December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. the word slides out of your lips easily because that’s how you reply to everything. it’s not hard for you to say it, but inside you’re screaming no. but a smile is plastered on your face and all you can do is say sure and hope you’re still yourself.

    By Annie on 12.30.2012

  2. sure!





    (( the nuances of texting! ))

    By gia.mfgon on 12.30.2012

  3. “sure you can!” i hear all the time here in my little hole of a life. ha! whatever. i’m not certain of anything. nothing is sure; not here. everywhere i go, i see people wonder what they’ll do next. they see something impossible to do. “sure you can!” yeah, right.

    By maeicejesus on 12.30.2012

  4. To be sure is akin to having faith.

    By Danaé on 12.30.2012

  5. Sure, assurance? What is sure nowadays? Government, people, religion, spirituality? Sure, I am sure of myself, but how can i be sure of what is around me? Sure, sure thing isn’t always so sure a thing.

    By cynthia on 12.30.2012

  6. Are you sure?
    Sure I am.
    Want a glass of water?
    But I am unsure.
    What if it’s me who ruins things?
    What if I don’t miss him?
    What if it’s my fault?
    What if it’s what I want?
    I’m just not sure.

    By hannah on 12.30.2012

  7. Sure, I could go for a walk but I’d rather just sit with you.

    By Kalle Edwards on 12.30.2012

  8. sure as one can be. that’s how sure i was. sure that life was worth living even if i didn’t know why or for what. but i was sure that i wasn’t going to give up any time soon. that i knew for sure. and there really aren’t too many other things i know…for sure!

    By s on 12.30.2012

  9. sure, i said as i watched him come closer.

    stupid. stupid. stupid.

    why do i and everyone around pick decide to be around people who treat us like were nothing? why have i become the stereotype?

    why me?
    and when did ‘sure’ become such a loaded word?

    By reilly wieland. on 12.30.2012

  10. “Nobody’s ever going to adopt us,” said Toby quietly. He had curled up in the corner of his bunk, sinking into the shadows.
    “Yes they will,” Charlotte answered enthusiastically, her braids bouncing as she scampered towards the window and stood on her tiptoes to peer out at the drizzly gray world below. “I’m sure of it”

    By Rachel on 12.30.2012

  11. I was so sure, that I set the come down. And I walked to her and said,”Hrllo, beautiful. Can I have this dance.” She looked at me with her blazing brown eyes And nodded. Just a little. And so I took her hand and walked with her to the edge of the laminate wood that was the dancers’ floor. Like the boxers ring. And I had made it this far. And I was holding her hand. And my heart was racing. F’ing pounding from my chest trying to reach hers to see if it, too, wanted the same kind of freedom. And all I could do was take that next step. The leather of my shoe skidding to a start on the dusty wood. I reached my arm around her thin little waist and pulled her warm body to mine so that I could lead her away to the rest of her life. For there was no turning back on this little leap of love. She was my wallflower. Me, her punch bowl mixer. And together we were everything at once. The disco ball above stopped to watch as we spun faster and slower around anyone who dared to stay. And then I stopped us. The music stopped. And I dipper her til her hair was in the dust of that worn out floor. And I looked At those brown eyes of hers and I whispered that I was amazed by her grace and beauty.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 12.30.2012

  12. Sure, there is a bunch of people out there doing what they want and what they love to do, but what about the people who doesn’t know what they want and what they love? There is so much choices and fascination in the world that you don’t know what to do but decide what you want in life.

    By april angeles on 12.30.2012

  13. I wasn’t sure what to do. I had two choices- I could leave him behind and survive, or I could stay by his side while I most likely run to my death. Why should I trust him? My head spun while I tried to make a desicion.

    By Alicia on 12.30.2012

  14. Why not? It’s not a big deal. Sometimes you just got to do it. I’m calm, cool, and collective. It’s fine by me. Sure.

    By JeiPanda URL on 12.30.2012

  15. “Sure, I’ll go with you.”
    “There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to.”
    “No, I want to. I want to go.”
    “Sure as the ocean’s deep.”
    “Okay,” he said, looking over his shoulder as he approached the garden’s gate. His hand rested almost protectively on it, as it had once rested on her own. She wasn’t sure his hand would ever alight on her shoulder that way again. Not now.

    By Kait on 12.30.2012

  16. im sure i can be famous. im sure you smell. im sure that everything that i write comes from my mind. im very sure that i have great hair and great dance moves. are you sure that you are cool? are you sure that your ugly? im sure that my life is my life. im am almost never sure of every decision that i make.

    By amanda on 12.30.2012

  17. sure, for you it was just another fling. it was just another kiss, it was just yet another lost lover. but to me it was more than that. I actually believed in us.

    By Bekah on 12.30.2012

  18. I was so sure that I knew what was going on.

    But it turns out that I don’t. I’m just a fool in the end.

    By Jin on 12.30.2012

  19. I’m sure about a lot of things; that I love him, that he loves me, that we’re meant to be together. Sounds cheesy, right? But hey, it’s the truth.

    By Courtney on 12.30.2012

  20. I am never sure. Not now, not then, not ever. Being sure closes doors, closes opportunities, closes paths and walkways and roads in life. To be sure is to be a decisive decision making machine.

