March 7th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “demonstration”

  1. what i have in mind i will show you some good picture and you’ll see and now you will understands what you have to learn

    By jonathan brien on 03.08.2012

  2. It’s something that explains things. Gives you something to look at, to feel, to really know more than just reading about it on or in the paper. It can be very exciting to do and watch. Gives you something to do.

    By Estee on 03.08.2012

  3. Walking the streets, protesting for something you believe in. Showing a child how to do something new. Teaching. Pictures, words, charts.

    By Kim on 03.08.2012

  4. love. love is the most powerfull thing in the world. if there was no love. the world would be a dark and gloomy place, desperate and small. crying like a little child that has lost his toy.

    By lida on 03.08.2012

  5. something you do to show someone else how to do something. showing others an example for something. show complete excellence in a subject or area by presenting your skills on it.

    By sara on 03.08.2012