October 10th, 2010 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “sunlight”

  1. The sand whipped up with the wind but the warm rays shined down and filled everyone with warm. It wasn’t a perfect day. The waves crashed violently. White mountain peaks avalanching in the sea. It was going to be a hurricane next week. The last rays before the clouds rolled in. At least the sun was out today.

    By Riley Lynn URL on 10.11.2010

  2. Peaking through the blinds. “5 more minutes please” I begged on deaf ears. To face such a beautiful day with the sun shining down, taunting me. It’s as though the world is laughing at how dark it is in my thoughts and heart without you here. You were my sunlight. These rays are just mocking reminders that you aren’t here.

    By Riley Lynn URL on 10.11.2010

  3. sunlight sunlight sunlight sunlight sunlight sunlight sunlight funlight sunlight sunlight sunlight

    By Seadel URL on 10.11.2010

  4. His hand is held out to me, I step back. I’m not good at this.
    “it’s okay.”
    But it’s not, behind him i see the sun star to come up. What the hell. The sun gives me hope. I move forward and take his hand. We walk towards the front of the store. He gives me a “Good luck.” wink then left me alone at the counter waiting for a customer on my first day.

    By Ren URL on 10.11.2010

  5. “Oh my it burns!” he yells at the top of his lungs.
    “oh shush you big baby.” i tell him.
    “you don’t know how this feels.” he whines back.
    “well that’s what you get for not putting on any sunscreen.” i snap back.

    By Ren URL on 10.11.2010

  6. The sunlight breaks through the sheer curtains and kisses every part of my exposed skin. Basking me in the most glorious warmth one has ever felt the joy of embracing. I am eternally happy.

    By Leah URL on 10.11.2010

  7. sunny
    wakes me up
    burns my eyes

    By amber URL on 10.11.2010

  8. The sunlight had disappeared by the time I woke up again, refreshed after my nap, but unsure as to how I had made it to my bed or even my dorm room. He stood in the corner of the room, making me suddenly hyper-aware.

    By Spellgirl URL on 10.11.2010

  9. When the boy was trying to breathe, lay there dying, the sunlight had the audacity to enter the window, bathing the medical equipment.

    By Sharron URL on 10.11.2010

  10. give me a smile in the sunlight i love to see your eyes, i love the sunlight all the time around your green bright eyes

    By jean URL on 10.11.2010

  11. sunlight is a compound word.

    i hate compound words.

    firstly, they’re original. while it’s true that it may hint of it’s meaning, it still looks fuckin retarded. case-in-point would be the word sunlight.

    secondly, they are such double-diphthongs to pronounce. metaphorical double-diphthongs in the sense that they are cumbersome.

    lastly, i hate the word sunlight because it came out for my japanese oral and i didn’t know how to pronounce it.

    By guoshe URL on 10.11.2010

  12. It drips from oak leaves and pine needles as I walk down the old Florida street, dropping waves and cross stitch on the gravel road. Sunlight dances slowly with spanish moss, wooing it with spotlit wind.

    By Mary on 10.11.2010

  13. .

    By Misael on 10.11.2010

  14. All people do is chatter. Chatter is what keeps people talking and laughing at others expense. Although chatter is sometimes annoying it does help people communicate.

    By Misael on 10.11.2010

  15. its bright and warm. something to look forward to but also not to get too much of. when you’re there in the light the warmth fills you’re very soul. its peaceful….

    By Susanna on 10.12.2010

  16. Sunlight cascaded down from the heavens, an otherwordly orange and white and yellow, casting shadows underneath tall poplar trees. It echoed across the grass, up hills, and down valleys, filling the world with light and warmth. Ending night with a harsh, but slow blow. Forceful, pushing away it’s antithesis.

    By Adam URL on 10.12.2010

  17. The sunlight hit my body and i was bathed in a warm, golden glow. I waded leisurely into the transparent, turquoise sea and little, colorful fish darted away from me in a disorganized pattern.

    By Laura on 10.12.2010

  18. It bothers me in the morning
    It bothers me during the day
    It makes me squint my eyes
    And makes me hide away.

    By berenice URL on 10.12.2010

  19. Martin looked outside his bedroom window as day slowly broke upon the plain. The beautiful light of morning came into his room, illuminating the multitude of figurines and posters he had strewn about the small space. Never truly appreciating sunlight as much as he did this day, he slowly rose and stretched his ample frame, hearing a slight whimper at his side.

