April 27th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “tandem”

  1. I rode on a tandem bike with my mother once; we took the ferry to Block Island for the day. We biked across the whole Island, it is only 14 miles long. She accidently made us fall into a parked car. I knew I shouldn’t have let her be in front.

    By Kendall URL on 04.28.2015

  2. They used to live in tandem with one another, but they don’t see eye to eye with you anymore. It’s not that she doesn’t love him, it’s that she’s bored. The books she reads are full of adventure, but with him there’s nothing but routine. He’s caring and kind, but he’s dull.

    By Grace on 04.28.2015

  3. Tandem bikes are also called divorce machines. There’s something about working together that brings up troubles in the relationship. It reminds me of that time that my wife and I tried to build a canoe. We spent the whole summer in the back yard drinking pitchers of gin and tonic, arguing about whether the birch bark went inside or outside and not building much of anything.

    By wordfool on 04.28.2015

  4. Too much in tandem damns them and demands men to man the ten tense dens.

    By Joey A.M. on 04.28.2015

  5. I do not know what tandem means but I guess it is a very easy word to say.

    By isaiah on 04.28.2015

  6. My sister found an old tandem bicycle in the shed that sat about five yards down from the cabin, and she practically fell in love with it. But we couldn’t ride it. The gears were almost frozen solid with rust, the seat eaten by moths and spiders and God knows what else. The rubber on the handlebars had eroded over the years. Our mother said that Grandpa had used to ride it with Grandma. Come to think of it, I could almost smell my grandfather’s cheap cologne on the old bike.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.28.2015

  7. i like riding tandem bikes with a good friend. I remember riding tandem bikes at Callaway Gardens with my family when I was young and with girlfriends when I was in high school and college. I will have to do it again soon with my wife or other family members.

    By PTisdale on 04.28.2015

  8. We live our lives side-by-side – me on my side, and him in the mirror. Sometimes I trail my fingers along the surface of the glass, and the centimetre’s gap that prevents our skin from touching. I wonder what it would feel like, if I could push past the barrier. I wonder if his skin would feel warm, or if he’s serpent-cold like the look in our eyes.

    By Samuel on 04.28.2015

  9. He called it tandem, but I liked to call it an intercambio.

    By Steve O URL on 04.28.2015

  10. Joe and Cole were brothers, and they did everything together. They had the same hobbies, worked the same job, and married the same types of people. Then Joe drank a little too much at a friend’s house in the next town over. He would have stayed of course, but his brother had needed him. “An emergency”, he said. So Joe drove back home at 1:00 A.M., ignoring the snowstorm that raged around him.
    A week later the search party found his car on the bottom of Salt River. It was still perfectly intact under the ice, unlike Joe. He had separated from his brother, in a rather permanent way. Joe and Cole were never the same after that.
    While Cole teared up delivering a eulogy, Joe laid in his coffin.
    While Cole put flowers on his brother’s grave, Joe laid in his coffin.
    While Cole consoled Joe’s wife, Joe laid in his coffin.
    Then, after a week of mourning, Joe decided that he had diverged enough.
    He sat up.

    By Greenleaf on 04.28.2015

  11. Two racoons were riding a tandem bicycle…..and that is when i knew the drugs had kicked in….I’m not quite sure which drugs they were, the thoothless redneck had called it ‘rat dust’…but whatever it was….fucking powerful

    By Eric Herlihy on 04.28.2015

  12. The fiery haired twins walked slowly down Baker’s Street. They were perfectly in tandem with one another as they left muddy footprints on the paved walkway. Their amber eyes sparkled intelligently at passersby. Many stopped and stared at the two completely identical teenage boys, caked from head to toe in mud. They were sopping wet, but no less beautiful than usual.

    By Hope on 04.28.2015

  13. I don´t know because I never see before. It´s ridiculus for me but

    By Nivea on 04.28.2015

  14. What is a tandem, anyway? Is it anything of importance or is it simply useless? I really wonder about that. I think that it may be a topic of little importance.

    By Nandini Menon on 04.28.2015

  15. People think tandems are really old-fashioned, but they’re not. They’re actually really cool. A bit boring, but still really cool. Ever think about riding in a carriage. Well, a tandem is taht. you feel like your drifting through the stars.

    By MidnightAngel2003 on 04.28.2015