December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. I was so sure. So very sure of that man. The precious man that had appeared and stolen my heart. I was so very sure we would have forever. That day on that beach will be etched into my mind forever.
    “I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye.”

    By Rachael on 12.31.2012

  2. I wasn’t sure what to do about it. It was ust lieing there mocking me, me and my spatula. It was one of those moments when the dough had decided that staying in a bowl would contrain it and it was reaching out foor freedom, jumping out of the bowl onto the floor.

    By jeanny on 12.31.2012

  3. Sure, I’m on exchange on the other side of the world. Sure, it’s supposed to be the most magnificent, enriching year of my life. But I’m sitting here on New Years Eve..alone for the most part and missing home.

    By emilyclare on 12.31.2012

  4. I’m sure I left it here somewhere. Somewhere around here is the the thing I’ve lost. I’ve looked under things, down the back of the sofa and the sideboard, I’ve torn the whole house apart but its nowhere, but I’m Sure it’s here somewhere.

    By Clare URL on 12.31.2012

  5. I´m sure you´ll be there for me.
    Certainly, for sure.

    By Gabriela on 12.31.2012

  6. happiness is the only sure thing one can get from looking for exactly that.

    By Ranjani on 12.31.2012

  7. Small Businesses of America allows entrepreneurs to learn how to start, grow and succeed in their own small business.

    The reason why small business owners are challenged is due to regulations. Small business owners are not sure about how much taxes and healthcare they will have to spend in 2013.

    By Small Businesses of America URL on 12.31.2012

  8. It was hard to be sure what to do, what to think. But there was one thing she new for sure – she loved him with all her heart. Without him her life was not complete.

    By Gill Jenkins on 12.31.2012

  9. yeah I’m fine don’t worry about me or my feelings.just like you never did before. you were just pretending to be there for me. nobody will love you like i did. but sure. you can just go and leave me with my shattered soul. no worries i’ll be fine like i always was.

    By xdlawl on 12.31.2012

  10. Certainty. Friendly term like ,sure ill help you. Confidence. Sweet on the lips and ear. Assure. It will be ok

    By Robbielynn on 12.31.2012

  11. I’m not sure. That sentence came out very easily.
    What am I not sure of?
    Love, life, where the hell I will be in 8 months.
    Hairdressing or psychology?
    L or JM
    Friends or family?
    Work or play?

    Im not sure.
    Is anyone?

    By Lyla on 12.31.2012

  12. I was sure about so many things.

    Sure that L was the one. Sure that following him was worthwhile. Sure that he was strong enough. Sure that I was strong enough to protect him.

    Sure that my heart was safe with S. Sure that S loved me with everything he had. Sure that we would all make it out and the world would be better than we started.

    I was so wrong.

    By faded_reminder on 12.31.2012

  13. How can you be so sure about one little four letter word being the mark of all certainty? the exploitation of puncuation after this word can change everything..sure? sure..

    By onewordisnotenough on 12.31.2012

  14. sure assuring happy not confused a good shore to make clear to say yes want go to the mall? sure
    its a good thing to be sure sure.

    By Abigail URL on 12.31.2012

  15. She looked so sure, saying it was fine and continuing on. But she wasn’t. She was scared. What if things went wrong? But she had to look sure, to make the people around her feel safe.

    By flutefrog on 12.31.2012

  16. Sure. What is anyone sure of? Are you sure of the love that you have for another person. Are you sure that you love the job you’re at? Are you sure you want spaghetti tonight for dinner? When one has complete certainty of their life, I feel it’d be a wonderful thing, but I’ve never been absolutely sure of anything in my life besides my love for my daughter and my family.

    By Jessica on 12.31.2012

  17. Are you sure we’re okay?

    Yes. We are.. You’re my best friend.

    I love you more but you don’t take my calls anymore. You hang out with that senior all the time? Is there something you want to tell me?

    I’m telling you that we’re fine. Can you stop bugging me?


    By paridhirustogi on 12.31.2012

  18. She was sure of him. He knew her body almost as well as he knew his own. When their eyes were closed, their edges blurred, and they became more than Josh and Allie. It was incredibly beautiful and incredibly terrifying not to know their own edges.

    By alessandra on 12.31.2012

  19. sure thing, being confident about the knowledge that we have is the correct thing in the universe. Being sure of oneself and not worrying about what has been and what will be. Also why the hell not?

    By Tim on 12.31.2012

  20. Sure, it’s fine. No, really, it’s fine. I mean, stop asking me if I’m fine. Yes, I’m sure. No, you’re not bothering me. Sure, I’d like some coffee. Sure, I’d like a raise. Sure, I’m sure that you’re sure. Why isn’t every one sure? But, how can I be sure in a world that’s constantly changing.

    By John Komarek on 12.31.2012

  21. I am almost sure that Brett is a good guy. Certain things worry me about him such as his beliefs and his honesty. Mom thinks he’s not for me. I really like him, but im not sure. I wish i could just know. I wish i knew the future. I wish I was sure.

