March 6th, 2012 | 535 Entries

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535 Entries for “swing”

  1. the swing set set a dawn and made me smile like a kid who just received a star. it was a great feeling knowing that i had made a difference with the swing in my hand. it was a great feeling knowing that you changed your mind. knowing that you thought differently about something you thought differently about. i loved the smile you gave me when you flew into the air, like some sort of twisted bird who realized life was to short to be concerned about being twisted.

    By Savannah on 03.07.2012

  2. He swung in the park after playing in the water. He also went on the slide. The swing contains a seat, chains, and a person would moves their legs bath and forth to get up high in the air.

    By Kelly on 03.07.2012

  3. Swing on the wind in a rubber strap on chains. Breeze through your hair as you go further, higher in an effort to touch the sky. Lick the clouds, taste a rainbow. So sweet.

    By Satyva on 03.07.2012

  4. I loved to swing when I was a kid. It was great to see how high I could get. Now it makes me feel sick, so I can only swing slightly, and definitely not twist and unwind, which makes me dizzy. I was always good at giving underducks, too. When I’m at recess, the kids like to get underducks from me because I’m so tall, but I have to be careful not to push them too high just in case they aren’t holding tight and fall off.

    By Sara on 03.07.2012

  5. I like to swing dance and and swing around the dance floor.
    I like to swing dance… yeah!
    Swing dancing is my jazz.
    How about you, do you swing dance?
    Music everywhere.
    People everywhere.
    Swing dancing.

    By Quincy Hall on 03.07.2012

  6. She sings of cheriots swinging softly and it’s not fitting. Not with funerals and bagpipes breaking in the middle. She says grief moves her in a different kind of way. I’m still waiting for the ripples in the bird bath to stop, the rain relentless in the early evening of April.

    By DMM on 03.07.2012

  7. Swings are awesome. They’re very fun to play on, no matter how old you get. Sometimes, if the swing breaks underneath of you, it can be really embarrassing or funny depending on who is watching. If a friend is watching and you’re just out having fun, then it’s funny. If it’s somebody that you don’t know very well, it’s embarrassing.

    By Lea on 03.07.2012

  8. Swing batta batta batta, swing! The Amish kids stamp their fists in their gloves in anticipation. The swing! It’s a hit! Line drive!

    By JT on 03.07.2012

  9. The kids were at the park like they usually were, but this time something was different about them. They didn’t have that usual elation that usually was so apparent on their faces and I wondered why. The park seemed the way it always had, but it was missing something. The only thing I noticed was the absence of their favorite swing…

    By Bradley on 03.07.2012

  10. I like to swing I like to sing I like to swing swing.

    By connor URL on 03.07.2012

  11. i like to swing on a swiing…. i feel retarded 2day becus i just do ha ha =) hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    By llamachick URL on 03.07.2012

  12. a swing is something fun to go on when ur board.

    By colby on 03.07.2012

  13. I like to swing with my best friend ever!!!!!!!! she likes to swing with me too! she will always be my swinging friend.

    By embell URL on 03.07.2012

  14. When i here swing i thing of a park because the swing sets.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 03.07.2012

  15. i swing back and fourth in my swing . i swing back and fourth in my swing . and no i dont like katty pery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By drl URL on 03.07.2012

  16. Swings are fun you get to swing on them and have fun and you push people and have a blast with swings that are so much fun! I Love to be on swings they are so much fun!

    By vb4life URL on 03.07.2012

  17. i used to always swing on bars at my primary school.

    By diamondsss URL on 03.07.2012

  18. on a playground, dancing, porch swing on a big front porch with brooks, circle swing at the farm with spencer, in the backyard; boat swing

    By Carly URL on 03.07.2012

  19. Ray swings back and forth on his swing while listening to Katy Peery.

    By shadow61 URL on 03.07.2012

  20. i like to swing on swings a swing is a toy where you swing on

    By phill URL on 03.07.2012

  21. I broke my arm on a swing. It all started when I started swinging really high and then………and that’s how I broke my arm.

    By snowboard addict URL on 03.07.2012

  22. swing to and fro
    under the skyline
    watch the people pass
    like shadows

    By paige URL on 03.07.2012

  23. Swing back and forth between the one you long and the one you can’t seem to listen to. My beauty, you are good, through and through. Listen to yourself. Iptaquin – there are words here for you. Trust this. Life is beautiful. You are a good thing happening.

