March 6th, 2012 | 535 Entries

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535 Entries for “swing”

  1. a swing set is cool when i was a lil boy but now its kinda boring its also a dance
    -by the king tre
    -garon still sucks AT LIFE :)

    By ThEkiNgTrE URL on 03.07.2012

  2. When I was little I used to swing every day at recess. I would feel free and happy and the wind that flows all around you is such a comforting feeling that nothing else can give you. Those recess swings were my freedom from my peers, my teachers and all of the rules that came with being little. What I would give to be on those swings again even with the rules…

    By Shelby E on 03.07.2012

  3. the swing is hanging in the tree. It is longing for me to come. I want so much to go use the swing. How fun is a swing on a warm summer day. You sitthere waiting to go high in the sky. Back and Forth. Back and Forth goes the swing.

    By christy on 03.07.2012

  4. I love to SWING!!!!!!!!! Its so amazing. And super fun!!!!???????!!!!!!!

    By zebra woman URL on 03.07.2012

  5. i wish i could have a swing in my yard. i would go up and then d

    By S-man URL on 03.07.2012

  6. As the swing went higher and higher, I felt my spirit start to soar. No wings but the air cradled me as I continued to let my imagination soar with the eagles. Higher and higher… louder and louder… until my creativity is all you can hear.

    By Shannon Steffen URL on 03.07.2012

  7. THere once was a swing at my house. I like to swing on the swing. It’s really fun to do.

    By Izzy URL on 03.07.2012

  8. The school took away our swings and took them to the other school.

    By kamator12 URL on 03.07.2012

  9. Swing a bat at a cat a fat cat. Or s-man swing up then d

    By Tree URL on 03.07.2012

  10. swings are fun. I have been on multiple swing sets. you can swing side to side if you pull the right chain then the left chain, and repeat.

    By just582 URL on 03.07.2012

  11. i hope the wind will stop cause it yesterday when i got off the bus the wind was pushing me the way i was goging it made me move faster

    By kittens URL on 03.07.2012

  12. Swing. Swings are fun.

    By Cody on 03.07.2012

  13. dance move people dancing parties academy party body hands legs woman flex

    By rossie on 03.07.2012

  14. your hips to the music, dance like you will.
    swing from one life to another, and watch it grow
    use your momentum to swing you to the sky and beyond, you can reach the moon and even the stars.

    By Anon on 03.07.2012

  15. He shook the headphones off his ears when the music’s unpalatable tang sank into his tastebuds. Sometimes he wonders why heartbroken people still listen to songs that tell them terrible things about love. Sometimes, he wonders why he still joins their “martyrs” horde. But he muses, maybe that’s what real love is. You let your past swing from the tangles of your aching heart and be okay with it…because pain is an important part of the package.

    By Airiz URL on 03.07.2012

  16. Yesterday I jumped out of my grey Honda and approached the swing set. I hated being an adult, but there is a tiny moment of great youthful energy that hits my stomach when I begin to swing. I cannot keep going on in a world of cubicle, I need my youth.

    By Krisi URL on 03.07.2012

  17. Swing, I roared into the sky, the sun on my toetips. Whoosh, down I went the ground scrolling by. Particles of sand flying as my tennis shoe scraped the ground. Up again to see the edge of the world pass through my arc. Swing, swing, swing.

    By Surrenderpity on 03.07.2012

  18. She made her toast. Her coffee. Grabbed her book and a blanket. Balancing everything, she walked out to the patio swing, and smiling as her dogs hesitantly jumped up to sit with her as she watched the sun rise.

    By Paige on 03.07.2012

  19. it’s about changing parteners, if yours is ugly and undesirable. you can try the hot neighbourn, or the cute cousin.

    By vikingsquirrel on 03.07.2012

  20. i sit on its hard flat cold seat. feeling the air caress my face i want to swing into the beyond. i want time to fade away behind me trailing into nothingness. i love freedom.

    By Samuel Coleman on 03.07.2012

  21. swing lo sweet chariot. this is an old negro spiritual. its about the slaves finding ways to be free which is expressed in the line ‘coming forth to carry me home’ that is all.

    By Herschell on 03.07.2012

  22. i walked to that swing. that awful, horrible hanging swing.
    it was here where i found her. and it is here where they came to get me.

