May 1st, 2009 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “sweep”

  1. sweep me off my feet as cliche’ as that sounds
    but then again i suppose chicle’s are cliche’s because they have some form of truth to them. and i suppose that saying that’s cliche’ is a bit cliche’ ironic is it not? but whatever what can you do? i think it’s bad that more questions are being asked than answered.

    By mike reyes on 05.02.2009

  2. to sweep them off their feet, blow them away, leave nothing but emotion on the table and go.

    By gijo on 05.02.2009

  3. I swept the floor tlike there was no tomorrow. Everything was riding on this. If the floor could not be clean, then nothing could be right. I had to walk on this floor. If this floor was dirty, everything would be fucked up. I guess this was my weird form of therapy, my little OCD way of dealing with things. It wasnt even that bad of a situation, but sweeping kept me busy.

    By Catherine Ball on 05.02.2009

  4. my mom made me go into the kitchen because i was grounded and i had to sweep the every part.

    By nathan on 05.02.2009

  5. Sweep goes the broom, like the memories I’ve swept from my room, the pages never to be seen again, the love and tears an angst. And here I sit, with my little broom, praying and hoping and wishing that Soon OH so soon that maybe, one day, I can sweep you into my arms.

    By kate on 05.02.2009

  6. Keene Ahnung wat een sweep iss, vielleicht ein Schaf oder eine Ente, wahrscheinlich ein Tier. Oder eine Werkzeuch? Dann wäre das ein Schwep. Mit einem Schwep öffnet man

    By borekito on 05.02.2009

  7. Friendship is like sweeping. Sometimes you miss the good spots, and they stay there, for good sometimes. Othertimes, you are sweeping, and without realizing it, you’ve swept up something very important, and yet, now it’s gone. Don’t forget to treasure what the broom forgets to collect in it’s final sweep.

    By Kelly on 05.02.2009

  8. dust dreams into little clouds
    wafting in breath-breezes so soft
    wonderous debris sails moonward
    as the feathered wings that dance aloft

    By ateThirteen on 05.02.2009

  9. i hate sweeping. i don’t really know why, but i absolutely hate it. i don’t mind vacuuming too much and i don’t mind mopping at all, but i feel like sweeping is a super huge waste of time. i understand it gets dusty and such, but really? mopping will get rid of the dust anyway! it’s totally pointless, i think.

    By Deena on 05.02.2009

  10. the sweep of a womans skirt as she dances in the moonlight
    the broom she sweeps with
    the man who sits and watches
    why does he watch? why does he like the silence
    and he rhythmic humming?

    By ellem on 05.02.2009

  11. i dont like to sweep cuz i end up making more of a mess than what i started with. it gets annoying and i hate using the dust pan. that thing is on of the most annoying things ever invented!!!!!

    By jacobo on 05.02.2009