May 13th, 2013 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “taboo”

  1. Magic is wicked crazy yo

    By fish on 05.14.2013

  2. Taboo, its like tattoo but it has a B in it. It is a crazy word. I have no clue what it means but it sounds like a fluffy food.

    By Joey on 05.14.2013

  3. Taboo, its like tattoo but it has a B in it. It is a crazy word. I have no clue what it means but it sounds like a fluffy food. I like it because it sounds funny when you say it but Id love to figure out what it mans because then I can use it in the correct term.

    By Joey on 05.14.2013

  4. It’s all quite taboo,
    me and you.

    By Chris on 05.14.2013

  5. The voices of the ancients told of a taboo that would destroy the world

    By Jerri on 05.14.2013

  6. Game that my family loves to play on family night! friends and I play it to have fun at sleepovers.

    By Victoria Helvie on 05.14.2013

  7. Game that my family loves to play on family night! friends and I play it to have fun at sleepovers.

    By Victoria Helvie on 05.14.2013

  8. Taboo is a game shown as a person pressing a finger against his mouth I love to play it with my family and friends. It’s in my game room at home.

    By Victoria Helvie on 05.14.2013

  9. Taboo is a game show that shows families to get along better and its a great way to interact.

    By Porsche Anderson on 05.14.2013

  10. fabulous fancy pretty

    By Alaina on 05.14.2013

  11. The bad of society and what strays outside the norm are often explored by the “rebels” of society. But when your main livelihood is to track down and condemn these rebels one must face the question of whether or not one must be rebel themselves to enforce conformity.

    By Laurel Adkins on 05.14.2013

  12. What exactly is a taboo? Is it an animal, a person, a religion? Who knows? Not me!! I’ll try to find out if I can. I’ve never seen or heard of a taboo! Oh, well.

    By Morgan on 05.14.2013

  13. Over the weekend my family and I played taboo. it was very interesting game to play, especially with my family! All at once they would shout “TABOO”! It was quite something! I had a lot of fun though so it all was okay! :)

    By Westin URL on 05.14.2013

  14. What is taboo? I don’t know I would like to find out. Sounds like tattoo. Maybe it’s like a animal or religion…? I hope I can figure this out. It’s a fun word to say.

    By Morgan on 05.14.2013

  15. Faith. It used to be accepted, expected even in the public realm that faith is the basis of all we do in the name of freedom. But no more. It is unspoken, unfelt, and its impact has been given up, one small decision at a time.

    By Sandy URL on 05.14.2013

  16. Faith. It used to be accepted, expected, even in the public realm that faith is the basis of all we do in the name of freedom. But no more. It is unspoken, unfelt, and its impact has been given up, one small decision at a time.

    By Sandy URL on 05.14.2013

  17. Taboo…This word is one many people look to with a negative connotation. But if people just took the time to really look at it they’ll find the only thing taboo. Is their way of not accepting things.

    By W. Lewis on 05.14.2013

  18. Their love was something forbidden; yet she could not see it that way. Her mother could not stop her from loving him, could not make her feel that her emotions were some type of a taboo.

    By Mariel on 05.14.2013

  19. I think about this show that I’ve seen, about taboo subjects being talked about in public. I almost always have to watch this program when no one is around. It feels taboo to be watching a show about taboo subjects, like sexual relationships or marriages in prisons. Or suspending yourself from the ceiling with hooks and wires.
    I think we should be more open about wanting to be open about taboo. Does that make sense? Like, I want to share with you that I’m fascinated with the weird and bizarre, but I don’t want to be judged. I’m not saying that I personally would marry a prisoner, I’m just saying that I am interested enough to learn about it. My sense of curiosity is really big; can I share that with you?

    By Shannon on 05.14.2013

  20. Es war ein Tabu, diese frage zu stellen. NIEMAND dürfte es. Er wusste das, als er langsam seinen Stuhl zurückschob, sich mit den Händen an der Tischplatte abstützte und sich erhob.
    Niemand durfte diese Frage stellen.
    Die Strafen waren hart. Sehr hart.
    Ihm wurde einmal von einem Jugen erzählt, der die Frage gestellt hatte. Man hatte ihn weggeschleift und in einem Transporter weggefahren. Niemand hatte ihn je wieder gesehen.
    Also, wurde ihm bewusst, war das, was er im Begriff war, zu tun, ein Todesurteil für ihn.
    Nein, er würde wahrscheinlich überleben.
    Aber irgendwo in der Sklaverei dahinvegetieren.
    Trotzig erhob er den Kopf, drückte die Schultern durch, als er sich um Haltung bemühte und öffnete den Mund. Beinahe schwerfällig öffneten sich seine Lippen voneinander und er holte tief Luft, spürte, wie sie sich den Weg in seine Lunge bahnte.
    Und dann verließen die ersten Worte seinen Mund.
    Und er brach das Tabu.

