May 13th, 2013 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “taboo”

  1. Sometimes mysterious things happen. Things, that for as long as you live you will never be able to explain. How did the Egyptians build the Great Pyramids? What about Easter Island? How on earth did anyone ever, ever come up with the quadratic equation? Why is “taboo” the word on One word for two days in a row? Isn’t there suppose to be a new one each day? Do they really expect me to write about the same thing twice in a row? Yes, indeed, life presents many mystery, the latter being the most pressing. :)

    By Sentito URL on 05.14.2013

  2. Blood on my lips tastes good
    A glass is cool and droplets glisten
    I have a conscience
    There’s a difference, between Decisions
    And taboo Thoughts

    By Saudade URL on 05.14.2013

  3. It was inappropriate, and the audience gasped almost at once. She shuttered, and remembered it was wrong. They stared at her, with their piercing, slit, eyes that told her just the extent of her damage. The word, the story, had she no manners? Such a touchy subject, that the little world lined in silk and refinery would surely shun her for the rest of her days.

    By Katie on 05.14.2013

  4. I have nooooo idea what this means but I shall take a guess. I am guessing it has to do with bamboo? Maybe? Orrrrrrr tigers…? Mixed with bamboo? Yeah… bamboo tigers…..

    *Yes I am sober

    By Niki Ghomashchi on 05.14.2013

  5. why is it always that word? I mean, this is not taboo anymore, we all talk about it now, I”ve got this word three times already. I can’t call taboo taboo anymore cause we talked about that word so much aint that a paradox then? im so confused

    By me on 05.14.2013

  6. Today It was a perfect day! I’m working very happy because next friday will be my last day at Pibernat Company. I’m so exited because next sun

    By lari on 05.14.2013

  7. Today It was a perfect day! I’m working very happy because next friday will be my last day at Pibernat Company. I’m so exited because next week i’m going to sart at KN.
    My friends are happy to me, and I know thath I will miss them! So,

    By lari on 05.14.2013

  8. The boy stood up, eyes watching, judging, he didn’t care. Yes, his pants were pink, yes, he wore make-up, yes, he may had a bra. He had a point to make and he wouldn’t stop until everyone heard him.

    By Coralie04 URL on 05.14.2013

  9. is ridiculous. how the hell are you supposed to get to know people and accept them for who they are if you can’t talk about certain things? it’s like you’re living life in the dark. life is too short for that. much too short

    By EmBark on 05.14.2013


    By mario on 05.14.2013

  11. You pull out the game box. Everyone is excited to play. You have the first turn. “Fish” it says. You bulb around and everyone laughs and so do you. They guess. They’re wrong, maybe next time you’ll do a better acting job.

    By Tiana Dueck on 05.14.2013

  12. I

    By tiana URL on 05.14.2013

  13. is it taboo to want real, all encompassing passionate love with just one other person?
    I have this feeling that all i want is you, but when I’m with you I feel like you’re suffocating me. This can’t be right, to have this overwhelming urgency to need something that only hurts you and makes you feel so little.

    By Delilah URL on 05.14.2013

  14. It was taboo and we both knew it too. I shouldn’t have done it, it was wrong and uncalled for. I have regretted our torrid affair every day since. I’m still reeling from the regret and shame I can’t even look at myself the same when I look in the mirror. All I see is the shame and regret reflecting back in my eyes.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.14.2013

  15. I dislike the word word “Taboo.” esp. with sex. I dislike it when something is said about taboo sex. Who cares if you like it in the butt. sex is sex and there is nothing taboo about that. Now, if you want to talk about ugly shoes…then I’m all game because that should be more “taboo” wearing ugly ass shoes when you have a friend and they can tell you…if not get a different friend.

    By Dorisday URL on 05.14.2013

  16. a game that dosen’t make sense to me, I do not find it very fun, sorry to the makers, but it is a confusing game that is boring and filled with nonsense. and not the good kind I may add

    By Dana Zavorka on 05.14.2013

  17. Intelligence… seems to be such a powerful tool. But it almost seems as though one day it will be supressed and sent to the debts and the darkness of the sea. We treat it like trash. Soon we will no longer know what it feels to know something that no one else knows

    By Massé on 05.14.2013

  18. Taboo? Taboo. Taboo, taboo, taboo. It’s all a taboo to me. This is what I’ve always sworn I would never do, always sworn I would never feel. I’ve always told myself I’m better off alone, and I think I am. But now I’m torn. I have a plan, places I want to go, a line I walk along and never planned to let go. But now I feel my feet slipping and I begin to wonder. I wasn’t wrong the first time- my taboo was right, and I should have never ignored it. But this is different. Isn’t it?

    By Ebony Bird URL on 05.14.2013

  19. what? things that people try to hide from their life while inside they are dying to know how it feels. a lot of things, i can’t explain. emmm different faith marriage? yeah maybe.

    By Oktaviana on 05.14.2013

  20. It’s taboo to piss yourself in public. I find that very frustating though. Why can’t I wet my jeans, not caring what the person syas behind me. I mean, sure it SMELLS. But, hey. Fuck it. YOLO.

