December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. Sure she was pretty, sure she was neat, but she wasn’t so sure about her love life. Rarity had been with many stallions over the years, muscular, small, but they all seemed to have one fatal flaw that drove her away. It wasn’t that she had high standards, but that society has mares with stupid standards, and others try to get them by being what they want.

    By LucidityAcheived on 12.31.2012

  2. sure. the word you hear from the typical person that in all honesty doesn’t even care. “will you help?” “sure,” they reply. but all in all, they never actually help. They just take up space and watch you struggle with your task while they sit back and sip on a glass of cold, unearned tea.

    By Genesis Padron on 12.31.2012

  3. All of my actions and attempts have made me sure that I am no better than he…

    I’ve stooped to his level
    I’ve shot that low blow
    I feel no better
    Than you’d like to know

    By Britty URL on 12.31.2012

  4. I’m not exactly sure what makes me feel like this. Maybe it’s the way he touches my arm in that loving way, making me feel like I belong. Or maybe it’s the way he calls me beautiful that sets of that feeling of being wanted. One way or another, I will never figure it out.

    By Gene on 12.31.2012

  5. I am sure that I’m in love with you…I am sure that I want to spend the rest of my life by your side. I’m unsure of your feelings for me – but I know, when I looked into your eyes on that sunny July day, I knew that it was all I want to see for the rest of my life.

    By Kate URL on 12.31.2012

  6. i know you’re watching over me.
    don’t worry; i’ll do it when you’re not looking,
    so they won’t say you failed.

    By isa on 12.31.2012

  7. Sure, I like it here. It isn’t a bad place to be. But it isn’t my favourite place in the world either. There’s a significant lack of tree houses and beaches and quite here for me to be truly happy. It’s not that I hate the noise. I just don’t prefer it. I just want to be alone.

    By Cassandra on 12.31.2012

  8. “I’m sure I closed the hatch!” she hastily replied. “Oh, then that loud noise emanating from within must not be a problem” John said sarcastically as he grabbed the gun. “Let’s go say hello.”

    By Archori on 12.31.2012

  9. meaning so many different meanings in different tones. It can be positive or sure a give in answer to give what the other person wanted. Yes, sure, alright..meaning so many different answers.

    By michelle on 12.31.2012

  10. positive, affirmation hope success confidence power empowerment God anointing salvation holy spirit Jesus without a doubt

    By C. Edward Stowers on 12.31.2012

  11. Yeah sure, I get it.
    Whatever. I am over it.
    So that is how it is going to be?
    This is ridiculous.
    Grow up.
    It isn’t my fault
    Yeah sure, I get it.

    By Carly on 12.31.2012

  12. I am certain of what I’ve seen. I have no doubt about this. I hold this to the ones I love.

    By Andrew on 12.31.2012

  13. I am sure of many things. And i am unsure in even more things. But i know that i am here to live my life to the fullest. I am sure I can change things and that things can change me. I am sure and I am unsure. That’s just how life goes. =)

    By Mari on 12.31.2012

  14. Sure, I said, the hesitation in my voice palpable.
    One little word that can give the world and take away all of it.
    If I knew what was going to happen, how my life was tossed away like trash in the street, I really don’t think I would have agreed to it.
    But sure, nonetheless.

    By Em on 12.31.2012

  15. Sure, it’s new year; but so what? What’s so special about it? I think the answer to this is it provides the best chance of starting all over again. It’s like this imaginary barrier that separates us from our old self. It’s like, if you decide to become a better person sometime in mid-May, it just doesn’t feel right and all that.

    By Herman Nucleosis on 12.31.2012

  16. Sure? Of course I was sure. Sure that Sherlock was dead. I had seen him hit the ground. Hear the sickening thud and the blood that washed over. Yes I was sure that the only person I had ever loved was dead. Wasn’t I? He was Sherlock. He couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t be buries. It wasn’t right. He was alive. Maybe. Surely. I just had to find him. He had to have left clues for me. He was smart. I just had to observe instead of seeing.

    By John Watson. on 12.31.2012

  17. As I grow older, I become less sure of things that I used to be sure about. I believe that it is called wisdom. If it is not wisdom, then what? The world and the universe are much larger now and really didn’t exist then. The transformation from selfish to self-aware is progressing.

    By Carol on 12.31.2012

  18. Oh surely, sir,
    Will I ensure
    You’ll sure procure
    Each pure desire
    You might endure
    Though tempting lure
    Without retire.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 01.01.2013