August 27th, 2009 | 314 Entries

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314 Entries for “cage”

  1. The place was strange. There, in the corner, an old, dying bird sat quietly in its cage, red feathers gleaming with a half-life of their former years. I glared at it, blaming it for everything that had happened to me thus far.

    Without warning, the stupid, ugly bird burst into flames. A phoenix? Was i really supposed to believe this?

    “MY BIRD!!” the old man shouted.

    Well, I guess not.

    By slice on 08.28.2009

  2. birds live in cages sometimes so small, they cannot move. Isn’t that a travesty? maybe you don’t think so, maybe you like nuggets. I feel sorry for you and the birds in cages you have eaten and will eat. Maybe you can stop.

    By hooty on 08.28.2009

  3. The bars of the cage were solid, despite the rust. She hit them experimentally. Hit them harder. Hit them enough to bruise her hands. They shook but didn’t break. She backed off then, only then, and sat at the far side of the small space. Trapped. Caged. Confined. How had she come to this? How had she let herself get captured?

    By Kristin on 08.28.2009

  4. the cage is terribly small and doesn’t fit my bird in it very well. i thought about getting a new cage but the pet store is closed and that makes me so unhappy. i let my bird fly around the house freely so that he doesn’t have to be stuck in his little cage. until i get him a new one, he will be free to fly around. i don’t want him to poop on my furniture though so that worries me a little. i try to pay attention where he is at all times but it’s hard.

    By joanna on 08.28.2009

  5. To be placed in a cage where you can’t be. You can’t live think fly or exist. That is hell on earth. Humans are born with the innate need to soar, and we are all caged. Some by our parents, some just by society. We must break free and fly away from it all.

    By nicole nadler on 08.28.2009

  6. Cannot be captured, holding all minds and thoughts within bleak bars – steel rusted, save the sound of grace clanging, haunting in the night. “G”, it goes, I have a “g” in me that blocks “free”, as will the “g” in you, you thought you had, do have, will have had: present, future, perfect tense.

    By Maron Sorenson on 08.28.2009

  7. Living with my family is like living in a cage. If they knew that their worst nightmare has come true and their daughter is bisexual, would they finally free me or would I never come out?

    By MT on 08.28.2009

  8. Imprisoned in a cage, I flap my wings furiously. I cannot get out and it is frustrating. You do not hear me cry, just an insessant tweet, a twitter to you. Just because I am alien to you, you will never understand my world.

    By buzzy on 08.28.2009

  9. Dogs and lions and I said brown. I’ve never been in a real cage to stay or be held captive but I’ve seen them and feel bad for animals in them. It’s sad really, being couped up while people just walk by and look at you and continue with their free lives. Like at Zoos, how boring would that be? I think it’d be incredibly boring.

    By Julie Meyers on 08.28.2009

  10. Sometimes I feel as though my life, my job is a gilded cage. Pathetic, i know. Trapped comfortably by circumstance and apathy. But at the same time paradoxically I am offered more freedom than Ive ever had.

    By aroo on 08.28.2009

  11. The jailed bird sat inside a rusty cage, looking on the outside world. He wanted to fly away but could not, because the cage was locked. Similar to how I feel right now on a Friday afternoon in front of my computer, the sun shining outside my windowless office.

    By rachel on 08.28.2009

  12. ANimals trapped in a cage at the zoo. They look very sad as I walk by them and don’t know if they’ll ever be free again. I look down at my feet and think about if i were to ever be in a cage. Would it be jail? Or would it be like a zoo? Which is worse? It makes me wonder about the rights.

    By Chrissy on 08.28.2009

  13. Suffocate… Caged animals… To cage your emotions.. Beaten dog.. Loneliness…….

    By Jes on 08.28.2009

  14. I feel caged in lately. Everything I do is wrong. I am blamed for the actions of others because of the information I give them. Is this life? Because I am on display like a lion in the zoo. WHat do I do? Fuck you and you and you. I have no reason to be in the middle of this.