    -Go piss yourself. It’s not taboo anymore,

    By Will on 05.14.2013

  21. Everything in life is taboo. Is there truly a right or wrong betwixt the extremities of evil and purity?

    By Sam on 05.14.2013

  22. taboo is a wrong word. one of those words that just really seems to grip your heart with its icy fist of despair. Makes you question whether or not you should. Whether or not you’ll regret it. Is anything really taboo after all? Probably not. Taboo is equivalent to fear. Fear. Or control. Control by fear.

    By Ladyrose URL on 05.14.2013

  23. Taboo is like something sweet but forbidden. Like the apple in Adam and Eve’s garden. It’s tempting but you know you shouldn’t take it. It slithers into your mind like a snake, twisting around your thoughts and suffocating you until you can’t think of anything else. It’s like you succumb to it.

    By shellularrr URL on 05.14.2013

  24. Divorce used to be taboo. And then it wasn’t. Now, I am divorced. When my marriage first crumbled, I was depressed and ashamed. Now, I have accepted it, but still, I sometimes feel like I failed at something really important that other people seem to have figured out.

    By Tanya B. URL on 05.14.2013

  25. My fiancee gives me the sweetest taboo like none other. I can not explain the way that he makes me feel!

    By Laugh4miles URL on 05.14.2013

  26. Taboo. embaressing. not allowed. against.
    Sammy lifson doesnt know what the fuck shes talking about
    Taboo is my short being too shrot and being called a slut but thats not feminism. femenism isnt about derading men and taking away their ability to speak about what they see

    By C on 05.14.2013

  27. sexy
    hot topics

    By RJ on 05.14.2013

  28. There are far too many taboos in this world. For the record, censorship does serve some rightful purposes. There are instances, and these aren’t rare, however, that we lose track of righteousness and just become paranoid people.

    By chrissygee URL on 05.14.2013

  29. taboo shampoo in the chlorophyll drain, soap suds and damp rugs at your foot, moist footprints on the tiles, the window chiming the linoleum, the oscillating fan pulling a sputnik, throwing comet-tails of dust in the air of your room.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.14.2013

  30. like nerds with simple purpose, we give reason and meaning to our current ideals. lost in who said what and wear saw who we prescribe meaning on opinions. stop doing this. taboo need not be.

    By kyote on 05.14.2013

  31. Some doors should never be open.

    Some things are forbidden for a reason.

    By LadyP URL on 05.14.2013

  32. He started talking about it, and she put a hand over his mouth.

    “Are you stupid? We don’t know who is here!” Her eyes quickly scanned the bar. No one had noticed their little scene. Yet.

    By Sarah URL on 05.14.2013

  33. Taboos are meant to be broken. Each period had it’s own and once they are broken mankind trullly progresses

    By julia on 05.14.2013

  34. It was wrong she knew. But she couldn’t help it. She had this huge urge to turn her step brother around and kiss him. To press herself into him as their lips urgently mingled, hungrily. But in the end I stopped myself just as he crossed the threshold of the door way. “And cut!” The director yelled. I walk over to the refreshments table to grab a quick bite before the next take. This movie sure is strange, but if it will help jump start my career I should be grateful.Whats that saying? Any work is good work.

    By Becca on 05.14.2013

  35. I didn’t want to dwell on it any longer than I had to. Without thinking of the long-term repercussions for breaking the taboo, I tore off my shoes and socks and waded knee-high into the swirling water.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.14.2013

  36. This word freaks me out and I don’t want to write about it, in case someone reads it…

    By Ben3 URL on 05.14.2013

  37. There’s a pause as I dip my hand into the toybox and dig for the word taboo.

    A figure balanced high, walks a daily tightrope. One foot after another. Concentrate and don’t look down. On one side lies the permissible, on the other side the taboo stretches.

    From this height, both sides empty away into black. One comforting, one confronting.

    I flick the rope. The figure wobbles.

    Silly little thing, doesn’t know the blackness beneath is all the same.

    By nytrist URL on 05.14.2013

  38. what is taboo? is it the old man with the dog and no teeth sitting on the side of the road, proclaiming that he has no job and no hope?
    what is taboo? Is it the girl and her boyfriend you see in the mall with facial piercings and multicolored hair, is it wrong because your grandmother would puke?
    what is taboo? is it a happy couple of the same sex with the same genitals and the same love that a man and woman would have

    By Haley on 05.14.2013

  39. She was told it was taboo to associate with him. They said he was strange, some even said the devil was in him. But she didn’t care. She followed him that night to the copse and watched him in the full moon light. He was naked and crouched low to the ground. Her footsteps alerted him. He looked up, his eyes red, shone in the dark.


    By Helen URL on 05.14.2013

  40. Something that isn’t accepted by the general community. It’s a no-no, people laugh, people comment, people aren’t happy. But who cares, if you are safe, healthy and happy, give it a go I say! Taboo is a result of a community, not your own response :)

    By test on 05.14.2013