December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. Sure is such a defeating word. It is one that screams compromise. Nobody says sure without thinking even the slightest bit about how much it is not ok and fine. Sure never built things.

    By Allie on 12.30.2012

  2. Sure. I love him. I love him a lot. But do i love him too much? Is there a such thing as too much? Sure. Look at me, a bag full of uncertainty. That’s normal for 16, right? Sure.

    By Kat on 12.30.2012

  3. Stop hesitating.
    Do what you want, and do it now.
    Live in the moment.
    Because the only sure thing in life is death.
    Because in the end, the only things you’ll regret are risks you didn’t take.
    You only live one, so make it count.

    By tiffany n. on 12.30.2012

  4. Sure is the answer I give when I really want to do something but I don’t want the other person to know that. Not in a playing hard to get kind of way, in an unsure of myself kind of way. Kind of ironic that saying sure means just the opposite.

    By Kat on 12.30.2012

  5. I didn’t know what I wanted, or who I wanted. But one thing for sure was that I was scared. I was terrified of what was going to happen next. I crept along the wall and peered around the corner. The hallway was empty and dimly lit. If I was to make it out, I would have to trust my wits.

    By kaylie on 12.30.2012

  6. Years flew by, and I was so sure
    Until one day,
    I found the crisply folded note
    You left behind.

    And then I wasn’t.

    By Emily on 12.30.2012

  7. Sure I love you. Sure I lobe him as well. I am most sure of my heart and least sure of logic.. I simply am sure of myself

    By oni on 12.30.2012

  8. Sureness. What really is that?
    Being sure to me is knowing that I didn’t just see my one true love kissing some other girl
    Being sure is knowing that my legs are walking towards him angrily
    And being sure is knowing that I didn’t just punch that skank in the face.
    I’m sure.

    By Seetara Matai on 12.30.2012

  9. “Sure,” he answered my question when I asked him if it was okay to sell the house. But he added, “Don’t come back. I’ll move.”

    That was the last time I saw him.

    By unblurthefuture on 12.30.2012

  10. People think they give certainty to your existence. They can’t. No ones trust is ever enough to accept and you don’t try to either.

    By ashley l on 12.30.2012

  11. What a perfect word to end the year. One thing’s for sure. If it involves you, sure is a word that is all vague and ambiguous to me. I don’t know your intentions, I don’t know your real feelings.. You’re far from sure. Far from definite. Far from precise.

    By greengabberglob on 12.30.2012

  12. im never really sure of anything in life. sure, i suppose it doesn’t effect every little baby step i take back and forth in this false security and surety, but the truth of the sure matter is that im absolutely sure that this sure-ness will ultimately be my downfall, as sure as rain. yep. sure fucking is.

    By Sam Urdang on 12.30.2012

  13. sure i’ll do that i used to think this word was wierd but then i started using it and i like it yup. so.. sure sure sure . sure that ‘s what one direction says alot. uh huh of course yep yes that’s what the words mean

    By eva on 12.30.2012

  14. i’m am sure that i am not sure isn’t that funny but really how can i be so sure if i have never been sure of what being sure is and thats the real funny part its weird how i sure that i am making incorrecting typing mistakes and i try to delete them because i see the red lines under my words but im trying not to delete them because i want ev

    By president on 12.30.2012

  15. I’m not sure how many pills I took.
    I just dumped some into my hands a few times.
    It’s quite easy.
    Take a few sips and all your problems magically disappear as you close your eyes and dream.
    They say that dreams are for those who sleep.
    And why live life from dream to dream
    And live to dread the day when dreaming ends.

    I dreamt a dream tonight, that dreamers often lie
    In bed asleep while they do dream things true.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.30.2012

  16. sure the man was a fine gentlemen, he always fixed his bed, he always wore a tie to work. But what no one knew was the big secret he was holding deep within his heart, a secret so dark its blacker than night. His name was Oliver Stanley. Oliver Stanley was a man about the age of twenty nine to thirty, he had long brown hair and green eyes.

    By Faris on 12.30.2012

  17. Sure thing. It was supposed to be a sure thing. She gripped the desk a little tighter as the meaning sunk in. More interviews, more applications, more of the same emptiness that pervaded through her entire life these days. She felt lost and confused.

    By C. URL on 12.30.2012

  18. sure as the wind
    sure as you and I
    I am sure of you
    sure that we’ll meet again
    sure as the wind my darling
    sure as the wind my darling

    I want you to see how sure we are now, in the wirling city lights
    I want you to see how sure

    By sara URL on 12.30.2012

  19. Sure. It can be sarcastic. Positive. Reluctant. Questioning. Pretty much any adjective you can think of, this word can be. But I guess that’s kind of true of every word, yeah? All about the connotations, my friends. But sure, it’s sort of different for every person. I use sure sarcastically a lot. I should stop being sarcastic but I’m a mean person and really don’t care. Yay sadism.

    By Layla on 12.30.2012

  20. “If I were better on my feet, or perhaps more sure of myself, I know that I have it in me to lead. But I’m not, so where exactly is your argument?”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.30.2012

  21. ”There you go again, the same four fans following me around. Are you sure this is going to make your life meaningful?” she smiled sweetly. ”For me this is life, but what do you get out of it, you do nothing but watch?”
    ”We are historians,” Lucas said. ”and this is our research. We record events and have no criticism or value judgement.”

    By Meredyth URL on 12.30.2012

  22. Sure, it’s okay that you don’t love me anymore.
    Sure, I don’t need anything from you.
    Sure, you can have that.
    Sure, that’s fine. (it’s not really fine)
    Sure, I guess.

