August 28th, 2009 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “teacher”

  1. I had a teacher who once blew a raspberry on my belly and convinced me I was gay. I don’t think I ever forgave him for giving me such a ostrasizing enlightenment and I’ve tried to get him back ever since. Once, I’m ashamed to say, at one of the school musicals I even flirted with seducing his wife. It was never going to happen. I was twelve and she was a good-looking forty, oblivious to my faint and feeble attemps to force sort of age-bending connection. It didn’t stop me from trying when he brought her to school for the next four years and I stuck with my revenge plan until it worked.

    By Kaston Griffin on 08.29.2009

  2. what i wanna be. teaches young or old. wise.

    By steph on 08.29.2009

  3. You told me about you and your teacher. You said you never told anyone before and weren’t planning on doing it. You say that about so many things you tell me. Why me, I ask? Am I really that special to you? Do you really think you know me? I think I know you a little better after last night.

    By rei on 08.29.2009

  4. My favorite teacher in the whole world drove a yellow Volvo station wagon, was a scratch golfer, and told us to not “masticate mucilaginous substances” while in class. He was one of the only people to make it worthwhile to get up in the morning. Besides cute boys, of course.

    By Andrea Fraser-Winsby on 08.29.2009

  5. a teahcer is very good at teaching. well they should cos its there job
    but the question is are teachers here because we are too lazy to learn our selves?
    i think so
    but the advanced learning has to be done by yourself—

    By adam on 08.29.2009

  6. To teach is what a teacher does
    but a teacher is what we all should be
    that teaching others we would
    and not leave every teaching to the teacher
    so be a teacher and teach
    coz teaching is what we be

    By Danny Crane on 08.29.2009

  7. In the morning, he whistles into his classroom and nods to all his past teachers waiting among the desks: Mr. Hughes waving his baton; Dr. Sharp prompting with an arch look; Miss Laughhon turning the leaves of a book. He throws the ghosts a kiss the arriving kids believe is just for them, and he says, “Let’s begin.”

    By Brian Slusher on 08.29.2009

  8. teacher is the one who teaches us. he or she teaches us in school about anything that are important to us. a teacher should have soft skills and communication skill that can be used to attract students.

    By darleena on 08.29.2009

  9. teacher, hahaha i have a funny story i fucked my drama teacher at school when i was a schooies, i don’t tell meny poeple just incase it goes to the papers or anything like that. she was really hot too :P.

    By Jono on 08.29.2009

  10. pupils, come and see
    what you’ll learn from me
    i know it to be true
    i’ll also learn from you.

    By Sam Van Eman on 08.29.2009

  11. A teacher should be able to help a student learn. A teacher should not Impede learning. Unfortunately a large number of my teachers have seemed to think that their job is to do the latter.

    By John Whiles on 08.29.2009

  12. Everyday we encounter different experiences,through which we gain deeper insights about the meaning of life.And it cannot be denied that experience is the best teacher.

    By sandaye on 08.29.2009

  13. When a teacher is a source of inspiration, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Not only do you feel blessed, but you also feel as if the noun “learning” is finally being defined. It happens way too rarely at my high school, but when it does, the passion of

    By Rebecca Mak on 08.29.2009

  14. i am a teacher of graphic novels; they are my passion and i live to read them. it is not easy to get others to read them with the same love, but it is worth it. try them yourself.

    By koby van beest on 08.29.2009

  15. I never thought I’d wear this badge.
    I don’t know who’s shaking more —
    the freshmen or the one hired to give them
    some bit of Truth
    some bit of knowledge.
    I’m still a student, too.
    Wearing a Teacher badge.

    By Jennifer D.L. on 08.29.2009

  16. I am a teacher and have been for 18 years. It is not so wonderful being an instructor. Long hours, year round, make this job worse than one may imagine. The pay is awful! I average about $3,80 per hour when one takes into account my pay dived by work hours.

    By Greg Ellis on 08.29.2009

  17. I have a very nice teacher. Her name is Mrs. Teacher. And she teaches us about letters and that gets boring.

    She also teaches us about plusses and minuses and times. My favorite is recess. She’s always out on duty!

    By Lydia on 08.29.2009

  18. the moment placed a weight in my heart. Had she heard me? I wasn’t sure. I was clear. I pronounced all my words correctly. I even increased the volume of my voice just to make sure it was audible. But then again I’m in the back. maybe she couldn’t see me- let alone really hear me. Maybe next time.

    By e gordon on 08.29.2009

  19. you cupped my hands and drew circles on my knees with absent-minded fingers, leaning over the back of a seat, while i linked my fingers with yours and smiled as you pushed my hair from my eyes. you asked me if i needed an arm and i took your offered hand, safe in the grip of your long fingers while he walked beside and smiled at us.
    you tell me you are not yet a teacher, but you spread love and zany creativity everywhere you go, and shape our minds as you dance blindly in the street, your head against my hands and your hand in his. black and white photos of your smile will stay with me.