    By Laurie on 12.31.2012

  22. I am as sure about my future as I am the futures around us
    The world is a mysterious place where nothing is “for sure”

    By Caroline on 12.31.2012

  23. creation – to create with the mind. to fabricate ideas from nothingness. To create untangeable matter and then display it visually

    By Hannah on 12.31.2012

  24. Are you sure my dear?
    I am as sure as tomorrow-
    Sure as the sunrise
    Certainly, my dear, I am unsure.
    I am as sure as the life I life for tomorrow
    and as sure as my life in time.
    Sure, I am sure- Uncertainly.

    By SunShine on 12.31.2012

  25. Sure. Whatever. Go on, knock yourself out.

    Such an admission of contrition is what makes these iceballs melt.

    Why do I even try? Where can your attitude come from, if not a place from passion? There is something in your eyes even as you look away. Don’t let her say what she means to say.

    You have no focus. No drive, no desire. Lazy fool. Sure.

    Let the timer tick on for no reason other than your own.

    By haywirehay URL on 12.31.2012

  26. sure i have been lazy, lonely even. sure i isolate myself. often. sure this cursor on my new laptop is broken and makes me mess up sentences before completion. or sure, it could be operator error.

    By deb on 12.31.2012

  27. Sure, things are not always as we wish for them to be, but sure as shit we are alive in this moment and striving to feel that life. To be present. To be sure of our own existence.

    By deb on 12.31.2012

  28. I was walking. Walking without thinking about anything. My legs moved automatically, turning one foot ahead of the other, again and again.
    I knew it was cold. My tears froze in the frosty air, as they rolled down my cheeks. But they were thawed again by more, pouring inexorably out of my eyes. I only noticed this fact throu the darkness in me, but couldn’t really feel anything. anzthing except the diep, endless sadness filling my body. It was like my other senses had been numbed , like there isn’t enough space for any other feeling. I And I was sure this was the end, I would never stop walking, never feel anything again, only slowly drowning in the sea of my own tears. Sure. So sure.

    By Rose on 12.31.2012

  29. Sure, I seek attention.
    Sure, I dress sometimes to have others
    notice me
    But I’m still real.
    I’m still me.
    Sure I wear bright berry lips,
    highest heels that weren’t broken
    in my closet
    Sure I give the appearance of
    Frappucinos and high waisted shorts
    But I’m still me. Just poor,
    broke me.

    By Kristi on 12.31.2012

  30. Sure I am fine
    Sure I have a life
    Sure I dont cry
    Sure I feel inside,

    Sure I wish I was you.
    Sure I cut at night.
    Sure I like the rush.
    Sure I feel inside.

    By Anna on 12.31.2012

  31. I was convinced. certain that nothing else could save me except him. His arms around me would hold me together until I was whole again. His lips were the only ones that could dry these tears, and he was all I wanted. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been so convicted in my choice. but here I was.

    even with that strange emotion.

    By Nightawait URL on 12.31.2012

  32. S

    By Lezzy URL on 12.31.2012

  33. are you sure?
    you are always come to abjure
    yourself, do you experience discardure
    from yourself? you are not inculture,
    but insecure?
    yourself by yourself, you must capture
    the imagination, live near the pressure
    say hello to outmeasure
    and enjoy the pleasure

    By Eligia V. A. on 12.31.2012

  34. Sure as hell
    I’ll free my mind
    Sure as hell I’ll run from you
    Sure as hell I’ll make you stop
    Doing all the things you do
    Sure as hell I’ll escape your words
    The ones that cut so fucking deep
    Sure I’ll run away from you
    And Sure as hell I’ll watch you weep
    I’m sure I won’t care
    Just as sure as you are

    By Kamh5891 on 12.31.2012

  35. Many things we aren’t sure about. The future is a main concern of mine. I’m not sure about mine, but I hope that one day I will be. When that day comes I know that I’ll be truly happy.

    By Jayme on 12.31.2012

  36. sure thing
    ill call you.
    but i dont
    because im afraid you’ll think im simple.
    hoping that you call me instead.
    im sure you wont.

    By Kate Cullen on 12.31.2012

  37. Sure thing,am going to have a better year next year.sure as hell l am.

    By Chinyere URL on 12.31.2012


    Exuberant confidence oozing out of my soul.

    I wish you all the best, too.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 12.31.2012

  39. “Sure,” he said, not knowing why.
    ‘Oh shit! What have I done…?’ he thought to himself, almost immediately after he uttered the word.
    “Really? Great! I’m so glad you’re willing to help! We’ll be meeting around 7 tomorrow, so be sure to be on time. See you there!”
    “Yeah, see you.”
    ‘Fuck. Now I have ANOTHER commitment to deal with.’

    By Neta Shikoba on 12.31.2012

  40. Sure you love me. Sure everything would be okay. sure I’m going to be okay and have a perfect life. I cant be sure about anything anymore. i guess when we use the word sure,we are not sure. we cant be sure of anything anymore.

    By samira on 12.31.2012