    By giselle on 12.30.2012

  21. I was thinking that maybe we could grab a coffee or something?
    She began to sweat and shake inside and memories raced through her head about the past but she said sure.

    By Maricruz Tecalero on 12.30.2012

  22. When you set your eyes on the bulls-eye target, live the moment to its fullest potential. Tightly grip the bow-and arrow in your clench hands, feel the tense pulling of the string, and allow your eyes to linger hungrily at nothing but the center of the red-and-white board. Remember, there’s only a sure-fire way to live life, and that’s by never underestimating your potential.

    By Deborah Lin on 12.30.2012

  23. Sure im happy, sure i have people that love me, sure i smile, sure im alive, but what if i dont deserve to be…

    By Brooke on 12.30.2012

  24. i’m not sure of who i am or what i want or where i’m going.
    i just want it all to be.

    By sarah marie URL on 12.30.2012

  25. “Are you sure this is what you want?” Otto was shaking, but he smiled to cover it up. One of them had to take the reins on this one, and he didn’t want Silas to have to worry about it. He just wanted to make this perfect for him.

    By Julia A. URL on 12.30.2012

  26. the love that spilt form his lips as he asked my to marry him felt like a scratch to the heart painful but beautiful, amazing but terrifying.i wanted to happy.but i didnt know if this would me me happy like a thought . the word “sure ” filter out as if had been programmed by society. what was i supposed to do

    By Dawoou on 12.30.2012

  27. I’m pretty sure it’s all one-sided. Life is unfair sometimes, because why can’t the person I love love me back? But I need to believe in fate, as everything happens for a reason. Sigh.

    By abigail rae on 12.30.2012

  28. sure the world will end
    sure we can all leave this earth
    sure it’ll be easy

    sure, we’ll be okay
    as long as we’re together
    im sure we will survive

    and even if we don’t
    i’d be fine leaving
    as long as we’re together

    even if only for a day
    i’d leave this world happy
    for sure
    and live with you in the stars forevermore

    By Sahil Suri on 12.30.2012

  29. Sure, I’m sure, aren’t you? That the whole world is going to hell in hand basket. No, I ain’t so sure, but I sure love you and the things that you do. So sure up and do what needs to be done, like pack and prepare for phase 2.

    By charlie on 12.30.2012

  30. Sure, you can go fuck yourself. Sure, living her is convenient for me, but you drive me nuts and I want to leave I want to move. I want to escape being in your space. It makes me feel, well, queasy. Heh. I’m ready for a change, but the rent is pretty nice. Oh well. Time to level up and move the fuck on – this isn’t going to work anymore.

    By ecquoi on 12.30.2012

  31. Sure life is hard but in the end it’ll all be worth it right? theres no time for looking back and pondering on the bad things that may have happened. you just have to keep moving forward. its not as bad as it seems. all the pain will be worth it.

    By Meghan URL on 12.30.2012

  32. Confident.
    Know your dreams.
    Don’t succumb to fear.
    Take heart. Have courage.
    Faith is being sure of what you hope for.

    By Rachel Lyman on 12.30.2012

  33. well surely there is something to talk about. sure can mean yes or okay but what u really mean is im sooo depressed about what i was just asked that the only thing in my mind is to say “sure”. and with that fact you really want to just get away from the person.

    By Jared on 12.30.2012

  34. Are you sure? Are you /really/ sure? Because there’s no turning back. There’s no second chance. If you go through with this, that’s it. It’s over, forever, and nothing you do or say will ever change that.

    So you better be sure. Dead sure.

    By chipschap on 12.30.2012

  35. i guess my heart has never been so sure of anything as it is of you
    and my mind only knows this because it has my emotions going through fatal symptoms of withdrawals
    and you know its bad when you’re grocery shopping in Walmart and you want t cry for no damn reason at all
    see wat i did is wat any fool in love would do
    i let my guard down
    kept it so low that i found myself unconsciously i was giving myself to you
    you know how it is when your heart is so sure
    and baby im telling you every thought i’ve ever had of us has only been pure
    yeah baby im sure

    By dshanai on 12.30.2012

  36. She was always so sure of herself, even to the bitter end. She was so sure that she could hold her own, so sure that the coin would always land heads-up, so sure that she didn’t need help.
    And when the luck ran out and she realized that she did, she was sure it was too late.

    By Juan on 12.30.2012

  37. A lie invented in its self as a protection of the unspoken
    Un devoured pain in a simple four letters

    By Meghan Rooney on 12.30.2012

  38. I just wasn’t a sure as I wanted to be. About anything. About my friends. About my personality. About living. I wasn’t even sure if I was being to cliche about not being sure. I’m honestly pretty sure all teenagers feel unsure. If we already felt sure, how would we grow?

    By Savannah on 12.30.2012

  39. I am just not sure why you are asking me to do this. Do I write a sentence with the word sure? Or do I tell you the meaning of the word sure? I am just no sure.

    By Jennifer URL on 12.30.2012

  40. “Are you feeling okay?” she asked me, eyebrows furrowed with concern.
    I rubbed my arm uncomfortably. My sleeve was pulled down as far as it could go but I still felt the burn beneath. I wasn’t okay. I didn’t think I would ever be okay again.
    I turned to her and smiled.

    By Storm Lawson URL on 12.30.2012