April 30th, 2009 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “tea”

  1. Chai, tizzanes: friendship family culture all centre around the ceremony of tea. It may be simple or elaborate. It is all about hospitality and sharing. Talk of everyday events, troubles and joys also collaborations and decisions all create our world around a cup of tea.

    By Christine Gamble on 05.01.2009

  2. if he’d have seen it in the tea leaves, he’d be alive. if he’d seen it in the tea leaves, he’d have gone to the doctors, gotten his heart checked, tried to prevent it. but he didnt and he died. he’s gone, because he didnt know. no one knew. how could they? he was healthy, he was on the football team, the track team. he had a full scholarship to penn state. R.I.P. Kittim Sherrod. our school will miss him.

    By zzbrighteyeszz on 05.01.2009

  3. for two and two for tea, one for you and one for me.

    By jess on 05.01.2009

  4. tea is my friend’s favorite drink. she’ll drink it day and night. She keeps a mug of it by her bed. Every day she brings a thing of it to school. The more caffinated, the better, she says. Caffine has no effect on me, though. She’s odd. I love her.

    By Leah on 05.01.2009

  5. Tea is awesome, dark, brown, sweet bitter. Tea is an amazing health supplement, powerful, potent, cafienated. Teas walked into the stream, burrying his head in the swift flowwing hot-spring water. Bubble, read fortune, blast storm, I don’t know. TEA. I LOVE TEA
    GOTTA have more TEa.

    By Daniel on 05.01.2009

  6. i LOVEEEE tea !!!! IT’S SO NICE AND WARM AND ..AH JUST MAKES you feel all cuddly and stuff inside ^^ sorry i used caps by accident anyway mmm tea i think i’ll go have some liptop right now actually ^^ mmm

    and cold tea is nice too like ice tea and mmm yummy…

    but very sugary heheh :) oh well :D

    i like tea :D

    By sa on 05.01.2009

  7. Hah! I drink my morning cup of tea ready to set off for a day of work. It is my comfort in times of stress, a warming cognac to the insides of my body. It is a social thing. It is salvation.

    By cupcake on 05.01.2009

  8. green tea, hot tea, I don’t like tea
    iced tea, sweet tea, I don’t like tea

    By amanda on 05.01.2009

  9. Tea. Oh em gee!!! Tea is the best thing ever created on this Earth. My favorite is Bigelow raspberry tea, especially when I drink it at Frost Valley. Even iced tea is good, and theres so many different flavors! Its way better than coffee. Plus, British people drink it with their pinkies up, and have tea and crumpets. I think just being associated with the words crumpets makes tea, oh what are the words I’m looking for, oh yes. THE BOMB DIGGITY.

    By emma may <3 on 05.01.2009

  10. I wanted to sit down with him. By ourselves, maybe a small picnic in the woods by the creek. or at carol’s with a cup of tea. I just wanted to be with him.

    to talk to him and ask him what he wanted, if he was happy, if he loved her.

    I needed to know if he loved her. I could see it, over mmy cup of tea, him looking me in the eye and saying no. I love you.

    By lydia on 05.01.2009

  11. sweet tea is a southern way of life…i never realized this until i went somewhere other than the south and at my request for this delicious delicacy, received a puzzled stare. oh the joy of being southern, sweet tea.

    By sara on 05.01.2009

  12. chai good hot warm letter delicious but bad winter golfing mini golf angry hugs upset lost friend fixing lost

    By emily on 05.01.2009

  13. warm, siping winter nights in january comforting in times of strees helps for calming or wakeing up hot or cold lovely sweet or bitter

    By rose on 05.01.2009

  14. my absolute favorite drink in the entire universe is tea. it has the ability to make any bad day good again just by steeping in the warmth.
    bison tea works wonders……….

    By kaykaykaykay on 05.01.2009

  15. i dont like … it boring… i hate people who takes tea. It tastes bad and smells sickening

    By gabriel on 05.01.2009

  16. my favorite. sleepytime right before bed valerian root black cohosh gotu kola ginger green chamomile all for mind body and spirit. should drink more tea and less alcohol so that I could write badly 320 days out of the year and maybe write well for a few others

    By therese on 05.01.2009

  17. tea is what you drink it can be sweet or it can not be sweet served in restaurants yummy i like it so brown cool it’s a brown liquid that you can drink yummy you should try it!!!!!

