August 29th, 2009 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “pit”

  1. falling into the pit the girl saw her life flash before her eyes. She knew, at that very moment, that the only way she was to survive this was to send out a message to God and pray that it would lead her in the right direction. She reached the bottom. Success.

    By Sara B on 08.30.2009

  2. i think about an armpit but also a ball pit at jammmin gym a kids’ play place in winchester, where i live. not so different – both tend to smell just a little off color. and finally a fire pit or a barbeque pit. i suppose i am a foodie and cannot help but think about hanging out with friends and eating as well. mm barbeque. maybe one more story – i think of the time when i thougt my stepdad’s prune pits were nuts and tried to eat them. it wasn’t until they were already in my mouth i realized they had already been chewed on and spit out by him. ew.

    By Cridda on 08.30.2009

  3. placing pacing falling freeing staying smiling writing reeling one only two treating three thimbly partly pat

    By Sara B on 08.30.2009

  4. yodoling violite kings with ten hundered grasshopper doing the macarana to winter-spoon waltz sixty seconds to go one to one to go go go alpha team move the old house was very big many windows we had three in our bedroom but now i have 3 again.

    By mae on 08.30.2009

  5. the pit of her depression seemed to be inescapable
    but his hand reached to her
    and pulled her out
    and she smiled
    even though she was on the edge
    so close to falling again
    if he would just let her go
    and she would fly back into the pit

    By hanna on 08.30.2009

  6. At the center of everything, there is something that grows. A flower, a tree, a darkness. Something that goes down into your core so swiftly and painlessly that you’ll never know until you live. Maybe you’ll bloom out of it one day.

    By r.a. on 08.30.2009

  7. In my pit of the arm, i smell cheese. Lawl.

    By Gregg on 08.30.2009

  8. Like a vat of acid in the pit of my stomach, a sinking feeling came over me. Is this to be my future? Shall I live everyday with this torment? Perhaps I can hide from it now, but soon, it will become harder to flee from, a constant game of hiding…

    By CathLabChick on 08.30.2009

  9. pit. as in apricot pit or snake pit. Huge difference. one is so small and not dangerous, the other one could kill you. or it could be the pit of your stomach. sometimes when im nervous it hits in the pit of my stomach and that could be worse then a snake pit

    By sher on 08.30.2009

  10. arm pits are disgusting- sometimes they smell, other times they are really hairy, but most of all, they sweat, and if you have sweaty armpits, then that just sucks (i know from experience) although there are many other types of pits, the armpit rules my mind’s view of the pit world.

    By Claude on 08.30.2009