    By maria on 03.07.2012

  23. in the breeze in a meadow tied to a tree, free, like flying, with wind. Back and forth there is really no other direction but it’s higher every time like flying. Sun dresses and flowing hair. Summer romance.

    By Michaela Gutierrez on 03.07.2012

  24. Swing is a type of music. Swing music is very upbeat and energetic. You can also swing on a swing at the park. Sometime I used to go just sit on a swing by myself and think or read.

    By Damaris URL on 03.07.2012

  25. She sat on the wooden slat, tied between robes and hooked over the tree limb. Her legs dangled carelessly as she watched the laces on her pink sneakers bob up and down.

    By Nina URL on 03.07.2012

  26. I look upon the pendulum with curiosity
    The Sword of Damocles swings not for me
    For couriers will not be bound to anything
    but their freedom; their movements
    There are no great Kings
    Only men tied to swamp bottom seats

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.07.2012

  27. I swing by myself, at the edge of the precipice. What is holding me, I do not know. Mysterious strings hold me; Up and down, I see the enormous landscape in front of me. What’s behind me, it doesn’t matter

    By dorpenheimer on 03.07.2012

  28. There was time when I thought that maybe this kind of thing wouldn’t work. But, it is. A kiss around a swing can change everything for someone, even someone like me. It’s amazing how one kiss changes everything, everything for the better. I’m in love and it’s the best feeling in the whole world.

    By Kaitlan on 03.07.2012

  29. Breezes blew through the garden, setting the swing in motion. Eden gazed outside, wishing she were allowed to play outdoors on such a beautiful day. But her illness kept her housebound, as her aunts were certain the child would catch her death from playing amongst the pollen-filled plants.

    By ritajuanita URL on 03.07.2012

  30. It hung on the last branch before the forest ended; the rope frayed and dangerous-looking. The tire was grey and flaking with age, a microcosm of insect life spawning in the dull stale water in the bottom. It hadn’t drained in years.

    By Jen Sullivan on 03.07.2012

  31. Could go one way, could go the other way, he thought, standing on the bridge looking out onto the rainy bay. The vote is what counts. My life in the hands of millions.

    By campaign on 03.07.2012

  32. Pushing harder each time, Mike sent his daughter Ariel flying in the swing. “Wheeeeeee!” she cried gleefully. “Higher, Daddy, higher!” To the stars and beyond, thought Mike.

    By Rick Colby on 03.07.2012

  33. Swing around up down be yourself forget all the bull and just have fun, why worry about it, life’s too short!

    By trulydi on 03.07.2012

  34. the rhythm of swing pieces works differently. there are different up beats and down beats. there are different feelings that work through your mind, pulse through your fingers, and play themselves into sounds. different thoughts flit into your fingers and dance their way into the air.

    By Radhika on 03.07.2012

  35. A sort of dance and music. It has something light in it. Something that makes me happy. It remindes me of my childhood. It has many different meanings.

    By Tash on 03.07.2012

  36. This for me describes some kind of dancing. With a simple and fluffy slow swing from here to there. Sounds like something soft, in the face, in the air and in my body. Something cute with a swing.

    By Estefania URL on 03.07.2012

  37. The metal seat could have been uncomfortable, but the sheer exhilaration of flying made it all worth while. He pushed off as hard as he could, quickly expanding his arc until he was up near the top pole.

    By Franklin on 03.07.2012

  38. Swing is what I used to do when I was little. I especially liked swinging from tire swings when you knew that you could spin and spin and get so dizzy that you couldn’t stand up straight afterwards.

    Swing is the dancing that I did when I was little. Dancing to The Beatles with my dad.

    By Sara on 03.07.2012

  39. when i was little i fell on a swing broke my hand and my elbow it sucked that day i felt like my world came crashing down before me and the pain was ridiculous i didnt want to live another day. went to see the doctor he said id be fine with a cast for three months but i couldnt wait to get back on that swing again. it made me feel alive

    By priscilla gomez on 03.07.2012

  40. She swings happily, then sadly. A constant undulation of emotions that move as she does up and down. The swing reminds her of him. Happy then sad. Swinging up and then down. Joy, and freedom, followed by sadness and doubt and fear. And the ground. The hard, hard ground.

    By Emily on 03.07.2012