December 31st, 2012 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “female”

  1. Females are the ones who give birth. That is, unless you’re a seahorse. Then the male is the one who gives birth. I’m not entirely sure why that is… I may have to look into that. Being female is awesome. Except for the bleeding every month thing. And giving birth… birth is cool. We need birth. But it probably hurts a lot. Females deserve equal rights! Even after the whole feminist movement, we still get screwed over when it comes to pay wage and stuff like that. Anyways… basically being female is a gift and a curse. But I enjoy being a woman, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

    By Sarah on 01.01.2013

  2. she is strong lover someone who can forgive

    By tng on 01.01.2013

  3. She had wide hips, red lips, she was a hot-blooded female with eyes like hell. Her voice was husky, her legs were long, and when she said ‘fuck you’ it hit me like a song. Hot-blooded female, she’ll knock you out cold, hot-blooded female…

    By F on 01.01.2013

  4. Epicentre of the universal sun,
    Sublime and simple in cerulean glow
    Thought and rationed out though only one
    And all and none, conglom’rate seeming show;
    Imprisoned by the slavish hands that strain,
    Struggling to rip one half of one, of all
    Out of the grip of those, self-fashioned pall
    Bearers, who blindly blame the other though constrain
    Themselves, unwittingly, by definition;
    Our root and grace, our woe, and through, our weal,
    Initiate and end of true contrition.
    Creation and salvation fashioned real
    Not of mankind, though fashioned by some thought,
    Limiting our better; leaving best ungot.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 01.01.2013