April 28th, 2015 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “deliberate”

  1. Did you think my actions were deliberate? Did you think if I could take it all back, I wouldn’t? The baseball bat that the bully wielded is red with blood now. His blood. I only wanted to hurt him. I wanted him to feel physically what I felt emotionally. I was fractured on the inside, like a split bone or fragmented glass. I thought striking the bastard would fix me. It didn’t.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.28.2015

  2. Purposefully, she picked up the mutant fuzzball. The fuzzballls sucurity guard, the corn dog ( deep fried) grew to the size of a giant cactus and kate was knocked out by the giant baseball bat.

    By Merry Smith on 04.28.2015

  3. Deliberate is a verb for me. I must deliberate all actions and possible consequences to try to minimize the problems in my life and the negative way people react to me. I am deliberate when I know how to handle a situation in a mindful way.

    By See on 04.28.2015

  4. “We need to take some time to deliberate.”
    That was the last thing I heard in passing. But why did they have to even discuss it – shouldn’t the answer be clear? But you’ve got to please everybody. You’ve got to make everyone think you’re considering their ideas, even if your mind is made up from the beginning.

    By Caroline on 04.28.2015

  5. She deliberated over the menu, her brow creasing in discomfort of the awkward sexual tension at the table. “I’ll have the… juicy, juicy, steak,” she winked, knowing her actions aroused the others at the dinner.

    By Jess on 04.28.2015

  6. I deliberate deliberately
    taking time to make the choices
    that create my next steps
    the steps closer to my last stop
    and i stop

    By chauntelle on 04.28.2015

  7. They were deliberate in their plans to nullify her creative identity. Each member of that jury was determined to deliberate on her fate and the outcome was always the same.
    That heavy oak branch fell that day, ripped from its foundation.

    By Jose Nieves on 04.28.2015

  8. I went to Port Authority looking for trouble. I was deliberate in my action to pick up the ‘hustler of the day.’ And I didn’t care what troubles he carried in his pants.

    By Jose "Red Cross: Nieves on 04.28.2015

  9. He tried to pass it off as a joke. She knew it was deliberate. She felt his words go through her body. Riding a wave of fear, the essence of each word found its mark and lodged in her heart.

    By Caysee URL on 04.28.2015

  10. Jamie sat, trying hard not to even move or blink or breathe too loudly, as she watched her grandfather carve the block of wood. His legs were bad–had been ever since a high school football innjury, her father told her once–and he walked with a cane. But his hands were strong and sure. With each firm stroke, he revealed more and more the shape of a bird hidden in the wood.

    By Yona on 04.28.2015

  11. I’ve taken the time I need on this, peel the layer of the onions back. Each has made me cry, and yet there is something deeper. I’ve taken the time I need. I’ve walked through the pain. I’ve not taken a drink, not emptied my sorrows on another man, not wasted this precious learning experience. The choice still exists, but by making the difficult choice, I’ve been given my freedom back.

    By emay URL on 04.28.2015

  12. Her whole demeanor was deliberate. The clothes she wore, the make-up she put on, the style of her hair, it was all deliberate. There was a statement that had to be made.

    By unconventional_lady on 04.28.2015

  13. “What a terrible accident.” Detective Inspector Robinson crouched near the victim, lifting the young man’s lapel with the tip of his pen to inspect the wounds.

    Detective Inspector Warren crouched next to her, gloves covering her pale hands as she held the jacket open.

    “It was no accident, it was deliberate. The strong slashes. Downward, as if the victim was already on the ground when the attacker struck. Vicious, downward strokes, over and over again. 17 times he was stabbed.”

    The inspectors were silent as they imagined the man’s last moments.

    “We think it was a women.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 04.28.2015

  14. think of something and then deliberate about whether you are going to do something or not. it’s always a tough decision or like using things – or about deciding what kind of life you are going to have. It’s about choice and choosing to do something – or about living in the now and really taking things seriously.

    By Jo Banks URL on 04.28.2015

  15. handsome, deliberate actions guided his hand, his gentle pink fingers strewn with rings, around something opal-hued and fizzing in a flute. but the chink in the fogged midnight sky shattered his illusion of opulence. there was a dull, sawdusty hue to Adam’s hair under the light that betrayed the rest of his appearance–even in his best suit. Adam Parrish was no shiny Virginia princeling like Gansey. he did not have the wicked glint in Ronan’s eye. The weak moonlight Adam’s midnight bell, dissolving him back into the trailer trash, tight lipped mechanic he loathed so much. The fizzy drink stayed in its flute.

    By Not Blue Sargent URL on 04.28.2015

  16. the cuts were very deliberate
    pincers making papery art
    of the green veins
    held up to the light,
    i believed in a god
    the design and spontaneity were so real
    tiny tiny carpenter
    soul architect

    By Kairn on 04.28.2015

  17. She doesn’t like to consult anybody else on her management decisions. The best choices are ones that remain free of influence from people who aren’t in a position to understand; she, of course, is the only person whose perspective is all-reaching enough to merit having an opinion. She comes across arrogant – even foolish in some cases.

    The CEO tells her she needs to be more forthcoming. She sits in his office in stilettos nearly as long as his forearm and takes a battering for the department’s losses, whether they’re heavy or slight; she has given up trusting other people’s judgements, as they’ve only made it worse. These days she carries the entire burden herself.

    On her face are the faintest little signs of cracks beginning to form. It’s only a matter of time, she thinks, before it all gives way to the flood.