    By kat on 08.28.2009

  15. underneath and behind
    a bird
    in a flash
    left with hurricane wings

    By Fred on 08.28.2009

  16. i am in a rusted cage with no windows to see the future of my existence in the world that i envisioned. My existence in this cage has left me with many doubts about my future and the love

    By mavrik on 08.28.2009

  17. why is the word cage up hee again? i did this one yesterday in my opinion they shoudl most definately change the word every day…dont you agree? why wouldent they? do they expect to leave it this way and have liek everyone write about birdcages and stuff….i would hate to live in a cage…i dont put anything in a cage but i do have fish..

    By jessica on 08.28.2009

  18. a cage is a boundary. something which holds somebody or something back from their true potnetial. WE should attemot to find our cages, and cast them aside for without cages the sky’s the limit.

    By Keri Warr on 08.28.2009

  19. regardless of the cages people build and the walls humans form, nothing can stop your spirit from roaming past. no bars from a jail, no wire on a cage can force you to remain inside.

    Only you – you have the power to cage yourself. no one else holds that supreme ability. not even god.

    By mukesh on 08.28.2009

  20. once there was a bird in a cage, for years she wanted to get out and be free. one day someone left the cage open, she escaped but couldn’t fend for her herself and she died.

    By liz on 08.28.2009

  21. In a way, I felt as if every move I made had to pass through some sort of filter before I could do it, every word I said had to be approved of before I could say it. Even though I had my laptop and could continue tweaking my candid shots of the families I snapped, the Cape had removed everything and I had to make do with Paint.

    By Krissa on 08.28.2009

  22. Nicholas Cage is my least favorite actor in the world. I avoid every movie in which he stars. He is unwatchable and makes movies unenjoyable for me. Although he is considered top notch, he is horrible to me.

    By Shea on 08.28.2009

  23. i once lived in a cage, my father told i should eat all my raspberries, but then one day i escaped from my cage. Mother wasnt very happy, she told me “if you should ever go to the woods, bring an umbrella cuz you’re going to eat my pies

    By Seth Coffman on 08.28.2009

  24. Cages are interesting things. They can be useful, yes, but more often than not they’re misused. I dislike cages. They keep animals confined in small spaces, which can be useful at times, but not for the meat industry! All they do is just keep meat ready for the slaughter. It’s not okay to use cages for that at all! Damn it!

    By anon cage on 08.28.2009

  25. I felt like I was in a cage in COllege. I feel like I am in one now. But in 5 days I am free. As a bird. No cage. Just sky. Cages of fear have controlled my life, and I finally let that cage down. I think the world is better with no cages, only sky. I hope one day I can help everyone be free from their cage!

    By Nicole Anderson on 08.28.2009

  26. Cages are part of life. I live in one. I work in one. I exit as I please, knowing I will dutifully return like the good little pet I am. Of course, cages are also protection. Nutrition. Comfort and warmth. Isolation when I want it. Companionship when I need. Cages are life.

    By Tommy on 08.28.2009

  27. the cage swung gently in the breeze as the young man sprawled over the floor watching the leaves as they rustled against his barred enclosure.

    By Frank Pitz on 08.28.2009

  28. i sit here thinking…
    nothing comes to mind
    i’m stuck inside my own head
    my very own cage

    By curry on 08.28.2009


    By LENA FREED on 08.28.2009

  30. i still don’t know why the caged bird sings mya.

    By meggie on 08.28.2009

  31. walls box enclosed keep inside held in limits contained animal security

    By allie mac on 08.28.2009

  32. I spend my time in a cage. In darkness I find my rage. The cage is sealed and I am strained to find a way to release my rage from inside the cage. there is nothing inside. nothing outside, but where I want to go is to another cage.

    By Aaron Lee on 08.28.2009

  33. Cages are often found to be the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind. We are in a cage all day, every day. We are held by our actions, our thoughts, and cannot be set free until the last man standing turns their life around.

    By tyler on 08.28.2009

  34. It sat alone and frightened. The cage surrounded him and refused to let go. He knew that someday it would break down, but he lost his will to fight it. He lost his eagerness to leave. He became content, sad and alone.

    By RLM on 08.28.2009