    By Adesola URL on 03.07.2012

  24. people are trying to be in with swing and out with the old fashion swag..evil people like the almighty aplle who likes to at people for a living and have no mercy on poor souls like the colbmeister who has no chance at all against those horrid souls.

    By ddawg7 URL on 03.07.2012

  25. have u ever gotten on a swing with 2 other people ( don’t do that )

    By sparklychick URL on 03.07.2012

  26. she would swing on the tree…looking into the valley below. She saw the flowers and the orange trees and wanted to let go and dive into the forever that waited below. a bird flew by and she wondered if that would ever be her

    By Edt on 03.07.2012

  27. Back and forth he swings, the world shifting as his view changes. Higher and higher he goes, feeling as though he could touch the sky. The swing creaks, a sign of it’s age, and along with his growing fear of heights, he begins to fear the stability of his vehicle.

    By Sara LInsse on 03.07.2012

  28. On my way home I stopped by a park. I noticed a small swing set with two seats, one broken and dangling, the other swaying just slightly in the wind. I could remember how fun the swings were when I was a kid, so I sat down and had a go.

    Swings aren’t fun when you’re an adult.

    By Myles on 03.07.2012

  29. The playground was filled with the sound of laughter, scraps of conversations floating across the asphalt and through my consciousness. “Push!” said a small child. But no one came. “Push, push, push!”

    By bmansky on 03.07.2012

  30. i swing west in the sunset as the rest of the world stands still. time just passing by while i grow older. why does this happen. it only seems to happen to me. i swing west with the sunset just by me.

    By elena on 03.07.2012

  31. We had a swing set when we were kids that my folks bought from the the room school I went to for 4 years after it closed. It was huge, with cement blocks to hold the feet so it wouldn’t fall over. We spent many many hours on those swings. It even moved when we did when I was in 6th grade.

    By Jeanne on 03.07.2012

  32. That’s how much she thought of “us.” Said it would be five years or so and then we could plan for the fall-apart. Guess it didn’t last that long. She went off into the peace corps or something. I stayed in town – a legendary drunk. I prefer to just sleep around now.

    By Bryan URL on 03.07.2012

  33. Swinging back and forth between reckless joy and silly humor and tense frustration. Everything seems so bright and cheery one moment, but some time later I find I’m nervous and worried and just a little bit angry.

    By Jessica on 03.07.2012

  34. i could hear him coming, i knew that i wanted him to be with me. I looked back and he smiled, he walked to me and moved the swing lightly. I smiled back at him. I loved him in every way possible, even when there were things that were wrong about us.

    By Elena on 03.07.2012

  35. The word swing immediately brings me to my childhood. I think back to memories of swinging on the swing set in the summer. I had a really great childhood and should thank my parents more for it.

    By Elizabeth on 03.07.2012

  36. Am I lound and clear? or am I breaking up? Am I still your charm? or am I just bad luck? Are we getting closer or are we just getting more lost? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first. Let’s compare scars I’ll tell youwhose is worse. Lets sun write these pages in the place of our old hearts. We live on front porches and swing life away. We get by just fine here on minimum wage. If love is a labor I’ll slave till the end. I won’t cross the streets till you hold my hand.

    By Rebecca on 03.07.2012

  37. Pump your legs. back, foreward. foreward, back. just like you learned that foggy christmas eve. swing, pump, jump. fly, fly like a bird, and soar.

    By Eric La Rosee on 03.07.2012

  38. I went on a swing when I was little. My grandmother pushed me on that swing and for some reason I still remember that day extremely well. She passed away a while ago, but swinging on a swing reminds me of her. Swings are probably my favorite thing at a park. I love getting butterflies in my

    By Chelsea on 03.07.2012

  39. Two grown up kids and free reign of one playground: A see saw, up and down, up and down. A slide: climb and slide! A swing set: back and forth, back and forth! Push! Push! One experience feeling like a child all over again!

    By Megan on 03.07.2012

  40. swing a ling, they swang on the swing
    with the grass tickling their feet
    the wind twirling through their hair
    they knew not to forget this moment
    breathing in the sweet, fresh air

    By Ash on 03.07.2012