    By Samuel on 04.29.2015

  18. Deliberate… What the heck does that mean? It makes me think of a big round table with lots of people trying to come to a hard conclusion. I bet it would turn into a fight too with swords and everything. Ching ching!

    By KhaosKitten on 04.29.2015

  19. deliberate is like thinking about something or doing something knowing full well what you are doing. it can also be that you know the consequences but still go ahead and do that thing.
    so its better to think first and then deliberately do something.

    By nitika garg on 04.29.2015

  20. It was an accident
    She didn’t do it on purpose
    She wouldn’t have
    She couldn’t have
    She would have told me
    She would have said
    She wasn’t okay
    She told someone else
    She went away
    It wasn’t an accident

    By Scarlett URL on 04.29.2015

  21. Racing toward the goal one thousand miles per hour with the laser beam focus of a radioactive photon.

    By kevin on 04.29.2015

  22. “No,” she pleaded, her voice cracking with fear. “NO!” The man lurked ever closer, grinning madly at the sight of the woman; bound by thick rope that cut into her skin. “Please, please…” She cried. “I have children…I have a husband…please let me go…” Her voice was choppy due to the sobs, and the tears that streamed down her face. But the man that crept closer did not care. Her pleas were drowned out by his urge to kill. To murder. So that’s what he did. Ax raised, he slammed it down, tearing right through her skull. Because on May 18th, 2007, that man had deliberately killed a mother. My mother.

    By Lucy Heartfilia on 04.29.2015

  23. As the court deliberated over the convicted felons previous crimes and the punishment he would now incur a feeling of unease passed over the courtroom. Mr. John Eames a career criminal with over 20 charges of fraud to his name sat in front of the judge laughing hysterically. The judge, and in particular the witness to the murder of Ms. Barnes were noticeably disturbed and at a loss for what to do. Unremorseful or insane was an argument being replayed over and over by the jurors

    By John Doe on 04.29.2015

  24. I deliberately do this one word for my writing everyday.

    By Brandon Avery on 04.29.2015

  25. She has been deliberate in her mission to show him her love all this time. And she was going to continue to see this through until he showed her whether or not he was as serious as he said he was.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.29.2015

  26. “Did you do it on purpose?” she asked. Tyrese squinted and drew back as if he’d been slapped. “What?” But she refused to repeat the question and her face transformed into steel. “Yeah…yeah, I did,” he finally admitted. When she simply nodded and dropped his house key on the counter, a a sense of relief washed over him.

    By Soft URL on 04.29.2015

  27. After awhile you don’t even realize how fast you’re going. Just wheels on pavement moving a vessel at a dangerous speed, one that could be deadly with one deliberate tug of the wheel.

    By asavas on 04.29.2015

  28. I like to be deliberate. I deliberately fail students when they don’t turn things in. To be deliberate is to act with purpose. Some students need to be more deliberate when they work on their homework. Show your work, check your answers, and pay attention to what you are doing. Why is that so difficult? I wish they could read directions. Stephen is very deliberate in clicking his mouse loudly.

    By Practice on 04.29.2015

  29. They still can’t decide;
    they never will,
    For the voices in my head were always pure contradiction–
    A massive chaos developed, perhaps, to keep the gears turning
    When all I sought was a shutdown.

    By Emily on 04.29.2015

  30. Rendered useless, they watch as steam rises up from the flames.

    By Intuition on 04.29.2015

  31. “You deliberately disobeyed me!” Mufasa said to Simba. PLOT TWIST: Mufasa was actually evil and Scar was saving Simba’s life. When a son listens to his father, he is endangering the God-given freedoms and natural right that everyone deserves. One should deliberately disobey any orders given them by immediate family, or risk establishing a communist, totalitarian, dictatorial regime in the comfort of their own homes – by accident.

    By Andy S on 04.29.2015

  32. I will do it on purpuse.

    By AVA on 04.29.2015

  33. im no gonna brag but people do call me that sometimes not gonna lie but you know there is alot of meanings for that word but what i mean for that word is very skillful and i had to look up the word because i didnt really know what it meant and then that was what came up!


    By shane URL on 04.29.2015

  34. Some members of the committee had actually suggested using the monster as a means of controlling the population; – a universally acknowledged but not clearly defined threat was essential to engendering loyalty among a population. It had been so for centuries. Morris was thoroughly shocked at this deliberate attempt to mislead, and control the colonists, but he kept his mouth shut. He knew that in a situation like this, actions spoke louder than words, and were harder to suppress.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.29.2015

  35. Deliberate is when something is analysed, so we can say the book was deliberated.

    By Pietro URL on 04.29.2015

  36. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IDK WAT TO WRITE, I CAN’T THINK, THE TIMER KEEPS GOING. i have to get better at this. i’ll try harder next time…

    By nina URL on 04.29.2015

  37. think about, pros cons, debate, consider and reconsider, all sides, all angles, other perceptions, whole brained, free, make decision, weigh

    By Lorraine on 04.29.2015

  38. you can’t deliberately hurt someone. Unless you’re a psychopath, you have to have some sort of moral responsibility to not hurt people. If you do, then rankly you’re just a bit of an asshole. People are programmed with a certain amount of mercy, and forgiveness. things that make them people.

    By Sarah URL on 04.29.2015

  39. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. The facts were lined up against the defendant. They were unquestionably, undeniably guilty. Society knew they were guilty, every single disbelieving juror in the room affirmed their guilt with the shake of a head . Guilt pulsed through their veins and was released in their nervous breath.
    But still, when given only a second to decide their fate, my heart sent these words tumbling out of my lips: “Not guilty.”

    By Shr on 04.29.2015