    By Mark on 10.12.2010

  20. Sunlight is beautiful. It can make the worst days better. Without it we wouldn’t have flowers. Sunlight.

    By Katy on 10.12.2010

  21. Today, I didn’t see any sunlight in the morning. However, as the morning progressed into noon, I saw much sunlight; the sunlight was too strong and I was forced to squint my eyes and cover my face. Afterwards, I felt relief when I went into my apartment room. At last, there was no sunlight!

    By Danny Yu on 10.12.2010

  22. Evening is the time that seems to open me up to new things. In direct sunlight I seem to become pale and washed out, as if the universe is overwhelming me.

    By Meredyth URL on 10.12.2010

  23. sunlight to me is the brightest thing, it travels eight minutes to get to me and i lay in it. it’s white-yellow, it’s not a color at all, it’s just light, just pure photons.

    By Gabriella Baer on 10.12.2010

  24. Sunlight, beaming in the summer air. Oh it was exceedingly beautiful indeed. Stroking the harvest yields, diffusing it’s sparkle all throughout the country side. Yet why was I in such unrest

    By Cerla URL on 10.12.2010

  25. the sunlight streamed into the room as she parted the blinds. she winced at the sudden brightness, and then focused her eyes on the world outside. she smiled as she watched the children playing in the courtyard before school.

    By dalia on 10.12.2010

  26. the sun shines brightly in the sky. a vulture circles over head as the plane crash survivor struggles through the dessert heat. his only hope is that he can find shelter before the sunlight dies out.

    By Eoin O'Sullivan on 10.12.2010

  27. The paper was due at 8 that morning and Laurie had frantically typed through the night. the table was littered with drafts, books, pens and notes. Night gave way to morning and as the first evidence of sunlight announced itself to her window panic had seized hold of Laurie.

    By JL on 10.12.2010

  28. the sunlight is yellow and dances through my window. it makes the room i’m in bearable. The smell is appalling and the nurse tells me my wounds are healing. I don’t believ her. the damage

    By kimmie URL on 10.12.2010

  29. in ideal manner

    By Himanshu on 10.12.2010

  30. In der Sonne sitzen. Die Augen geschlossen. Farblose regenbogenartige Wärme. Mein Kopf ist die Sonne. Sie ist in mir drin und wärmt mich von innen. Sie brennt nicht. Sie hat genau die richtige Temperatur. Alles ist perfekt.

    By Eli URL on 10.12.2010

  31. Once upon a time the sun dawned after a particularly bleak night. The mushroom men looked up into the sky and thanked the great Mushroom Overlord for the gift of sunlight. The mushrooms knew that they could never hope to survive without sunlight.

    By Stuart Chase on 10.12.2010

  32. I already did this one :) I thought I did.

    By Soft URL on 10.12.2010

  33. I like it at the end of the day when I walk barefoot on the stones in front of my house and I can feel the warmth from the sunlight on my feet.

    By kitty on 10.12.2010

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    By tony URL on 10.12.2010

  35. Sunlight seeping through the curtains made Stacy wince. Her hangover had just kicked in and she was beginning to remember what she’d got up to last night.

    By lorraine URL on 10.12.2010

  36. shines ever so brightly over my pale face. warming it completley i feel at peace. enveloped by its powerful rays. i wish so badly i could be the sunlight, spreading warmth and happiness to everyone around.

    By robin on 10.12.2010

  37. The sunlight turned the insides of my eyelids a backlit shade of pink-red when I woke up in my parent’s bedroom. I was kicked back on a recliner in my flannel nightgown with the kitty-cats all over them, and I had no idea how I got there.
    Apparently I had been there for a while: the upholstery left an angry, itchy impression on the side of my face and the backs of my arms, and sweat was slick down the tops of my legs and causing my nightgown to stick to my back.
    I don’t remember what I was sick with or exactly how old I was, but I remember waking up and knowing that something in me had changed and that I was better.
    I slept in the sunlight and my fever finally broke.

    By Anna URL on 10.12.2010

  38. Glaring through the parted curtains. I hate mornings but I always feel beautiful. I might like tomorrow morning but let me sleep for now. When the clock strikes seven after twenty-four hours I will be alive again.

    By anabeth URL on 10.12.2010

  39. Sunlight glanced off the windshield directly into his eyes; for a moment, he imagined himself riding a sunbeam.

    By Jane URL on 10.12.2010

  40. Sunlight filtered through the sycamore leaves, dappling the ground in echoes that danced like water.

    By Nicole Girard on 10.12.2010