May 12th, 2013 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “auburn”

  1. Daisy May Calhoun; everything about her was perfect. From her bleached white teeth to glistening auburn hair, no one would ever suspect that she was anything but pristine. But beneath her superficial beauty lurked a secret that was so ugly, so incredibly hideous that it would surely be the end of her world as she knew it if it were ever to surface.

    By Mariel on 05.13.2013

  2. in the sun the weather felt more cool than in the sad. It was autumn and my hair was set a briliant shade of auburn against the afternon rays. I felt today would never end given the time lapse while in my drunken nap.

    By lauren URL on 05.13.2013

  3. Turn around.

    I couldn’t see anything. A crowd of people blocking my view, that splendid view but only lasting for a fleeting second. I wished and called inside my head. Turn around and let me see your face.

    But all I could remember was her auburn hair. And nothing more.

    By Sam Cruz URL on 05.13.2013

  4. Auburn hair that falls in graceful waves down her back. That flies with the wind. That glints in the sunlight, its colour richer than gold.

    By Spova on 05.13.2013

  5. her hair fell over her shoulder, catching the sun and reflecting back diffuse auburnsparkles blah blah blah, that sounds like shit. what is even happening right now, how can it not be 60 seconds yet

    By g URL on 05.13.2013

  6. The dust in this desert burns my eyes. I’m not sure whether its the heat of the sediment, or if its the fiery color. I truly wonder if i’m in hell. I look for a sign, nope, its just Nevada.

    By Ariah URL on 05.13.2013

  7. Auburn can mean so many different things if you think about it very hard… however I find all these things romantic in a tired way. As in, too romantic. Auburn hair; auburn trees; auburn eyes etc. Perhaps those are just the contexts I have found the word in so I should put some effort in to alter its subjective meaning.

    By Georgia Iacovou on 05.13.2013

  8. HAHAHA I thought this said album so I started writing about album instead. I should have kept it but I deleted it. Out of embarrassment? I’m not sure…

    By ARacingMind on 05.13.2013

  9. The Hills? I love Detroit for its decaying rust colored (Auburn) oldness. I hated when I heard the GM execs, who wouldn’t have a friggin jo

    By Lee URL on 05.13.2013