March 5th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “professional”

  1. Lucy was hardly a professional, but that didn’t seem to matter to the rest of the team. Her creativity and ingenuity seemed enough to keep the whole project together. Now, if only she could convince her brother to help them with the last few details. They would definitely be successful then.

    By ritajuanita URL on 03.06.2012

  2. a teacher is a professional

    By Amy Pendleton on 03.06.2012

  3. I’d like to become a professional historian. There’s nothing more I’d like to than go to the South and write about Southern culture during the civil war. It’s weird, but we can’t all be the same!

    By Norway on 03.06.2012

  4. A professional is someone who is an expert in their particular field or class of study. I am not a professional of anything, to be perfectly honest. I think professional’s have done a lot to get where they are now and will continue if their passion is in their work.

    By Heather Huffman on 03.06.2012

  5. Sometimes I like to think that I conduct myself professionally. Ultimately I end up fooling myself and start laughing uncontrollably.

    By Kasey on 03.06.2012

  6. professional. like not getting attached. not getting emotionally invested. behaving yourself. i am a professional at loved. not attached, not emotional, well behaved. i am polite and curteous on first dates. I listen, and i requite compliments. I don’t want to be a professional. I want to be new. I want to be excited, attached, involved. this is passion.

    By Rianna Bazzinotti on 03.06.2012

  7. i am very professional and i want to be professional. like one direction, of course. i eat food professionally. i live professionally. not really. but close enough. this seems professional. haha. this is professional. i wish that i was a professional teacher or something. with a professional job and all that. i can’t write professionally because i have no capitals. but i can write with punctuation and correct grammar.

    By jojo on 03.06.2012

  8. tre shropshire is the beastiest professional an garon howard sucks at being a professional

    By BooBooCupcakeGaronHoward URL on 03.06.2012

  9. professionalism is what business people do. fancy suits and briefcases in small cramped offices. It is also what garbage peopel do..artists…writers….butchers. professional is different depending on where you are and on who you are.

    By Amy on 03.06.2012

  10. These days you dont find much professional about the world. People wake up and just throw on whatever they think looks half ok and go on about their day. They aren’t curtious or kind.

    By Jessica Hite on 03.06.2012

  11. The professional athlete is one who is respectful, responsible and knows exactly how to perform on the field and off. A professional in the business sense is also the same way, one who acts with the best of character and is a mentor to the young people.

    By j.renee on 03.06.2012

  12. Let’s stop hiding behind the facade of professionalism and start treating coworkers like they’re real people. I work in an office that most business grads would shudder at. People make jokes, they tell personal stories, they ask “how’s it going” and really mean it. Sometimes a swear word flies out, sometimes tempers flare while working on a project and voices are raised and then resolution is reached and a compromise made.

    What’s wrong with that? Why must we work in a clinical world where people refuse to see colleagues as human beings: flawed and hurting and with hopes and dreams just like me.

    There is a time and a place for “being professional” – in a boardroom, in a client meeting, on an interview. But those are just the niceties of formal interactions, and more often than not, professionalism gives us a shield behind which to hide our insecurities. There’s nothing wrong with that. BUT… once the boardroom has cleared, or the job is landed, let’s treat each others like people.

    Tell a joke. Admit frustrations. Drop the corporate facade and free yourself to be the person that is uniquely you! There’s only one of you – don’t rob your colleagues of the perspective that can only come from you.

    By Ninner on 03.06.2012

  13. This professional dude came up to me the other day and smiled. He looked creepy but I smiled back. It was the polite thing to do.

    By 7deadlykases on 03.06.2012

  14. professional grade items are the best of the best for the job they are designed for. but sometimes you can’t always trust what the box says.

    By just582 URL on 03.06.2012

  15. it’s hard to stay professional. keep it professional. like i feel like i’m drowning. dying. flying and about to crash, what am i doing with my life? all i want to do is sleep and play and play and sleep and run and eat chinese food. i’ve found myself in this downward spinning cycle once again.

    By Abra URL on 03.06.2012

  16. i am not a professional what is a professional anyway? you can be a professional at anythiing you do. i like being a professional funny person and maybe i can write about being funny in a professional way. what is funny professional? a person is a funny professional.

    By allie on 03.06.2012

  17. A professional is a person that is very good at what he does. I always imagine professionals as sexy men who wear suits and are cool. I would like to be a professional one day and be sexy and an expert in my area of work.