    By claire on 08.29.2009

  20. Someone who inspires the world. A person who interjects fun into math lessons and science experiments. He or she is the apple of a student’s eye until they can get through puberty.
    Someone who cares above all else that her students succeed.

    By clarissa Aljentera on 08.29.2009

  21. I person of integrity and worth – particularly interested in helping students of all ages love learning. A teacher is one who also loves learning and strives to keep in touch with learning new ideas all the time. I once heard it was better to drink from a running stream than a still pond, for the running water is always refreshed and refreshing. Therefore, it is important to keep fresh – learn – and help others learn also

    By jean on 08.29.2009

  22. A person of integrity and worth – particularly interested in helping students of all ages love learning. A teacher is one who also loves learning and strives to keep in touch with learning new ideas all the time. I once heard it was better to drink from a running stream than a still pond, for the running water is always refreshed and refreshing. Therefore, it is important to keep fresh – learn – and help others learn also

    By jean on 08.29.2009

  23. Whether she was planning how to help us understand multiplication tables using pennies or just giving us life lessons, my mom was always, above everything else, a teacher.

    By Linda Chapman on 08.29.2009

  24. Someone who is important. A word I don’t associate with myself. Finding ways to come to terms with having to be one. Emma Muellim is still strange to my ears. I know they are important. why don’t I want to be one? But some day I must accept it. I want to be a mother. So that’s that.

    By Emma on 08.29.2009

  25. i have been a teacher. of children. of adults. of myself. raised by a teacher. aren’t we all teachers, really? the question is, what are we teaching? do you teach others that love is abundant or scarce? do you teach others that the world is welcoming or rejecting? what do you teach, teacher?

    By Canyon on 08.29.2009

  26. i hate my teacher from primary school. i wrote an essay abut magic carpets and pirates and she said i should be less wild. i totally crushed my imagination and i blame her for it. that bitch.

    By benjamin lee on 08.29.2009

  27. Teachers can be viewed in two ways: a complete waste of space who nobody actually likes and who teach things you will never need to use in real life, or people who actually do a very time-consuming and thankless job. Cruel as it is, most people pick the first.

    By AnnaMay on 08.29.2009

  28. Who will be my teacher today. Will it be the kind person on the train. The crying child in the store. The old man sitting on the bench. Pay attention and anyone can be my teacher.

    By Chris G on 08.29.2009

  29. As I walked into the classroom, I didn’t see what the big deal was about. I mean, okay, I was five minutes late, but at least the teacher should be happy that i showed up at all, which, nowadays, with the way things are, is pretty much amazing.

    By Melyssa on 08.29.2009

  30. … mhm. usually grown ups who get paid for telling other people stuff…
    really strange..

    By josi on 08.29.2009

  31. She sat, staring at the class. Here were minds she could mold. HERE was her calling, all that she could give back to the world, her purpose, meaning, reason to live.
    A child raised his hand.
    “Sally farted!”

    By audrey on 08.29.2009

  32. Teach me how to laugh. Teach me how to cry. I’ve forgotten how. Teach me when to stop, teach me when to go. No one has ever been there to tell me what I’ve done wrong, teach me, please. Be my teacher, be my love. I have no brain, I’ve not even a thought. Teach me how to yell. Teach me how to scream. Teach me. Be my teacher, be my love.

    By rachael on 08.29.2009

  33. T teacher is th eperson formally associated with the education. Of course, there are interpretations the teacher can be someone in yourself, a kind of inner guide through your life experiences. It can be note there is not always worth to follow its advice.

    By pete on 08.29.2009

  34. I feel sorry for too many of them. I wonder if they’re really fufilled and if they constantly struggle with how shitty kids can be. I wonder if they have a deep passion for influencing or if they just want to be in charge. Seems like a big job

    By Shylah on 08.29.2009


    By Sladjana on 08.29.2009

  36. I hate them vrey much , altough sometimes I apriciate some of them , I had a favourite teacher in highschool ,
    I hated most of them , all in all they were quite a show , most of them .
    Some hated me

    By Ciupakapra on 08.29.2009

  37. I wanted to be a teacher once. I don’t feel like all teachers are that great. Like last year, I had a teacher who was Jamaican, and she was horrible at teaching. I don’t know what it was. She had a short temper. This year I have another Jamaican teacher, and she’s just as bad. That’s not to say that Jamaican people are bad, I just think that they’re giving a bad name for their culture… much like American’s do to our culture when we go overseas.

    By Jessica on 08.29.2009

  38. Able to inspire and guide. A teacher is the link between a still mind and a moving river. A bridge that each student can walk across to reach a better place. A good teacher will teach and learn.

    By Jeanne on 08.29.2009

  39. Kylie’s guitar teacher was named Randy Rhodes. Pretty amazing huh? He went by Mr. Rhodes and always shied away from the obvious connection. I would have loved it.

    By Daniel on 08.29.2009

  40. Behind the desk? I think not. Right next to the student, side by side, in the moment, learning together. I am a teacher not because of degree, but because I have a passion to teach my children the joy of learning.

    By dana on 08.29.2009