    By Hope on 12.31.2012

  23. What I thought was:
    “Sure. I’ll go on a date with you. It’s not like you smell of BO or anything. I mean, you’re a nice guy but… No. I won’t hold it against you that you can’t shower after practice. But maybe you can take 5 minutes and suds up before you pick me up at 8?”

    But all I said was:

    By Stephanie Force on 12.31.2012

  24. I am sure of one thing… I can’t stand life. I need the make the best of it, and I cant stand of the thought of sucide… but Life sucks and I am sure of that!

    By Sarah on 12.31.2012

  25. Why not, I’ll give it a go. Can’t assure you of the consequences, but I’m always ready to give something a short – once. That much, I’m sure of.

    By Neha on 12.31.2012

  26. not yes or no or maybe… “sure.” do you not know? are you uneasy? can you not make up your mind? are you mad? “sure” has so many different underlying meanings, not just to me, but to everyone. it could be the happiest exclamation you’ve ever used, or full of attitude and annoyance.

    By kaite mcmanaway on 12.31.2012

  27. ATTITUDE.. asking questions. leave me alone. will you do this? SURE. are you positive? IM SURE. do you like him? SURE. do you want to do this? SURE SURE SURE SURE SURE SURE.

    By kaite mcmanaway on 12.31.2012

  28. I am sure that I will never quit pulling my eyelashes. It’s just too hard. How does he still love me? Will he always love me. I hope he does. Will the power come? How does it sound> How acheing am I? When does the pie get done?

    By Emily on 12.31.2012

  29. he doesn’t think he deserves him.

    it’s because he deserves so much more. he’s this wonderful creature that deserves to be loved above anything else, to be given the world because he’s that great a being and he only deserves the best and the biggest. if it is possible to give him all the universes in this existence, he will. because he is the incarnation of perfection, the way he smiles and the way his eyes sparkle a living proof of that. he’s an angel brought down from the heavens as a form of salvation for humankind. he’s a buoy that anchors him to existing.

    but he kisses him all the same. holds him close as the laws of physics permits, and it’s enough to placate his doubting thoughts. the whispered words of love in his ear is enough. the surety in the tone of his voice that ‘i’ll never leave’ and ‘i love you forever and always’ are true and it will ring in the spring winds and the autumn breeze and the winder gales and the summer storms ’til forevermore.

    By maia on 12.31.2012

  30. i’m sure tonight’s not gonna be the new year like what i expected, but whatever, i have coldplay and norah jones today

    By peachtea on 12.31.2012

  31. I like the way people stumble over their words..
    When their hands are fumbling
    with an apple in a market bag..
    Or when they want to say
    three things at once.
    When all they can do is repeat the words,
    “uhh, umm, uh, so..”
    Until they find the right words to say.
    The quick words…
    & The way a person searches for the right way
    to explain their excited,
    jumbled thoughts…

    I like when they don’t notice
    how much they really want to say.

    By Jackie on 12.31.2012

  32. sure! assurance excitement confirmation; sure – i’m fine, not really. sure, i’ll be yours. sure.

    By molly on 12.31.2012

  33. SURE i really miss my best friend who always beside of me, and give a happines with me. i love my best friend i didnt want lose him. god please keep him be my best friend. i hope i will together with him, because just him can make me always happy.

    By Thomi Asy'ari on 12.31.2012

  34. The path, pristine, palatable to hard-toed tourists
    With cameras coiled around their necks
    The snap-flash a scar to remember
    The sure-footed goats, steady as gargoyles
    Sculpted across the hill side
    Beady eyed and balanced
    Waiting for the waterfall to wash
    away the rest

    By gsk URL on 12.31.2012

  35. I say this a lot. “Hey, Abby, can you bring me this?”
    “Sure!” I reply; I should just say, ‘Yes’ or ‘I’d be happy to.’
    And then there are the moments that are not so perfect: “Thank you,” I hear him say as I hand over the papers to my boss.
    Say ‘you’re welcome, just say you’re welcome’ I repeat in my head, but in reality my mouth opens and I respond in one simple word. “Sure.”

    By one shoe on 12.31.2012

  36. Ignite me, and
    Show me all the beautiful and glittering things around us
    that I cannot see in this terrible blackness
    enveloping my existance
    lold me with your warmth and
    lead me down the right path
    lecause I’m ready to end this infinite spinning into darkness I do not understand
    breathe the life back into my shrunken cadaver soul
    Re-light my candle
    Be my matchstick

    By Perri on 12.31.2012

  37. tell me that you want this. that you’re sureassurecanbe. smile and laugh and tell me it doesnt hurt; youre only lying to yourself. make them happyhappyhappy.

    By Kim on 12.31.2012

  38. “Sure.”
    That’s what she always said. As if to for close the preceding sentence, or to escape the last silent breath that went between us.

    It’s a tiny veiled wall. She always put it up lying there next to me, hair tousled and half exposed to the greying light, her body shedding the last memories of heat. The crumple of buttons traveling up so haphazardly between her supple breasts almost lived themselves with each expired air. I wanted to trace between them again. I wanted to feel her alive.

    “Do you always float out of the room when we’re finished?” She tilted her head in my direction, resting her pale fingers across her brow, staring intently.

    I looked down my chest towards the door sitting coolly and ajar.


    By Danni Whoachick URL on 12.31.2012

  39. doubt is the most important feeling one might have. be sure about that.

    By washington irving on 12.31.2012

  40. Yeah, nothing can be as positive or straight forward as you like. But SURE it will do. Sure we’ll be together… Sure the lies will end at fear of loss. Sure, i love you. Sure, you’re mine.

    By Victoria on 12.31.2012