    By Lilium on 03.06.2012

  18. once upon a time, there was a woman who was a professional linedancer, but then she lost her legs in a car crash and couldn’t dance. she got soooo upset and everybody in the village she lived in came to her house and tried to cheer her up with flowers and chocolate, but nothing worked and a month later she killed herself.

    By emilie on 03.06.2012

  19. Someone who has studied for a long time and it very good at their specific job and field. you would go to a professional for certain advice on subjects. well educated individuals. Trustworthy. integrity. knowledgable.

    By katey on 03.06.2012

  20. bleh

    By amucha on 03.06.2012

  21. I’m not a professional by any means, at anything. I think it’s something like wisdom, where you can’t say that you have wisdom or that you’re a professional unless you’ve been dubbed as such by someone else. And I don’t think I’ve been dubbed professional in anything. . . except being a professional asshole. No joke, when a girl said that to me, I didn’t get it at first, cuz I’m like, a nice dude and whatever, but man. . . that made me laugh. To think that I was elite at raising blood pressure and sending ladies to their friends with “Listen to what he said to me. . . ” stories.

    By Travis URL on 03.06.2012

  22. Professional means experienced or proficient. You can be a professional carpenter, a professional worker, or a professional anything.

    By Damaris URL on 03.06.2012

  23. smart, power suits, strong, idenpendent, money, downtown, cash, bare bitches

    By jayne on 03.06.2012

  24. I need a professional to come and direct this play and help to dictate directions to the coming in and going out of all these children who need to be directed. A professional who will gift us with ideas and direction.

    By J on 03.06.2012

  25. i’m a dick. i dont care about my family. i do everything for money? no way! i do it because i.. well i need the money
    shut up.
    okay so i spend some time away, what do you do?
    i dont care what you do, i’m busy.
    why is everything purple?

    By Adam Wolnski on 03.06.2012

  26. A professional person works in areas such as medicine, law and sciences. These professions are generally expected to be jobs for ‘men’. Under Mussolini’s government women were discouraged from these jobs and told to focus on more domestic jobs.

    By Ally on 03.06.2012

  27. executive and doctors. well dressed and money making people. well educated and broad vocabulary. school oriented.

    By Ana on 03.06.2012

  28. Armored with bracelets galore and necklaces aplenty, the girl hardly looked like a professional anything, except perhaps slacker. Yet as the music caressed the fringes of her consciousness and compelled her body to bob and bounce, she fell into step beside her muses and unleashed creativity upon an unsuspecting page. Indeed, every time the young writer set to work, she proved many an adage about books and covers.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.06.2012

  29. people who are professional don’t have as much fun as people who allow imagination and childish wonder to stay in their lives. to be professional is to let life be serious and if you are professional all the time then your life would be no fun.

    By candice on 03.06.2012

  30. a professinal is someone that sits down everyday and does the work no matter what no excuses not about how they feel. if they feel sad happy angry excited in the mood or as far away from the mood as the sun to the moon..they do the work..there is no one right way to be professinal..the only way to be professianl is to do the work…and to do it your way.

    By ajloopy URL on 03.06.2012

  31. this a word that describes people who waste their entire lives devoted to one subject or skill, something i never really aspire to be. It’s far too limiting

    By Shaun Waldie on 03.06.2012

  32. I am a professional procrastinator. I use websites and applications, such as this one, to waste time and avoid working on my ever-growing task list. As soon as I can figure out how to get paid to do this, I will be rich!

    By MsWrite on 03.06.2012

  33. He was a professional berry picker in a small town in france. One day he met a butterfly. She said “I love you”. He smiled and continued picking his berries till the sun said “Bonne Nuit” on the lavender colored hills.

    By Natasha Kozaily URL on 03.06.2012

  34. A woman walks briskly down the sidewalk, suitcase swinging in one hand, the streetlights spilling over the shoulders of her tuxedo like syrup over pancakes. A string of students, laughing, spilling over the grass, hopping down and up the curb, suddenly goes quiet and turn their heads, wondering where she was going on a Friday night like this.

    By Holden URL on 03.06.2012

  35. you think you see me, but are you profesional enough to relly look? to see past all the nois, and the desperat dogs bearking? to se the small, invisible things that i would call perfect and glorios, and use it, polish it, to really make it shine?

    By Annie on 03.06.2012

  36. Mary dressed in her most professional suit. Very professional, she thought as she saw a stain on the coat. It was from her cat. Mary was a very sad, boring cat lady. At least I’m professional, Mary said to herself sarcastically.

    By Maddie on 03.06.2012