmost confidence. She could catch glimpses of familiar terrain through the faintly glowing dull kitchen light, and without a peep, she set forward a step-stool, climbing her way up to the cookie jar. Little did she know that her Mum was catching this six-year-old, thieving, adventurous little girl on a night-vision camera!

    By Rums on 01.23.2017

  28. They ran hard, as they already felt something went wrong. All the careful planning didn’t help. “Where’s the bag?” Tom screamed.

    By Charlotte on 01.23.2017

  29. They are thieves, great thieves.

    Unlike the common ones, they do not want people’s property.

    They love dreams, and they covet those sweet dreams. They steal children’s dreams which they got full marks in a subject that they are not good at and change the score into 0; they steal office workers’ promotion letters in dreams and put termination letters in their mail box in dreams.

    Their names are nightmares.

    By Emily on 01.23.2017

  30. she stepped out of the tower, but she could no longer see the servant. unable to stay on her staggering feet, she stumbled to the floor, weak from fatigue and malnutrition. he had come when she least expected it, in the dead of night, and stole what she had left. hours passed and she stayed shivering on the ground like an unsupported pile of bones, awaiting the death that the servant had left her with.

    a thief.

    By lynn on 01.23.2017

  31. She lay fast asleep in her warm, comfy bed. Then a noise downstairs awoke her. The dogs start barking and howling like wolves.

    “What was that? Are there thieves in the house?” she whispered.

    Suddenly, the dogs stopped barking. Then,she again heard the noise that had awoke her. She froze in terror. She heard it a third time.
    She quietly grabbed her pistol out of her nightstand drawer. and slowly went downstairs. She got her gun ready, just in case. She stepped off the stairs.

    “Ok. Here we go.” she thought to herself.

    She looked over and noticed that the lamp had fallen off the little table. Then she heard a shuffling noise. She held her breath, and slowly turned around. It was just her sweet little bunny, Bella! She must’ve figured out how to open her cage, and gotten out. She could breath again. She set the gun down, and put the lamp, and Bella back where they belong.
    Then she went back to bed, laid down, and realized that Bella’s cage door was locked. She remembered that before she had gone downstairs, she had heard heavy footsteps.
    Then it clicked. There were thieves in the house! Immediately, she called the cops. Soon enough, they showed up at her house, and arrested the thieves.
    Apparently, they had been looking for the thieves for months! She couldn’t believe she had caught the thieves of New Hampshire! After everything had settled down, she went back to bed, and fell asleep. She had some terrifying dreams that night. Too terrifying to share.

    THE END!!

    By Julianne Engel on 01.23.2017

  32. thick as thieves, they were. they were the populars, the golden ones, the royalty. so what happened?
    it all began one Tuesday night…

    By Pandyfish on 01.23.2017

  33. I felt the cold brick against my back.
    Smoke blew from their open mouths, I could see their decayed teeth and smell the foul scent of their breath as it fell against my face. I closed my eyes.
    “T-take whatever you want,” I chattered – whether because of the cold or fear I couldn’t be sure.
    “Oh, don’t worry,” the first man said with an evil grin. “I plan to.”

    By racheycane on 01.23.2017

  34. There are all types of thieves. There are the thieves we think of who steal objects and belongings of others. But there are also the thieves that steal words and ideas of others and make them their own.

    By Robin on 01.23.2017

  35. Men (or women) are like thieves. They steal something precious,a.k.a,your heart,and most of the time,you don’t get it back.

    By Jada Engel on 01.23.2017

  36. People who steal stuff

    By Adrian on 01.23.2017

  37. They steal.
    They take things with out asking.
    They takes money.
    They breaks into house to take things.

    By Sanaa May on 01.23.2017

  38. stealing, love, memorial, stupid, boys, winnie the pooh, weird, boring, robbery, bank, money,

    By Amariya on 01.23.2017

  39. stealing

    By Kendell Pugh on 01.23.2017

  40. they take things without permission they take stuff u need they also take memorable things

    By Natia on 01.23.2017