    [aus akuter Inspiration nicht an die 1min Marke gehalten- You have my apologies]

    By BlueRay on 05.14.2013

  21. Taboo… nice program on… was it discovery or NGC??? I just love both the channels and can’t differentiate most of the times which one I’m watching… Taboo… I accept ;)

    By Hitesh on 05.14.2013

  22. My first thought was tattoo not taboo and I can’t get the vivid images of tattoos out of my mind! But focussing on taboo – well, very little seems to be taboo these days doesn’t it? Does that make me sound very old!? It is just that personal lives and shocking headlines are everywhere!

    By nc URL on 05.14.2013

  23. Things are wrong with this city, state, country, and world. Who are we? We do things wrong, and we do things correctly. We all fuck up. Some of us more so than others, but regardless we do. The question is, is anyone watching?

    By Lee on 05.14.2013

  24. I have a boner? Wait…

    By Mortimer Jacobs on 05.14.2013

  25. I think I like the thought of you,
    Or us,
    Or who we could be together.

    Of course, I’m just guessing
    Because I don’t really know you –
    But I’d like to,
    I just don’t know how to begin.
    And that’s what bothers me the most.

    By Abbey on 05.14.2013

  26. The taboo said she shouldn’t be here, but she was. And with that, she hopped over the fence and pulled up her shorts, fell into the grass and was soon fast asleep, with her notebook-and a smile on her face.

    By Kayla on 05.14.2013

  27. Oh. I can feel you underneath me, dispersing, white and paling with your skin turning into a shrill whisper. it’s always been like this: the strewn clothes like leaves, the guilt in your eyes. it goes like this: the wheels spin faster and faster and the lipstick prints I leave like paw tracks turn into a sign of how dirty I am, how I rubbed my feet across you like you were a carpet. I suppose everyone has their own reason for leaving.

    By mary on 05.14.2013

  28. Taboo. A word I use to describe the baby growing in my aunt’s belly. Nobody will talk about it. Nobody will acnowledge that it exists. Taboo. A baby that is expected to be ashamed of itself before it’s even born. Taboo. A dirty word of sadness. Unfairness.

    By Caitlin on 05.14.2013

  29. Voldemort’s name was Taboo’d in the 7th book. When you say it, you get caught, and arrested.

    Is that what Tabooing something is? Making sure someone’s name isn’t said in order to preserve…happiness??

    By Emmy Loo Hoo on 05.14.2013

  30. J’aime bien tester ce truc !

    By souma on 05.14.2013

  31. because you’re worth it? bullshit. there might be truth in it, there might not – no matter what, it’s a label that rejects understanding, and because of that it’s got no room in a perfect world. my perfect world?

    By a complete idiot on 05.14.2013

  32. She walks confidently, her red dress contrasting against the grey streets, buildings, and sky. Nothing about her seems provocative, but everyone knows. Everyone knows.

    By Nicole on 05.14.2013

  33. Hey! i got the word taboo again! isn’t that crazy? Oh. This is word of the day, so i got it before signing up so…oh…that makes more sense now. I get it! Tatoos are taboo in some places.

    By Nolimit21 on 05.14.2013

  34. taboo is something that you cant or shouldnt do drugs sexual orientation etc i dont think i have anything that taboo actualy maybe i do its all depending on context

    By kay URL on 05.14.2013

  35. Everything these days is taboo.nothing is sacred. An act of love is taboo. An act of anything but hate is taboo. What does that say about us? We are taboo.

    By Kaitlin Ruelas on 05.14.2013

  36. something that society thinks is wrong, something that we shouldnt do. it is a faux paus. it’s something we don’t talk about or ignore. what is taboo can change over time, as society changes. we decide what is taboo collectively.

    By marissa on 05.14.2013

  37. boobs chicken penguins on a hot summer day with a tree on an island and sand made out of sugar with waves of chocolate syrup on your grandmas keychain with a big ole pile of goat carcuses on a tuesday making love to the sky with my jean jacket pillowcase four eyed tv watching man.

    By aevrey on 05.14.2013

  38. People think that they know every thing about the world around . That is a lie. The world is bigger than most of us can imagine.

    By Vinicius Gonçalves on 05.14.2013

  39. strange

    By Sofia on 05.14.2013

  40. to be or not to be

    for me or for you

    round and round we go

    it was an it wasn’t

    By Minette Tonoli on 05.14.2013