May 2nd, 2009 | 335 Entries

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335 Entries for “well”

  1. Well, wellness. Something that I lack at this moment and the moments that precede and follow it. Wellness is something that I am searching for. It is something I might look toward a wishing well for answers to. Well, I’m not sure what else to say.

    By Brian on 05.03.2009

  2. Well, is a way that I feel most days. It is a deep feeling (ha, ha, that is a pun) but it is really a feeling of well-being. I hope everyone lives in that world most days and the feeling itself makes a person feel like life is pretty good.

    By C on 05.03.2009

  3. WELL! HA!

    By B on 05.03.2009

  4. I’ve fallen into life’s well
    with a splash
    I’m engulfed by flames
    and breaths are stolen from me.
    My ideas are burnt
    page by page
    til they are nothing but
    nonexistent memories
    I cling to
    as my brain burns.

    By Sadaelu Ryan on 05.03.2009

  5. Healthy and physically well. Mentally well is also a good thing. A job well done is yet another way to use the word well. A big hole in the ground would also be a well. A comment when one doesn’t know what else to say could be – Well! Well has many uses and is used often. A short word we use without thinking.

    By Jalayne on 05.03.2009

  6. well i suppose that you can go ahead and write all you want about one little word. but then i suppose that one little word can cause an eruption of creative ideas stemming from an infinite well of possibilities. if that made any sense to you? because it sure didn’t to me but does it always have to? i mean how many times does the stuff you do make sense… well i suppose im off.

    By mike on 05.03.2009

  7. well well well
    we meet again, due date.
    I’ve put you off for far too long yet again
    when am i going to learn?
    Procrastination is not the key to success.

    By jessica on 05.03.2009

  8. Not sick… swine flu is me wishing people felt well.

    This word is often misused – instead of good. I like the semantics of word usage and proper terminology.

    By Melissa Dupee on 05.03.2009

  9. health and hygiene and spirituality and physical fitness. be happy. be satisfied. love yourself. love people. do it well. do it right.

    By salma on 05.03.2009

  10. well i realy dont know what i;’m supposed to say except rikki tiki tempo fell the the bottom of the well and i’m not feeling very well today probably from the fried foods probably cooked in a well of oil wells are a very big point of contention, and contention meanoing in this case money maker

    By sc on 05.03.2009

  11. “Well, well, well, what’s happening here?” he asked in a surprised voice. Bertha had just arrived at work looking as if she hadn’t been home all weekend. She hair was sticking up, her eye make up smeared all over her face and some of her clothes were put on backwards.

    By Colleen on 05.03.2009

  12. It is deep and falling into it would mean losing yourself in a pit of cold, dark, despair.

    Don’t get to close to the edge. It will suck you into its depths.

    I do not want to lose myself in there. Will you save me?

    By lori on 05.03.2009

  13. Well, it started like this. I wasn’t happy about it. You weren’t either. But it was going to happen and we would follow through. I got a phone call in the middle of the night. It was Nina. “Hi.” And that was all she said. It came out breathless, and almost frighteningly calm. I didn’t know what to say.

    By Summermoon on 05.03.2009

  14. i feel well now. i was feeling sick all day and now i feel much better… i feel well. i have been feeling well for a while now, actually. physically and emotionally. the semester is over, and in these last few weeks everything has turned around. the play went very well and i made more friends than i imagined i ever would.

    By Samm on 05.03.2009

  15. well well well what do we have here?
    well what is it?
    is it a wishing well?
    well? well?
    i’m well how are you?
    not well?

    By brian on 05.03.2009