    By sonya on 05.01.2009

  18. tea is a realixing liquid that is brown it tastes so good you can make it sweet or non sweet yummy!!!i can write more than this so ill just put this … TEA IS ETC….

    By sonya on 05.01.2009

  19. Tea is quite possibly the best beverage on earth. The taste is exquisite and when coupled with a lemon, simply divine. Everyone on earth should love tea.

    By jordan on 05.01.2009

  20. i wish I had some tea because it is relaxing, and I’m a little tense now… I don’t know. I’m demanding and he knows that. But I do feel bad for him… sorta. I want to spend time with him, but I can’t seem to do that when he’s constantly busy doing whatever it is, that has nothing to do with me. Well whatever. I hope he’s happy.

    By Jen on 05.01.2009

  21. “And I just keep thinking I’m lost in a one-track mind, even though I know there’s nothing that could possibly — I mean, fucking REMOTELY, man — resemble anything according to that aspect.” The Chainsaw breathed. “Do you get me?”

    Actually, Violence didn’t. Her Asain-black eyes drifted across the room, landed ont he speakers. “Tea, bro?”

    By CAPSLOCK on 05.01.2009

  22. I love tea… but not to the point where I own mass quantities and can tell you all about it, like Everett. Silly British guy, I love him to death.

    It’s been warm enough for us to have sun tea lately, which is nice. I’m kind of a sugar fiend, though, which makes it less delicious for Joey, since not only does he not really like sugar, he’s diabetic. *sigh* Go figure.

    By Jessica on 05.01.2009

  23. tea?

    No, I’m fine, thank you.


    I’m good, but thanks for the offer.


    Oh, I’m not thirsty.

    Please, just stay!?

    I’ve got to be going, thank you.

    By kayleen on 05.01.2009

  24. Tea.
    It southes your throat.
    It southes the soul.

    By sam on 05.01.2009

  25. tea is yucky. most of it anyway. i like green tea the nestea kind that is diet and citrus flavored. i had a blueberry pomegranate iced tea today with lunch. it was okay but not that great. it had the awful tea after taste.

    By Enelrad on 05.01.2009

  26. tea is grean it is hot it is sweat it is gone I like tea what do you like would you like a biscuit with your tea it is nice to have tea in the garden among the flowers with the sun shining green tea is my favorite I had it first in Japan tea

    By deidre on 05.01.2009

  27. There was something ritualistic about brewing his tea every morning. I would toast the bread, pour the pancake batter, and cut the fruit and none of it seemed as important as his tea. It was what he savored at the end of the meal. I was actually a little a jealous.

    By Felicia on 05.01.2009

  28. Tea. I only crave it when Im sick or am trying to avoid coffee. Which is really kind of pointless considering tea (some tea) has just as much caffine as coffee. Nonetheless, I feel different drinking tea – like I am obligated to drink it out of a little tea cup. I like tea cups – my mom has a lot that were my grandmothers. They’re simple and pretty and I like them.

    By sheresa on 05.01.2009

  29. tea has made is something we drink. when you think tea you think the tea party that the americans threw for the eurpoeans during the early years of colonial times around 1700s,. Tea was expensive and not its not due to industrial revolutions awhich did befine

    By wendy on 05.01.2009

  30. I love to drink tea. I especially love loose leaf tea. All different combinations of herbs and aromas. I have recently been interested in those flowering teas that you can get with the cool clear tea pots so that you can watch them “bloom” and then serve them to your guests. But, I suppose, I don’t really have any guests to serve them to.

    By Elizabeth lingo on 05.01.2009

  31. That hot mug of tea was clutched in my hands like a life line. How could he do this? How could–no, no no. Don’t think like that. Focus, focus–but on what? Oh yes, the tea. Focus on the tea.
    The steam whirls up in little spirals reminding me of the way his hair curled around his nape when wet. The hot amber liquid hazily showed my reflection back at me–watering eyes, fading eyeliner.
    How could I focus on tea when all I could think of was him?

    By Molly. on 05.01.2009