May 14th, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “shoulder”

  1. her shoulders were bare and her head empty. ‘why did i even go there in the first place?’ she couldn’t stop pondering. worrying. ‘is it me or is it just this place that’s without a soul?’

    By a complete idiot on 05.15.2013

  2. gibe me your shoulder to cry on. become the shoulder where i can sleep peacefully. give me the strength of your shoulders. i’ll stand on your shoulders and see the world. no need for a trip.

    By Sarang Kawade URL on 05.15.2013

  3. its a really big thing that holds part of our body together . i dont particularly like mine but i guess i might just have to go with it . see i dont really think much about them but i guess they are pretty improtant they can be boney or whatever but i think some are unccomfortable.

    By bailey on 05.15.2013

  4. i need to rest on your shoulder. i have had an awful day and although it looks kinda bumpy and you may have a sunburn, i really just need a place to lay my head. my tears can fall from my cheeks and land on your freckled skin. maybe they will help cool down the fiery sting the sun left behind. please.

    By Brigid on 05.15.2013